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Poster for The Fosters (2013).


ID 480
Entry type TV Series
Genres drama
Countries USA
Languages en
Duration 42 min
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Poster for episode Pilot.


Callie, a troubled teen, is sent to live with The Fosters after getting beat up in Juvie. The Fosters, Stef, a police officer, and Lena, a vice-principal, are an interracial married lesbian couple raising Brandon, Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, and their adopted twins Mariana and Jesus. Brandon makes it to the finals of a music competition where the prize is a $5,000 dollar scholarship. Unknown to the family, Mariana is selling Jesus' ADD medication to get money which she has been giving to Ana, her biological mother, whom she has been meeting in secret. The night that Callie comes to stay, she borrows Brandon's cell phone and calls someone named Jude, telling him she is going to come and get him. At work, Stef is partnered with her ex-husband Mike, who is also a cop, after her previous partner transfers. Meanwhile, Callie is determined to get to Jude. After several failed attempts to find a ride, Mariana tells Callie that there is a back exit to the school and a bus stop three blocks away. Callie ditches school, which Brandon sees and follows her. While following her, Jude keeps calling Brandon's phone. Callie answers the call and tries to talk to Jude, desperate to know if he is okay, but he is quickly taken off the phone by someone whom Callie clearly doesn't like. She tries to leave to go to him, but Brandon demands answers, now concerned. Callie finally tells him that Jude is her younger brother and she refuses to leave him with their foster father and must get him. Brandon refuses to let her go alone and goes with her. On the bus, Callie reveals to Brandon that her foster father physically hurt her and when he caught Jude wearing a dress, started beating him as well. When she tried to intervene, he kicked her in her stomach. In an attempt to distract him from beating Jude, she took a baseball bat to his car. When the cops came, he insisted that Callie was crazy and he had strictly been defending himself. Not bothering to hear her side of the story, she was sent to Juvie. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fosters are getting ready for Brandon's music competition and become worried when they can't find him or Callie. After Stef tracks his phone, they find out where they are at and quickly leave. After arriving at her foster father's house, Brandon distracts him while Callie tries to get to Jude from the back. Things go south when he quickly notices Callie and begins shoving her, demanding she leave, but Callie refuses to leave without Jude. The foster father then pulls out a gun. Stef, Mike, and Lena arrive just in time and the foster father is arrested. Callie and Jude are reunited as Brandon explains to Lena about who Jude is. While talking to Callie, Stef refuses to send Callie and Jude back into the system just yet. She and Lena allow Jude and Callie to stay with them.

Poster for episode Consequently.


Poster for episode Hostile Acts.

Hostile Acts

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Poster for episode The Morning After.

The Morning After

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Poster for episode The Fallout.

The Fallout

Poster for episode The Honeymoon.

The Honeymoon

Poster for episode House and Home.

House and Home

Poster for episode Things Unsaid.

Things Unsaid

Poster for episode Family Day.

Family Day

Poster for episode Us Against The World.

Us Against The World

Poster for episode Kids in the Hall.

Kids in the Hall

Poster for episode Escapes and Reversals.

Escapes and Reversals

Poster for episode Don't Let Go.

Don't Let Go

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Poster for episode Adoption Day.

Adoption Day

Season finale.