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Poster for Dawson's Creek (1998).


Invoer type Televisie-serie
Genres drama
Countries USA
Talen en
Duration 60 min
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Poster for episode Pilot (aka Emotions in Motion).

Pilot (aka Emotions in Motion)

Film-buff Dawson finds his best friend, Joey, growing jealous of his attraction to a neighbor's granddaughter. Meanwhile, pal Pacey falls in love with a mystery woman, who is really a teacher at Capeside.

Poster for episode Dance <i>(aka Dirty Dancing)</i>.

Dance <i>(aka Dirty Dancing)</i>

Dawson casts Jen as the new leading lady in his film, but creates a messy off-camera scene during her date at the school dance. Meanwhile, Joey confronts Mrs. Leery about her liaisons; and Pacey gets under Tamara's skin with his public flirting.

Poster for episode Kiss <i>(aka A Prelude to a Kiss)</i>.

Kiss <i>(aka A Prelude to a Kiss)</i>

While working on the film class's movies, team player Dawson has a hard time being stuck in the background. Meanwhile as he plots to give Jen the "perfect kiss", Joey is swept away by a handsome stranger and Pacey tries to graduate to manhood.

Poster for episode Discovery <i>(aka Carnal Knowledge)</i>.

Discovery <i>(aka Carnal Knowledge)</i>

Dawson turns to Jen after learning of his mom's affair, and Joey's knowledge of it. But he regrets doing so when she tells him some of her problems; meanwhile Pacey and Tamara continue to tempt fate with their fling.

Poster for episode Hurricane <i>(aka Blown Away)</i>.

Hurricane <i>(aka Blown Away)</i>

When a major hurricane moves inland, all take refuge in the Leery home, where Dawson rages at Jen about her past, and Mitch storms out after learning of Gale's affair. That leaves a tormented Dawson to deal with their fallout. Meanwhile, Pacey ruins his brother's chances to get with Tamara at her beach house.

Poster for episode Baby <i>(aka Look Who's Talking)</i>.

Baby <i>(aka Look Who's Talking)</i>

Capeside is abuzz with rumors of a teacher's indiscretion, rumors that prove fateful for Pacey and Tamera. Meanwhile, Joey and Jen get a life lesson when Bessie is aided by an unlikely source when she gives birth in Dawson's living room.

Poster for episode Detention <i>(aka The Breakfast Club)</i>.

Detention <i>(aka The Breakfast Club)</i>

In what is said to be one of the best episodes, the gang, after committing various violations at school, gets stuck together for an 8 hour Saturday detention, where Dawson and Pacey turn against each another; and Joey offers a tearful partial explanation for her anger toward Jen.

Poster for episode Boyfriend <i>(aka Escape From New York)</i>.

Boyfriend <i>(aka Escape From New York)</i>

Dawson feels the heat when Jen is visited by an old boyfriend; Joey lets off a bit too much steam at a beach party and ends up in a sticky situation; and tensions between Mitch and Gale reach the boiling point as they attempt to rebuild their marriage.

Poster for episode Roadtrip <i>(aka In the Company of Men)</i>.

Roadtrip <i>(aka In the Company of Men)</i>

Hoping to get over Jen, Dawson agrees to join Pacey and Billy in a boys night out and finds what he is looking for in another woman. Meanwhile Jen handles damage control after Joey becomes the subject of a rumor at school.

Poster for episode Double Date <i>(aka Modern Romance)</i>.

Double Date <i>(aka Modern Romance)</i>

A double date finds Jen and Cliff joined by Dawson and a savvy sidekick who calls him on a plot to make Jen jealous. But it's Dawson turn to turn green when Pacey grows close to Joey working on a project.

Poster for episode The Scare <i>(aka Friday the 13th)</i>.

The Scare <i>(aka Friday the 13th)</i>

In honor of Friday the 13th, Dawson, plans a séance for the gang, they are all spooked by reports of a serial killer heading towards Capeside.

Poster for episode Beauty Contest <i>(aka Pretty Woman)</i>.

Beauty Contest <i>(aka Pretty Woman)</i>

Joey and Pacey enter a beauty competition; Jen regrets her breakup with Dawson.

