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{2063}{2113}I'm sure|we're not far off.
{2116}{2177}I'm glad you're|sure of it, George.
{2202}{2277}Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET
{3943}{4005}Oh, shit!|Hold on! Hold on!
{4150}{4203}Oh, sweetie.
{4206}{4251}Everyone all right?|You okay?
{4254}{4315}Okay?|Everyone okay?
{4318}{4374}- You all right?|- Yeah.
{4860}{4918}Sit back, sit back.
{4969}{5021}Fuck, I think we're stuck.
{5482}{5530}Oh, shit.
{5573}{5606}How're you doing?|Hey--
{5609}{5655}you mind just|putting that down?
{5658}{5697}- Sorry.|- Thank you.
{5700}{5753}Where's the buck?
{6444}{6539}Will you guys cool it in front|of my kid, for fuck's sake?
{6542}{6591}- Kim, Kim.|- Excuse me, ma'am.
{6594}{6639}We've been after that buck|for 18 hours.
{6642}{6687}- I don't fucking care!|- Kim, Kim, Kim.
{6690}{6739}We just had an accident,|and you fire your gun
{6742}{6800}- 15 feet in front of my fucking car!|- Kim, cool out.
{6802}{6874}- Yeah, Kim, cool out.|- Hey, listen, look!
{6877}{6939}We're a little shook up.|Kim, just cool out for a minute.
{6942}{7010}- Can you tell me--|- Goddamn it!
{7012}{7070}Kim, cool out,|sit in the car.
{7073}{7106}Check on Miles.
{7142}{7221}Can you tell me who I can|call in town to get a tow?
{7224}{7277}Nobody open|this time of night.
{7279}{7327}That's just not true.
{7355}{7409}Can you tell me|the next big town?

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