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Date 28.06.2009 @ 11:12:01

OMDb 132400

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prevod sa eng. dodate linije koje su nedostajale


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Subtitle preview
{9396}{9476}Damn! How do you say "permit"?|I have a permit.
{9480}{9572}- Dr. Niko Tapopopolis?|- Tatopoulos.
{9576}{9708}Kyle Terrington,|I'm with the U.S. State Department.
{9712}{9794}- What are they doing?|- You're being reassigned.
{9798}{9880}- But my work here isn't finished.|- It is now.
{11844}{11950}What did you see, old man?
{12539}{12600}That's affirmative.
{12605}{12691}Hey,|where are you going with my stuff?
{12710}{12845}Hello. Hello ...|That's very delicate.
{12896}{12975}- Dr. Niko Topodopeless?|- Tatopoulos.
{12980}{13058}Get these people off of the pier.
{13062}{13169}- Sir, what am I doing here?|- Just watch your step.
{13173}{13252}Get them off the pier!
{13302}{13396}- Is this some kind of spill?|- Something like that.
{13400}{13512}I work for the N.R.C., but accidents|and spills aren't my field.
{13516}{13564}We know.
{13567}{13691}- You interrupted my worm project.|- Yeah, you're the worm guy, right?
{13696}{13819}The spill in Chernobyl has|mutated the earthworm's DNA.
{13823}{13902}- You know what that means?|- I think I'm about to find out.
{13906}{14067}Because of the accident, the worms|are now 17% larger than normal.
{14072}{14156}- Sounds pretty big.|- They're enormous.
{14160}{14283}I'm a biologist. I take|radioactive samples and study them.
{14288}{14384}- Here's your sample. Study it.|- What sample?
{14417}{14509}- You're standing in it.|- I don't see it.
{14578}{14642}Where is it?
{14647}{14727}I don't see it.
{15000}{15104}I was standing inside a footprint!

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