Poster for episode Decisions <i>(aka Breaking Away)</i>.

Decisions <i>(aka Breaking Away)</i>

In the season finale, Dawson and Joey confront their true feelings. Joey, visits her father in prison, and debates leaving to go to France.

Poster for episode The Kiss.

The Kiss

After their kiss, Dawson and Joey have doubts about the future of their relationship as Joey plans to go to France. Meanwhile, Pacey plays a trick on a new girl. But finds himself in the same situation.

Poster for episode Crossroads.


Jack, Andie's brother scores a job at the Ice House, an entry in Joey's diary lands her in hot water with Dawson, who forgets Pacey's 16th Birthday. Meanwhile Abby begins to become a negative influence over lonely Jen.

Poster for episode Alternate Lifestyles.

Alternate Lifestyles

An economics class project pairs Dawson and Jen as a husband and wife and Pacey and Andie as a married couple. Jen tries to use this project to get closer to Dawson and Pacey gets to know more about Andie's background. Joey learns that she has a chance of success while doing this project.

Poster for episode Tamara's Return.

Tamara's Return

Tamara Jacobs who left town after her affair with Pacey was almost exposed, shares an awkward reunion with Pacey. The encounter triggers old emotions in Pacey and curiosity in Andie. Meanwhile Jack and Joey enjoy art together.

Poster for episode Full Moon Rising.

Full Moon Rising

Parental problems cast a pall over Dawson and Joey's new romance. Pacey is troubled when he sees the McPhee's homelife.

Poster for episode The Dance.

The Dance

Two tragedies rock Dawson's world. First he learns the awful truth about his parents marriage. Than at the Homecoming dance, he witnesses a heated moment between Joey and Jack, setting of a chain of events that shatter a lifelong friendship and a newfound romance. The big night also gives Jen a chance to use Joey's mistakes to get with Dawson. Pacey tries to open his heart to Andie, but breaks hers.

Poster for episode The All-Nighter.

The All-Nighter

Facing the scariest English test of their lives the gang has an all night study session at wealthy, horny Chris Wolfe's house. At this all-nighter secrets are revealed and friendships are altered.

Poster for episode The Reluctant Hero.

The Reluctant Hero

Joey's "semi-date" with Jack prompts a resentful Dawson to join Jen at a bash where he saves her from doing some things she'll regret. Pacey proves his worth when Andie's mom has a psychotic break during their study session. Mitch cannot understand Dawson's views on their divorce.

Poster for episode The Election.

The Election

Andie's run for student council lands her on a campaign trail of tears when Abby and Monica began advertising her family situation. Jen helps Dawson take steps to deal with his powerlessness over his parents divorce. Jack shuts out Joey after a family crisis.

Poster for episode High Risk Behavior.

High Risk Behavior

"Horrifically epic" tryouts for his movie prompt a steamy dialogue between Dawson and Jen that could recast her role in his love life. Jack poses nude for Joey, who feels herself drawn towards intimacy. Pacey sets out to fulfill Andie's dream date and his own.

Poster for episode Sex She Wrote.

Sex She Wrote

Abby and Chris find an anonymous note at school. Abby realizes the author and intended recipient had sex the night before and in true Abby fashion, she sets to expose the affair. Working from clues about Joey's night of nude sketching with Jack, Dawson's steamy stop over at Jen's and Pacey's bed and breakfast trip with Andie. Abby calls together her list of suspects and reveals the dirty secrets of Capeside.

Poster for episode Uncharted Waters.

Uncharted Waters

The gang explores uncharted waters, when Jen, Joey, Andie and Abby spend a day with Gale doing a report on teenage behavior. Literally they explore uncharted waters when Dawson and Pacey go on a father-son-fishing trip and Pacey invites Jack.

Poster for episode His Leading Lady.

His Leading Lady

The filming of Dawson's new movie brings back memories for the filmmaker and for Joey who grows to dislike the actress playing her.

Poster for episode To Be Or Not To Be ... (1).

To Be Or Not To Be ... (1)

In a compelling two-part episode, the Capeside High School gossip mill kicks into overdrive after Jack bears his soul in a English assignment and is forced to expose his innermost secrets while reading the poem aloud in class, leaving Dawson, Joey, and Andie shaken by the implications of what it all means. Meanwhile, Pacey tries to defend Jack in the face of an adversarial teacher, and Jen finds her latest suitor Ty is full of surprises.

