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Date 01.07.2009 @ 02:23:14

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{637}{744}Is a many splendoured thing
{1660}{1719}I'm going to Australia,|I won't see you again.
{1722}{1770}Don't talk that way, Sandy.
{1773}{1813}But it's true.
{1816}{1936}I've had the best summer of my life.|Now I have to go away. It isn't fair.
{2155}{2269}- Danny, don't spoil it.|- Sandy, it's only making it better.
{2272}{2325}Danny, is this the end?
{2349}{2369}Of course not.
{2407}{2442}It's only the beginning.
{2453}{2504}This is the main brain,|Vince Fontaine,
{2507}{2569}beginning your day the only way.|Music, music.
{2572}{2608}Get out of bed, first day of school.
{2611}{2689}Don't be a slob, don't get a job,|go back to class, you can pass.
{2692}{2784}To start the day off nice and fine,|here's a new old favourite of mine.
{2803}{2874}I solve my problems|and I see the light
{2877}{2929}We got a lovin' thing
{2932}{2989}We got to feed it right
{3010}{3094}There ain't no danger|we can go too far
{3097}{3146}We start believin' now
{3149}{3199}That we can be who we are
{3202}{3251}Grease is the word
{3335}{3414}They think our love|is just a growin'pain
{3417}{3467}Why don't they understand?
{3470}{3534}It's just a cryin' shame
{3545}{3624}Their lips are lying,|only real is real
{3627}{3682}We stop the fight right now
{3685}{3732}We got to be what we feel
{3735}{3774}Grease is the word

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