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Poster for The Black Adder (1983).


ID 738
Entry type TV Serier
Genres comedy
Countries UK
Sprog en
Duration 35 min
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Poster for episode The Foretelling.

The Foretelling

After arriving late for the Battle of Bosworth Field, Edmund kills King Richard III (whom he thinks is stealing his horse) and secures the crown for his father.

Poster for episode Born to Be King.

Born to Be King

With his father away at the Crusades, Edmund comes up with a plan to prove his brother is illegitimate, thus making him Prince Regent.

Poster for episode The Archbishop.

The Archbishop

Edmund is appointed to the post of Archbishop of Canterbury after the king has the last one killed.

Poster for episode The Queen of Spain's Beard.

The Queen of Spain's Beard

The King decides that Edmund should marry a Spanish Princess, who Edmund finds unattractive, in order to secure a treaty between Spain and England which will allow an invasion of France.

Poster for episode The Witchsmeller Pursuivant.

The Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Percy and Baldrick are to be burned at the stake with Edmund, when he is accused of being a witch.

Poster for episode The Black Seal.

The Black Seal

After the King takes away Edmund's title of Duke, he recruits the 6 most evil men in the land to take the crown by force.

Poster for episode Bells.


Blackadder feels a funny attraction for his manservant and decides to marry when he discovers he is a she.

Poster for episode Head.


After the Queen appoints Blackadder Lord High Executioner, he finds himself in trouble when the Queen pardons someone he executed ahead of schedule.

Poster for episode Potato.


After Sir Walter Raleigh takes the Queen's fancy by bringing her a potato, Blackadder decides to become an explorer with the aid of a legless sea captain.

Poster for episode Money.


The Queen hampers Blackadder's efforts to raise cash to pay off a debt to a sadistic bishop.

Poster for episode Beer.


Blackadder's rich and Puritanical aunt and uncle pay him a visit to discuss his inheritance the same night he has a beer drinking contest.

Poster for episode Chains.


Blackadder and Lord Melchett are kidnapped by a German spy right after the Queen decides she will pay no more ransom to kidnappers.

Poster for episode Dish and Dishonesty.

Dish and Dishonesty

Blackadder becomes involved in politics by getting Baldrick elected MP, in an effort to stop the new Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger, from striking the Prince off the Civil List.

Poster for episode Ink and Incapability.

Ink and Incapability

Poster for episode Nob and Nobility.

Nob and Nobility

After the Scarlet Pimpernel gets high praises Blackadder makes a bet that he can go to France and rescue aristocrats, too.

Poster for episode Sense and Senility.

Sense and Senility

Poster for episode Amy and Amiability.

Amy and Amiability

After Parliament cuts off the Prince's money he decides to marry a rich lady who obtains her money by moonlighting as a notorious highwayman.

Poster for episode Duel and Duality.

Duel and Duality

Poster for episode Plan A: Captain Cook.

Plan A: Captain Cook

Blackadder tries painting and cooking as ploys to avoid the scheduled big push out of the trenches.

Poster for episode Plan B: Corporal Punishment.

Plan B: Corporal Punishment

Edmund is sentenced to death by firing squad for shooting and eating the General's favorite messenger pigeon.

Poster for episode Plan C: Major Star.

Plan C: Major Star

Blackadder grabs yet another opportunity to return to England by organizing a morale-raising music hall show, including Baldrick's Charlie Chaplin impersonation and George's appearance as a lady songstress who captures the General's heart.

Poster for episode Plan D: Private Plane.

Plan D: Private Plane

Blackadder and the boys join the Royal Air Corps, where they are promptly shot down behind enemy lines.

Poster for episode Plan E: General Hospital.

Plan E: General Hospital

Blackadder is assigned to find the spy working out of the hospital.

Poster for episode Plan F: Goodbyeee.

Plan F: Goodbyeee

Blackadder tries everything he can think of to get sent back to England when orders come in to go over the top in the first charge against the Germans since 1914.