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The Walking Dead 2010Season pack: 1 English subtitles The Walking Dead (2010)  Special episode in season: 1   

English subtitles 864 1 grzesiek11 12.01.2011
The Walking Dead 2010Season pack: 1 English subtitles The Walking Dead (2010)  Season pack: 1     
The.Walking.Dead.S01.BDRip.XviD-SAiNTS The.Walkin...

English subtitles 5428 1 lebo19 25.02.2011
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{5042}{5104}Little girl?
{5114}{5160}I'm a policeman.
{5163}{5233}Little girl.
{5308}{5380}Don't be afraid, okay?
{5427}{5492}Little girl.
{5926}{5988}Oh my God.
{7208}{7253}What's the difference
{7256}{7286}between men and women?
{7289}{7365}- This a joke?|- No, I'm serious.
{7377}{7444}I never met a woman|who knew how to turn off alight.
{7447}{7495}They're born thinking|the switch only goes one way...
{7554}{7613}They're struck blind|the second they leave a room.
{7616}{7669}I mean every woman|I ever let have a key...
{7672}{7746}I swear to God,|it's like I come home,
{7749}{7815}house all lit up.
{7818}{7863}And my job,|you see, apparently...
{7866}{7927}because my chromosomes|happen to be different...
{7930}{7973}is I've then gotta walk|through that house,
{7976}{8039}turn off every single light|this chick left on.
{8042}{8109}- Is that right?|- Yeah, baby.
{8112}{8180}Oh, Reverend Shane is|preaching to you now, boy.
{8212}{8269}Then... the same chick, mind you...
{8272}{8343}she'll bitch about global warming.
{8346}{8411}You see, this is... this is|when Reverend Shane wants
{8414}{8477}to quote from|the guy gospel and say,
{8480}{8581}"Darling, maybe you and every other|pair of boobs on this planet
{8584}{8661}just figure out the light switch,|you see, goes both ways,
{8664}{8732}maybe we wouldn't have so much|global warming." You know?
{8735}{8777}You say that?

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