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Uploader wickedboy

Date 19.01.2005 @ 19:53:44

OMDb 422045

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Subtitle preview
{3418}{3469}Always remember|your promise to me.
{3471}{3547}Never let nobody or nothing|turn you into no cripple.
{4072}{4099}All right!
{4101}{4138}Rest stop, 45 minutes.
{4141}{4195}Come on, folks.|We gotta move.
{4201}{4275}We leave at 2:45 p.m.|On the dot. Can't be late.
{4299}{4352}Hot meals|and bathrooms inside.
{4373}{4420}All right, uh, there's a|window out back
{4422}{4455}for y'all to buy sandwiches.
{4457}{4517}And I suggest you make|good use of them outhouses.
{4519}{4577}Ain't nothing but bushes|for you in the Carolinas.
{4669}{4704}Can I help you, sir?
{4705}{4732}Yes, sir.
{4825}{4856}Who you riding with?
{4857}{4896}Nobody. Just me.
{4899}{4960}Boy, I can't take|responsibility
{4961}{5030}for some blind nigger|traveling 3,500 miles alone.
{5032}{5084}I... I... I paid for this here|ticket, and it says
{5086}{5135}that you have to take me|to Seattle.
{5139}{5200}Don't you be smarting off|to me, boy.
{5221}{5275}With all due respect, sir,|I earned the right.
{5277}{5322}I may have left my eyes|on Omaha Beach,
{5324}{5374}but I ain't asking no charity|from Uncle Sam.
{5376}{5430}I got a job waiting|for me in Seattle.
{5465}{5494}You were in Normandy?
{5496}{5551}Shuttling troopers|to the beach.
{5562}{5605}We took a direct hit.
{5728}{5761}I'm sorry, son.

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