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Subtitle preview
{1980}{2128}<i>Our last summer party:|The election of Miss Mermaid 1953.</i>
{2229}{2299}<i>Nice crowd, no?</i>
{2304}{2415}<i>Visitors, tourists,|and a Roman actress as judge.</i>
{2429}{2465}<i>Everybody's here.</i>
{2504}{2601}<i>And, of course, we're here too...|the guys...</i>
{2641}{2689}<i>This is Alberto.</i>
{2803}{2877}<i>This is Leopoldo, the intellectual.</i>
{2953}{3051}<i>And here's Moraldo,|the youngest in our crowd.</i>
{3104}{3161}Look at the lightning.|It's beautiful.
{3166}{3274}<i>The tenor's Riccardo. As always,|this is pretty much his night.</i>
{3279}{3390}<i>And here's Fausto,|our leader and spiritual guide.</i>
{3428}{3486}Do you believe me now?
{3491}{3602}Do you think I'm that stupid?|Give me my shoe.
{3617}{3687}I will, but give me a kiss.|- Let go!
{3692}{3762}- Give me a kiss.|- I said: Let go.
{3767}{3873}- Don't be so coy|- Let me go, you jerk!
{3879}{3973}Listen, you goose,|you promised me...
{3979}{4086}- Promised you what?|- That before you left...
{4091}{4198}You're so gullible. People promise a lot of things.|Think what you promised Sandra.
{4204}{4323}- Sandra who? You're hallucinating.|So now you don't even know her? That's rich.
{4328}{4462}With four of five votes,|Miss Mermaid 1953 is Miss Sandra Rubini.
{4467}{4611}My little girl! Just think,|you didn't even want to enter.
{4617}{4664}Your little sister won!
{4709}{4764}Go, dear, go.
{4854}{4927}Miss Mermaid 1953!
{5004}{5073}She's really excited.|Ladies and gentlemen,
{5078}{5186}here from Rome is film star Lilia Landi.
{5191}{5340}She will now place the sash of Miss Mermaid 1953|on our very own beauty queen.
{5378}{5423}Party's over.
{5428}{5498}A few words for the fans.

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