Poster for episode ... That Is The Question (2).

... That Is The Question (2)

On Dawson's advice, Joey attempts to heal the wounds of her new romance with Jack left shattered by rumor and innuendo, but when Jack confronts his innermost secrets, their lives and everyone's close to them will never be the same again. Meanwhile, for the first time in his life, Pacey stands up for what he believes in when he takes on an abusive teacher, but the consequences of his convictions are more than he could have imagined.

Poster for episode Be Careful What You Wish For.

Be Careful What You Wish For

On the eve of Dawson's sixteenth birthday, Pacey and Andie follow her therapist's advice and throw themselves into an unabashed night of recklessness and the blues. Meanwhile, back at the Leery house, Joey is organizing a surprise party for Dawson, but the longer the guest of honor is a no show, the more she is subject to surprises of her own; Jen and Ty face up to the their potentially irreconcilable differences; and Gale and Mitch come to decisions about how to raise their son in light of their separation.

Poster for episode Psychic Friends.

Psychic Friends

Dawson's confidence as a filmmaker is shaken when his new teacher turns out to be a movie studio executive on sabbatical in Capeside and tells Dawson the painful truth about his amateur movie. The future is unsure for Joey as well, when a fortuneteller advises her to be open to every new opportunity that crosses her path, and she stumbles into Colin, a gorgeous photographer who brings out Joey's free-spirited side during a wild photo shoot.

Poster for episode A Perfect Wedding.

A Perfect Wedding

With Joey's father back in town, Bessie and him decide to expand the Ice House to also cater weddings. Needing help they enlist Andie, who says she hate's weddings but doesn't and Pacey who loves them. Joey who doesn't think her father recently out of jail should be seen in Capeside and Dawson, who is angry when his parents arrive separately. Jack and Dawson battle to help a scared bride, while Andie and Pacey scramble to fix the cake. Making Gail sad, Mitch shows up to the wedding with Mrs. Kennedy. Jen and Abby's sneaking into the wedding leads to tragedy.

Poster for episode Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace

Abby is dead, and all of Capeside is attempting to "whitewash" her life. But all the hypocrisy is making Jen crazy, in a spiritual discussion she denounces God and gets Grams angered. When eulogizing Abby she further embarrasses Grams by announcing that Abby taught her the falseness of God. Abby's mom also asks Andie to eulogize her thinking they were friends and memories of Andie's brother are brought up. Andie's actions scare Pacey. Joey is scared to go to the funeral, being that she hasn't been to one since her mother, at the graveyard she and Dawson decide to go visit her mother for the first time.

Poster for episode Reunited.


Dawson and Joey are reunited for a while, so Dawson decides to take Joey out to dinner, also eating out tonight are Mitch and Nicole Kennedy. The restaurant, not realizing there are two Leery parties, only has one table available, forcing all four to sit together. Mrs. Kennedy, Dawson and Joey fight causing Nicole to leave. Also there are Jen, now living with Gale and Dawson, and Gale. Dawson, Joey and Jen attempt to reunite Gale and Mitch. Also reunited are Andie and her deaceased brother. Pacey and Jack catch on and realize she thinks he is with her, but is just a figment of her imagination as is Abby, who Andie also thought she saw at the end of the last episode.

Poster for episode Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes.

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes

All of the gang's lives go through changes. After Andie begins seeing her dead brother Tim in the last episode, Jack and Pacey agree to call Mr. McPhee not realizing that he'll want them to be treated in Providence, not Capeside. All are stunned at the new changes and Andie and Pacey must decide if Andie's mental wellness is more important than being together. Jack also must decide whether or not to go with Andie or stay. Dawson while helping Mr. Potter extend the Ice House interviews him for a film project about his changed life, but has it changed? Jen decides to make a change so she calls her mother and inquires about returning home or visiting and is told it is inconvenient right now.

Poster for episode Parental Discretion Advised.

