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Subtitle preview
00:00:27:Seven gone, six returned!
00:00:36:Mother, it looks like|the battle of Jinsha was...
00:00:39:...utterly to our disadvantage
00:00:41:According to this prediction...
00:00:45:we might lose a brother
00:00:51:But it's worthwhile to sacrifice one son
00:00:54:...for the sake of Sung Dynasty
00:01:00:As for my seven sons
00:01:03:I wonder which one will be a martyr
00:01:15:The queen's father is here
00:01:25:Daughter, I've bad news.|Your brother...
00:01:29:Your highness
00:01:31:Thank you, my queen
00:01:33:What is it, father?
00:01:34:Your brother Pan Bao
00:01:36:...was beaten to death in a tournament
00:01:42:My brother's dead? Who killed him?
00:01:44:Yang Ye's seventh son, Yang Si
00:01:48:Yang Si? Father, I must...
00:01:50:My queen
00:01:52:Leave now
00:01:53:Yes, my lady
00:02:01:I'll plead with the emperor|to condemn him
00:02:04:No, that's not the way to do it
00:02:07:Yang Ye has a secured position|in the court
00:02:10:We must get rid of the Yang family
00:02:12:What's your suggestion, father?
00:02:14:We'll kill them all at the Jinsha battle

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