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Poster for Californication (2007).


Метод на въвеждане TV-серии
Genres comedy, drama
Countries USA
Езици en
Duration 28 min
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Poster for episode Pilot.


We meet 30ish year old Hank Moody in a church asking Jesus to help him get his life back on track. He is then distracted by a hot nun, which turns out to be a dream that is representative of his lifestyle. Sex-addicted Hank sleeps with many women including a woman who is cheating on her enraged and muscular husband and a 16-year-old girl who he thinks is in college. Moody also has to interact with ex-girlfriend Karen who might still love him. With her, they share the custody of their 12-year-old daughter Becca who is wise beyond her years but is starting to have a sex life, which freaks out both of her parents.

Poster for episode Hell-A Woman.

Hell-A Woman

Becca invites Hank to her Mom and Bill's house for a dinner party with some mutual friends. After he arrives, however, he realizes that Karen has planned a little setup for Hank with a scientologist friend of hers, which doesn't thrill Hank all that much. But, Hank gets a nice laugh out of it after the rest of the party people walk in on him and Sonja in the bedroom. Hank also gets a little news about the job he recently accepted.

Poster for episode The Whore of Babylon.

The Whore of Babylon

Hank and Todd Carr, the director of "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love", the movie adaptation of Hank's book, start a fight, after which Hank ends up in jail. Bill bails him out and Hank finds a new connection to Meredith. Charlie learns about a different side of his assistant Dani.

Poster for episode Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser.

Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

Meredith convinces Hank to escort her to an environmental fundraiser. Coincidentally Bill and Karen are at the same event, where Karen makes a scene, and Hank runs into Dani and Charlie while they are in his office.

Poster for episode LOL.


Bill asks Hank to step in as a guest speaker at Mia's creative writing class. Hank talks about his writing and motivations on a radio interview. Becca develops a crush on her guitar teacher Dave, but he ends up with Mia.

Poster for episode Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Hank spends the night with a sexy surfer girl and in return she robs him. Mia wants more of Hank's writing to pass her class, instead he offers her to help her with her own writing. Charlie wants to spice up the sex life with his wife, but she is not as fond of spanking as Dani is.

Poster for episode Girls, Interrupted.

Girls, Interrupted

Hank is disturbed by Becca's negative reaction towards the concept of happy endings, even more so when he finds out that it is partially his fault. Marcy comes up with the idea of a threesome with Charlie and Dani, but it ends unexpectedly.

Poster for episode California Son.

California Son

Hank's father Al dies, so Hank tries to ease his pain with a hooker named Trixie. However, Karen does her best to help him overcome the pain.

Poster for episode Filthy Lucre.

Filthy Lucre

After the funeral of Hank's father Al, Hank comes back to L.A. with a new manuscript, that he wants Karen to read. After receiving a bonus paycheck, he buys a new car for himself and a new guitar for Becca.

Poster for episode The Devil's Threesome.

The Devil's Threesome

A new threesome including Hank and Charlie evolves from a meeting at the gym, while Karen and Marcy have a girl's night out at which they decide to surprise Hank and Charlie.

Poster for episode Turn The Page.

Turn The Page

Charlie and Dani represent Mia after she wrote a book that seems to have come out of Hank's feather. Becca decides to move out of Bill and Karen's home to live with her dad Hank.

Poster for episode The Last Waltz.

The Last Waltz

In the season finale Hank has to deal with Karen's wedding and Becca's first period.

Poster for episode Slip of the Tongue.

Slip of the Tongue

After their reunion in season one, Hank and Karen plan to move back to New York. Karen asks Hank to get a vasectomy, to which he agrees. At the party of a record producer, Lew Ashby, Hank has a sexual accident...

Poster for episode The Great Ashby.

The Great Ashby

Hank ends up in jail and makes a new friend there, while Charlie runs into job trouble after a fight with Dani.

Poster for episode No Way to Treat a Lady.

No Way to Treat a Lady

Charlie wants to help Daisy with her porn career, while Hanks starts writing Lew Ashby's biography. Becca has her first day at a private school, while Karen meets Sonja and Julian again.

Poster for episode The Raw & the Cooked.

The Raw & the Cooked

Hank proposes to Karen right before a dinner party, to which Mia, Charlie, Marcy, Lew Ashby, Sonja and Julian are invited. Drugs and special circumstances turn the evening in an unexpected direction.