Parental Discretion Advised

As the WB commercial says... "Children must pay for the sins of their fathers." Dawson sees Mr. Potter dealing drugs and he is unsure whether or not to tell Joey or leave things looking good. Mr. Witter has to stake out the Ice House because the Capeside police department believes that Mr. Potter is back to his usual tricks. When the gang is studying in the Ice House, one of Mr. Potter's customers lights it on fire, making Mr. Witter more suspicious and Dawson's conflict greater. Gail tells Mitch about her new job offer in Chicago and her discussion to go for it. Pacey becomes depressed and his achievement level decreases, now that Andie is gone, which his father teases him for. Finally Mr. Witter does realize her importance and that he has been a bad father. Jack becomes worried that Jen is suicidal when she doesn't immediately leave the burning Ice House. But later, Grams and Jen reconcile, causing Jen to move back in taking Jack also.

Poster for episode Like a Virgin.

Like a Virgin

Dawson returns from spending the summer in Philadelphia with his mother, and on his way home meets a beautiful young woman who brings trouble to his otherwise ho-hum life. Meanwhile, Joey, who has frozen Dawson out all summer, realizes she is still reeling from their unexpected break-up when she sees him again, but may have found an unexpected new friend for their junior year; Jen gets more than she bargained for when she takes on the fascist head cheerleader; Mitch accepts a new position as Capeside High's varsity football coach; and although Pacey tries to be brave, he has had a lonely summer without Andie.

Poster for episode Homecoming.


Dawson is recruited by his dad and Principal Green to produce a film for the football pep rally, but the stars of the film end up being Dawson and his lady friend Eve, not the Capeside Minutemen. Meanwhile, Pacey has enlisted Joey for assistance in bringing Andie back to Capeside, but their long-awaited reunion doesn't go exactly as Pacey had intended; and Jack comes to an unexpected understanding with his father who has returned to Capeside to be with Jack and Andie.

Poster for episode None of the Above.

None of the Above

Dawson is stunned when Eve presents him with a sneak peak at the PSAT test and everyone is tempted to cheat including Joey, whose scholarship is dependent on her SAT scores, and Andie, who is desperately fighting for acceptance to Harvard. But when the test is stolen, it's Pacey that Dawson accuses since he sees Pacey slipping back to his old ways. Meanwhile, Jack is insistent that the football team is purposely beating him down because he is gay.

Poster for episode Home Movies.

Home Movies

Father and son are at odds when Dawson moves forward with a news piece for his mom's Philadelphia station using Mitch's star player, Jack, as his subject matter even though Mitch is vehemently opposed. Meanwhile, Joey and Pacey find themselves in cahoots when they must pay the price for ditching class; Andie jumps to conclusions and panics about the reasons Principal Green wants to meet with her; and Jen goes to great lengths to remove herself as head cheerleader but is shocked at the end results.

Poster for episode Indian Summer.

Indian Summer

Dawson plays detective when Eve's mysterious ways, including breaking and entering and stealing, cause him to wonder about her reasons for being in Capeside, but the secrets he uncovers may drastically change the lives of others close to him. Meanwhile, Joey's misgivings of Rob lead her to crash his date with Andie but her good will backfires on her; and Jack goes against Jen's wishes and sets up a rendezvous for Henry.

Poster for episode Secrets and Lies.

Secrets and Lies

Dawson is torn about telling Jen the scandalous secret he has about Eve and even more distressed when his mom unexpectedly returns from Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Andie accuses Joey of sabotaging her chance to reunite with Pacey; and Jen shocks the entire town with the entertainment she has hired for the Annual Homecoming Queen Gala and shocks the very shy Henry even more when she asks him to be her escort.

Poster for episode Escape from Witch Island.

Escape from Witch Island

In a bone-chilling installment, Dawson recruits Joey, Pacey and Jen to be his guerilla crew on a documentary for history class about Witch Island, a local spot shrouded in mystery for its reputation for being haunted by witches. They are haunted by tall tales of witches and love lost that has Dawson and Joey questioning their own romance and Jen and Pacey considering a new kind of friendship. Back at school, Andie takes her job on the school disciplinary committee a little too seriously when she tries taking back the halls of Capeside.

