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Date 18.07.2008 @ 21:53:14

OMDb 430949

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Meu Nome Não é Johnny 2008 English subtitles Meu Nome Não é Johnny (2008)   
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English subtitles 1674 1 jdinic3 22.06.2008
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{568}{658}This is to trick the nose of|the sniffer dogs. Come here.
{736}{787}We go on the same flight,|but we pretend
{788}{863}- we don't know each other.|- Separate places on the plane.
{864}{923}- Right, I go first class.|- I go executive.
{924}{977}You've never been to Europe.|You gonna bug me now?
{978}{1048}- I'm going with the dogs?|- Yeah, with your cousins.
{1049}{1123}You go to Madrid and I'll see you|at the meeting point.
{1467}{1502}Step back, please.
{1778}{1811}You can go.
{1860}{1895}Have a nice flight.
{2644}{2729}- It's the second.|- It must be really cheap.
{3443}{3507}It's a pleasure|working with you.
{3513}{3610}For me, too. Let me know about next|time, and I am ready for it.
{3611}{3652}Man, I'm close to my goal.
{3653}{3703}Your goal? What is it?
{3704}{3771}It's to make a million dollars.
{3797}{3846}Mine is to spend|a million dollars.
{3864}{3907}- Luck.|- Luck.
{3954}{3995}See the money.
{4059}{4125}Let's spend it all in Europe.
{4389}{4431}Go, honey.
{4911}{4939}What now?
{5160}{5251}You're going outside? Come back.|Don't leave me here alone.
{5411}{5446}Your ID, sir?
{5447}{5523}Good night.|How are you?
{5789}{5843}- Are you from Brazil?|- Yeah, Brazil.
{6059}{6140}- Do you have drugs with you?|- Drugs, no?

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