The Simpsons (1989) - S01E07 - The Call Of The Simpsons - English subtitles

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The Simpsons 1989Season: 1 Episode: 7 English subtitles The Simpsons (1989)  Season: 1 Episode: 7  

English subtitles 181 1 26.03.2011
The Simpsons 1989Season: 1 Episode: 7 English subtitles The Simpsons (1989)  Season: 1 Episode: 7    English subtitles 63 1 01.06.2014
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{2349}{2440}Man! Rusty old hunk of junk!
{2488}{2541}Howdy, Bart.|Hot enough for ya?
{2543}{2606}Shut up, Flanders.
{2608}{2694}Hey, Dad, how come we can't get|a decent mower, like the Flanders have?
{2697}{2793}Just be happy with what you've got, son.|Don't try to keep up with the Flanders'.
{2872}{2949}- Whoa!
{2951}{3009}How do you like my new wheels, Simpson?
{3009}{3097}Oh, wow, man!|What an RV!
{3097}{3186}Bart! Uh, I suppose it has,|uh, various features.
{3186}{3253}Oh, it's got eveything--|microwave, dish washer,
{3255}{3327}bigscreen TV, deep fryer|and, oh, see up there on the roof?
{3330}{3407}- A satellite dish!|- Yes, indeedly-doodly.
{3409}{3476}But, uh, how can you afford|something like this, Ned?
{3478}{3574}I get your mail once in a while, and|you make only $27 a week more than I do.
{3577}{3620}Oh, it's simple, Simpson. Credit.
{3622}{3656}Ooh, credit!
{3754}{3802}Hmm! Mmm!
{3802}{3852}Oh! Ah!
{3896}{3944}Thank you, God.
{3944}{3992}May I help you?
{3992}{4039}We're just browsing.|Thank you.
{4039}{4133}I'd like to see your finest RV.|Do you have something that's|better than the Land Behemoth?
{4135}{4212}Yes we do. That would be|the Ultimate Behemoth.
{4215}{4296}- Where is it?|- You are standing in its presence.
{4298}{4366}- Behold!|- Oh, wow!
{4368}{4457}Would you look at this thing?|Man built this. It's a vehicle.
{4459}{4505}Does it have|its own satellite dish, sir?
{4507}{4605}You can tell your son|it has its own satellite.
{4608}{4696}The Van Star One, launched last Februay,|just for this thing, that's all.
{4699}{4768}- Whoa, man!|- I'm not sure that we can afford--

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