Poster for episode Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

When Jen's mom unexpectedly arrives in Capeside on Thanksgiving morning, Dawson confronts her about her secret past, and makes a decision to help bridge the gap between the estranged mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Jen continues to pursue a new type of friendship with Pacey, and Mitch and Gail make known the future of the Leery family.

Poster for episode Four to Tango.

Four to Tango

Dawson is suspicious of Pacey's awkward behavior and misconstrues his actions when he learns Pacey has been spending time with Joey. Meanwhile, after rethinking the offer, Pacey cannot move forward with his no-strings-attached relationship with Jen, and Andie urges Jack to meet a gay student from a neighboring town who contacted him via the internet after seeing Dawson's news story.

Poster for episode First Encounters of the Close Kind.

First Encounters of the Close Kind

Dawson, Joey, Jack Andie's pursuit for an advanced admissions interview, leads her to some inspirational advice from an unlikely source; and Jack takes a risk and explores the local gay community.

Poster for episode Barefoot at Capefest.

Barefoot at Capefest

Dawson experiences an identity crisis when Principal Green's daughter Nikki emerges as another aspiring young director, and Joey experiences her own crisis when Dawson won't open up to her about the pain of his parents' divorce. Meanwhile, Jack's first efforts to hit on another guy are rebuffed, Pacey and Andie uncomfortably find themselves sharing the same after school activity, and Jen realizes that she may have passed up the chance at something special with Henry.

Poster for episode A Weekend in the Country.

A Weekend in the Country

Joey's friends and their families work together to make sure that the opening of Potter's Bed Jack considers moving back home after hearing Andie's loving plea; and Dawson tries to understand the connection between his parents even after their divorce.

Poster for episode Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

Dawson makes the radical move of dropping out of film class to spend some time re-evaluating his teenage years. Back at Potter's, Joey is torn between attending Pacey's opening night and her date with A.J., who has come to Capeside for the evening. At the play, Andie must take over as director when the faculty director takes ill; and Jen agrees to meet Henry, but she throws him another block by bringing Grams as her date.

Poster for episode Valentine's Day Massacre.

Valentine's Day Massacre

Joey questions Dawson's state of mind when he and Pacey decide to lead their friends to a secret location party hosted by a group infamous for their complete and utter debauchery. Back at home, Jack's ex-girlfriend arrives from Rhode Island nursing a broken heart but is unaware of Jack's coming out last year and Jen's first date with Henry is a Valentine's Day she won't soon forget.

Poster for episode Crime and Punishment.

Crime and Punishment

Joey is chosen to be part of a group of students to paint a school mural, but when hers is defaced before the unveiling, Dawson offers words of encouragement while Pacey takes action and risks suspension when he goes in search of the culprit. Meanwhile, when Andie's PSAT scores rank among the best in the country, she gambles with everything she has worked for and comes clean to Principal Green about the previously stolen test; and Pacey moves in with Deputy Doug when their sister and her kids move back into the Witter house.

Poster for episode To Green, With Love.

To Green, With Love

Joey relies on the support of Pacey and A.J. to rally the students in protest against the school superintendent after he forces Principal Green to resign for expelling the student who destroyed Joey's mural. Meanwhile, Dawson and Gail both go back to their respective places in back and in front of the camera to produce a piece about the ongoing school protest which ruffles more than a few feathers of the school board hierarchy.

Poster for episode Cinderella Story.

Cinderella Story

When Joey turns to Pacey for rescuing after she flees Boston halfway through her visit with A.J., the two old friends may finally confront their growing feelings for each other. Meanwhile, to avoid suspension, Pacey becomes a mentor to a young boy and must contend with a little version of himself with a big attitude; and behind Gail's back, Dawson asks Mitch to help with the opening of her new restaurant.

Poster for episode Neverland.


Pacey hopes taking Dawson to their favorite childhood camping spot will help ease the pain when he tells Dawson about his new feelings for Joey. Meanwhile, Joey deals with the emotional fallout from her kiss with Pacey by spending girls' night out with Jen and Andie, but to Jen's surprise they stumble upon a birthday party for Henry that she wasn't invited to.

Poster for episode Stolen Kisses.