Poster for episode Coke Dick & The First Kick.

Coke Dick & The First Kick

Hank wants to find out more about Ashby, so he tries to find his lost love, Janie Jones. In the meantime, he catches Julian with another woman and confronts Sonja about it. Charlie turns his home into the set of "Vaginatown" and becomes a part of the film.

Poster for episode In a Lonely Place.

In a Lonely Place

After a parent-teacher conference, Hank finds an interest in Becca's English teacher Mrs. Patterson, only to find out that she is the mother of Damien. The Runkles take Daisy into her home after she was thrown out of her apartment, but when her former manager shows up, Charlie uncovers Marcy's secret which could have fatal effects on their finances.

Poster for episode Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Hank attempts to get Ashby to confess. Charlie gives in to temptation.

Poster for episode La Ronde.

La Ronde

Hank refuses an offer. Karen and Ashby go on a date. Charlie and Daisy get to know each other better.

Poster for episode Blues From Laurel Canyon.

Blues From Laurel Canyon


Poster for episode La Petite Mort.

La Petite Mort


Poster for episode Wish You Were Here.

Wish You Were Here

With Karen gone, Hank has to deal with a more and more rebellious Becca, but also gets to know Dean Stacy Koons and his family. Meanwhile, Charlie and Marcy move back together, because Charlie cannot afford to pay rent and mortgage at the same time. However, they still plan to divorce each other.

Poster for episode The Land Of Rape And Honey.

The Land Of Rape And Honey

After a job offer by Felicia Koons, Hank starts working as college professor and soon gets into trouble, while Charlie interferes with Marcy's romantic life.

Poster for episode Verities & Balderdash.

Verities & Balderdash

At a university mixer, Hank comforts his dumped assistant Jill in his very own way, while Charlie lands a very important client for Sue Collini, which really turns her on.

Poster for episode Zoso.


Becca develops a new and more adult fashion sense which Hank does not approve. In the meantime, Hank wants to find out why Jackie dropped his class, so he brings along Charlie to visit the strip club where she works.

Poster for episode Slow Happy Boys.

Slow Happy Boys

Becca pays Karen a visit in New York for the weekend and Hank is left on his own, until his old friend Mike Zlosowski from Long Island shows up. Together, the two have a great time at Sue Collini's party. In the meantime, the revelation of a secret abruptly interrupts Charlie and Marcy's regained sex life.

Poster for episode Glass Houses.

Glass Houses

With Karen visiting Los Angeles, Hank has to deal with her finding about his affairs and her plan to move the family to New York. Meanwhile, Charlie has to deal with Marcy's crush on Rick Springfield, especially when he is invited to dinner.

Poster for episode So Here's The Thing ....

So Here's The Thing ...

Hank's attempts to set things right with Karen lead to even deeper entanglements with the campus ladies. In the meantime, Charlie tries to prevent Sue's top client from leaving the agency, and Becca scolds Hank for being a terrible role model for her.

Poster for episode The Apartment.

The Apartment

After a "Skypus interruptus" with Karen, Jackie shows up at Hank's apartment together with two strippers and a bottle of Whisky. The next morning, Hank has an unconscious stripper girl in his apartment. When Charlie shows up with Rick Springfield, they first try to help, but then Jill shows up as well, and she is not the last surprise of the morning.

Poster for episode Mr. Bad Example.

Mr. Bad Example

After the revelations of his affairs, Hank expects to be fired from campus, but Dean Koons tells him otherwise, when they are both contacted by the principal of their daughters' school, who tells them their girls had a physical confrontation with each other. When the parents meet at the principal's office, one of those affairs is revealed to Karen. Meanwhile, Charlie risks his job trying to hold Marcy off drug addict Rick Springfield.

Poster for episode Comings & Goings.

Comings & Goings

Hank and Karen attend an end-of-semester mixer, where the girls team up to bash Hank and Dean Koons wants to duel him. Meanwhile, Charlie and Marcy are trying to sell their house.

Poster for episode Mia Culpa.

Mia Culpa

Just when Hank, Karen and Becca are about to move to New York, Mia comes back to town along with her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks about having his vasectomy reversed.

Poster for episode Exile on Main St..

Exile on Main St.

Hank emerges from prison to find that his scandals have put him back at the top of the Hollywood scene. With the truth out that it was Hank, not Mia, who wrote the book, movie executives want to turn it into a film. Charlie and Hank's new lawyer, Abby, try to help Hank, who struggles with his continued legal problems and the news that he's been exiled from Karen and Becca's lives.

