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Fight Club (1999) - English subtitles

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Date 23.07.2010 @ 16:42:59

OMDb 114322

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Subtitle preview
{2958}{3004}Narrator:|People are always asking me
{3006}{3044}if I know Tyler Durden.
{3046}{3062}Tyler: 3 minutes.
{3062}{3087}Tyler: 3 minutes.
{3089}{3163}This is it: Ground zero.
{3165}{3214}Would you like to say a few|words to mark the occasion?
{3245}{3287}Narrator: With a gun barrel|between your teeth,
{3290}{3339}you speak only in vowels.
{3341}{3371}I can't think|of anything.
{3373}{3411}For a second|I totally forget
{3413}{3473}about Tyler's whole|controlled demolition thing,
{3475}{3526}and I wonder|how clean that gun is.
{3529}{3571}Tyler: Getting|exciting now.
{3573}{3596}That old saying,
{3598}{3651}how you always hurt|the one you love?
{3653}{3705}Well, it works both ways.
{3709}{3721}[Police Sirens]
{3724}{3758}We have front row seats
{3760}{3808}for this theater|of mass destruction.
{3810}{3865}The demolitions committee|of Project Mayhem
{3868}{3926}wrapped the foundation|columns of a dozen buildings
{3928}{3998}with blasting gelatin.|In 2 minutes,
{4000}{4046}primary charges|will blow base charges
{4048}{4077}and a few square blocks
{4079}{4144}will be reduced|to smoldering rubble.
{4146}{4171}I know this...
{4173}{4213}because Tyler knows this.

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