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ID 121934

Uploader miskon

Date 28.07.2005 @ 07:10:19

OMDb 304254

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Language English

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Shree 420 1955 English subtitles Shree 420 (1955)    English subtitles 315 1 lebo19 15.04.2009
Subtitle preview
{5269}{5291}Damn it!
{5322}{5429}One, two, three cars...| Absolutely useless.
{5914}{5977}What's wrong?| What happened driver
{5990}{6013}Why stop?
{6017}{6146}Sir a Vagrant is lying| unconscious on the ground
{6161}{6266}He must be a miserable| fellow with no money
{6278}{6340}Driver, put him in the car
{6358}{6460}You know it's my duty to| serve humanity.
{6934}{7043}He is unconscious. It looks| as if he hasn't eaten a thing.
{7054}{7097}He maybe love sick
{7126}{7168}He looks like a...
{7180}{7230}Driver fast to the hospital.
{7346}{7390}O God! Save my soul
{7395}{7459}Doctors want only to operate
{7510}{7580}So you were faking it,| pretending, eh?
{7622}{7708}I was completely worn out.| I didn't have train fare
{7722}{7758}Driver, stop the car!
{7807}{7844}Blasphemy! Fake!
{7870}{7892}Get out of the car!
{8018}{8084}As you please.| You were kind a minute ago
{8098}{8145}Does he suffer from fits?
{8154}{8244}How dare you! Do you know| who you're talking to?
{8254}{8289}Seth Dharamanand
{8299}{8359}I don't have any sympathy| for your sort.
{8376}{8518}If you want to reform, swear| that you won't lie or cheat
{8539}{8573}And you'll speak only| the truth
{8581}{8613}On the contrary
{8622}{8678}If you lie, you drive| in a huge car
{8685}{8737}Soft hands apply eau-de-cologne

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