Poster for episode Suicide Solution.

Suicide Solution

Hank's tries to reconnect with Becca by taking her to a guitar store run by musician Zakk Wylde. Later, Hank takes a meeting with an Oscar-winning actor(played by Rob Lowe) who's set to play him in the film of the novel. At the Runkle house, Marcy is becoming sick of Hank and Hank is failing at apologizing to Becca.

Poster for episode Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home

In the aftermath of Hank's overdose, Karen and Becca think he attempted suicide, which brings him momentarily closer to Karen and pushes Becca away. Marcy meets Stu Beggs, Runkle's client, and Runkle hooks up with a young workaholic on Stu's staff.

Poster for episode Monkey Business.

Monkey Business

Hank gets writing again. Charlie schedules a meeting with the films director and others. Marcie and Karen discuss what to do with their unborn baby.

Poster for episode Freeze-Frame.


Hank continues to deal with his lawsuit in court. He gets dinner with Abby who advises him to stay away from Sasha and Mia. Hank saves Mia from the ledge of a building. Him and Sasha head back to Mia's where Hank feels dizzy and passes out with the two girls. Mia takes photos of the 3 of them and sends them to people.

Poster for episode Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

After seeing the photo of Hank with the two ladies, the DA calls off Hank's plea bargain, making Abby drop Hank as a client. It also causes Sasha to drop out of the film. Marcy ends up making a house call for a bikini wax to Stu Beggs and the two end up hitting it off. Hank and Charlie have a meeting with Eddie Nero but it is cut short when Becca and the Queens of Dogtown get into some trouble. Eddie is then convinced that he should play Hank in the film. Karen goes to Abby's office and tries to get her to re-represent Hank.

Poster for episode The Rescued.

The Rescued

After sleeping with Hank, Abby decides it would be best if she recused herself as Hank's attorney. She tries to set him up with her boss at her law firm over a game of golf, but things don't go as she had hoped. Hank is disappointed when he learns that Karen and Ben are spending more time together, including the concert for Becca's band, Queens of Dogtown. Charlie, still striving for 100 partners, hooks up with Abby's BBW secretary after Hank sets them up on a blind date. Stu and Marcy seek Charlie's help in pitching a new show to Showtime. Marcy and Stu are overcome with nervousness, Charlie has to take action.

Poster for episode Lights. Camera. Asshole.

Lights. Camera. Asshole

Hank accepts a job rewriting the script for a new zombie sequel starring Sasha Bingham. Hank walks off the set after Pearl shows up and informs him that Becca ditched school and is now drunk. Later that night at the hotel bar, Hank meets an "age-appropriate" woman, who Hank doesn't realize is close to Sasha. Karen takes Marcy to a clinic, where Marcy debates with whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Marcy tells Stu that she's pregnant but doesn't get a chance to explain that he isn't the father. Meanwhile, Charlie finds himself in a compromising situation with his real estate agent, but Charlie quickly learns that she is quite "adventurous" in the bedroom.

Poster for episode Another Perfect Day.

Another Perfect Day

Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca when the hotel where he's been staying kicks him out over a billing error.

Poster for episode The Trial.

The Trial

On the first day of his trial Hank is clearly nervous, especially after running into Mia's father outside the courthouse. Abby tries to calm Hank down, but the prosecution has enough evidence to make Hank worry. When Charlie takes the stand, he inadvertently reveals some incriminating anecdotes from Hank's past, worsening Hank's image in front of the Jury. Karen's testimony portrays Hank as a childish and pathetic drunk, and Bill adds malice and motive, revealing new information that destroys Hank's credibility of innocent ignorance.

Poster for episode The Last Supper.

The Last Supper

Hank struggles to deal with the court's guilty ruling. Abby tries her best to make up for not getting Hank off in the courtroom. Hank goes to Charlie's house for solace, where he meets Peggy, and then later runs into his old friend Trixie. Hank uses some of his earnings from the zombie movie to buy a used Porsche. As he drives and thinks about escaping L.A. and the guilty verdict, Hank receives a phone call and ends up spending one last night with Charlie, Marcy, Karen and Becca. The group swaps stories and revels in the nostalgia. At the end of the evening, Karen and Hank share one final night to remember.

Poster for episode ...And Justice For All.

...And Justice For All