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Uploader kvrle

Date 20.03.2011 @ 08:57:27

OMDb 438187

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Subtitle preview
00:01:31,100 --> 00:01:34,340
Today we sing together ...

00:01:34,401 --> 00:01:38,281
... Life and premature death
of 'one great legend.

00:01:38,317 --> 00:01:43,877
Relax, enjoy your calorie
popcorn and other snacks ...

00:01:43,807 --> 00:01:48,727
... We will tell you it amazing
story of a hero ...

00:01:48,720 --> 00:01:52,120
... Still on his own story
to start.

00:02:05,842 --> 00:02:08,962
Charlie hit the slow lazy butcher.

00:02:09,988 --> 00:02:12,228...

posted: about four years ago

MP's Freak
No matter how many subtitles Kvrle uploaded here, this is yet another one containing countless mistakes. It is not fair to mislead users by "translating" something in the manner "if I don't know it, I'll write down something that sounds alike" or even "I'll just skip it" - which are most often the cases throughout this sub.
I've seen the movie and I am aware it is a bit hard to deal with Southern Drawl, but I also strongly disagree such bad subtitles should ruin a very good reputation this page has so far. Isn't it better to wait, rather then read nonsense?

Consciousness do cost.
-Butchie, "The Wire"
posted: about four years ago

@watchanna, this and other subtitles aren't all our work. There are about 1000 new subtitles coming every day in the query and it is impossible to check it for translation errors. He and some others are just uploaders.
posted: about four years ago

MP's Freak
I'm aware of that but that kinda ruins the reputation of a good site.

Consciousness do cost.
-Butchie, "The Wire"
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