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Rear Window (1954) - English subtitles

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ID 55427

Date 04.05.2004 @ 08:03:27

OMDb 277329

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Language English

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Subtitle preview
{3534}{3581}Men, are you over 40?
{3582}{3631}When you wake up in the morning,|do you feel tired and rundown?
{3632}{3709}Do you have that listless feeling?
{6035}{6083}- Jefferies.|- Congratulations, Jeff.
{6109}{6158}- For what?|- Getting rid of that cast.
{6159}{6209}Who said I was getting rid of it?
{6210}{6257}This is Wednesday.
{6258}{6354}Seven weeks from the day|you broke your leg. Yes or no?
{6358}{6432}Gunnison, how did|you get to be such a big editor
{6433}{6482}With such a small memory?
{6483}{6532}Thrift, industry and hard work...
{6533}{6607}And catching the publisher|with his secretary.
{6608}{6658}- Did l get the wrong day?|- No.
{6685}{6707}No, wrong week.
{6708}{6804}Next Wednesday I emerge from this...|Plaster cocoon.
{6833}{6929}That's too bad, Jeff.|Well, I guess I can't be lucky every day.
{6958}{6983}Forget l called.
{6984}{7058}yeah, l sure feel|sorry for you, Gunnison.
{7059}{7154}Must be rough on you thinking of me|wearing this cast for another week.
{7159}{7233}That one week is gonna cost|me my best photographer,
{7234}{7283}And you a big assignment.
{7310}{7357}There's no point|in even talking about it.
{7358}{7408}Oh, come on, come on. Where?
{7409}{7485}Kashmir. Got a code tip from|the bureau chief this morning.
{7509}{7533}The place is about to go up in smoke.
{7560}{7610}What did I tell you? Didn't I tell|you that's the next place to watch?
{7634}{7683}- You did.|- When do l leave? Hour?
{7684}{7780}- With that cast on? You don't.|- Stop sounding stuffy.
{7809}{7883}I can take pictures from a jeep|or a water buffalo, if necessary.

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