Stolen Kisses

Dawson invites Joey, Andie and Pacey to spend Spring Break in the mountains at his aunt's home, but the trip is filled with tension as Joey and Pacey continue to battle about their feelings for each other and Andie becomes intrigued with the gang's childhood friend Will who is visiting. Meanwhile, back in town, Jen becomes surprisingly territorial when another woman flirts with Henry.

Poster for episode The Longest Day.

The Longest Day

In a story that replays the same day's activities from three different perspectives (as in the 1999 movie "Go"), Joey and Pacey vacillate on the ways to tell Dawson about their feelings for each other. But when the truth does come out, Dawson's reaction is the one they hoped they wouldn't get. Meanwhile, Andie, who thought she was over Pacey enough to date, accepts a date with Capeside visitor Will, but their first date is ruined when she also learns about Joey and Pacey.

Poster for episode Show Me Love.

Show Me Love

As Capeside prepares for the annual spring regatta, Dawson and Pacey compete for the winning trophy, only Joey is tired of feeling like the prize. Meanwhile, after many weeks of mixed messages, Gale makes the first move with Mitch, and after Jen finally forgives Henry for his one-track mind, he gives Jen the most romantic night of her life.

Poster for episode The Anti-Prom.

The Anti-Prom

Dawson, Joey and Andie prepare their own unique prom when they learn that the committee has scrutinized Jack's selected date. Dawson, who has invited Joey to be his date, uses the special evening to try to win her back and make Pacey jealous; Andie persuades Pacey to be her escort but her evening ends by consoling him about his love life uncertainties; Jen becomes outraged with Henry when he reveals he is leaving Capeside for the summer; and Gail and Mitch celebrate their new found romance.

Poster for episode True Love.

True Love

After an emotional day filled with love, tears and wedding vows, Joey ultimately much choose between her love for Dawson and her new feelings for Pacey. Across town, Grams talks about love and regret with Jen, while Jack and Andie make a decision to drive all night so that Jen can see Henry one last time.

Poster for episode Coming Home.

Coming Home

Pacey and Joey return from their summer vacation on "True Love". Now they have to deal with Dawson's feelings, who has been deeply hurt for the past months. At first, he doesn't want to talk with neither one of them, but Jen convinces him to talk to Joey. Meanwhile, Pacey's older sister, Gretchen, arrives in Capeside and moves in with Doug, making Pacey homeless. But he won't live with his parents anymore, and so he asks Joey to let him crash at her house for a while. Dawson tells Jack about Gretchen, for whom he had a secret crush a few years ago. Andie meets 2 foreign guys, and she is attracted to them. Dawson and Joey talk, and he says he'll be ok, but it takes one day at a time. Everybody is wondering if Pacey and Joey did it while on the trip, and they don't confirm or deny. But Joey secretly tells Dawson nothing really happened.

Poster for episode Failing Down.

Failing Down

Joey is looking for a new job and gets one at the Yatch Club pretending to know a very influent family. She is tricked by her boss's son, Drue, who discovers her lies. Mitch (no also a counselor at the school) tells Pacey he's not going to graduate unless he makes up for his bad grades. Pacey doesn't want Joey to know, but Mitch tells Dawson, who tells Joey, showing that he still cares about Pacey. Pacey and Joey have a fight, and Pacey admits he need help.

Poster for episode Two Gentlemen of Capeside.

Two Gentlemen of Capeside

Pacey is happy for his good grades, and decides to sail for celebration. Dawson, Joey and Drue are assigned for a work and Joey can't go with him. Instead, Pacey takes Jen with him. What they didn't know is that a huge storm was coming, and suddenly they have to face it. Andie is having an interview with Drue's mom for college, but her medical records get in her way. Mrs. Valentine worries about Andie's mental stability and denies her the spot. When the storm get bigger, Andie takes control of the situation and guides everybody to rescue Jen and Pacey, who admit to each other their biggest regrets in life. Jen regrets never being in love, despite her feelings for Henry, and Pacey regrets the destruction of his friendship with Dawson. Dawson and Joey go on a small boat to rescue them, and Dawson saves Pacey's life. He apologizes to Dawson for all his attitude over the past months.

Poster for episode Future Tense.

Future Tense

Everybody starts to think about their future, and how they are getting into college. Joey's concerned about Pacey not having grades good enough to get into college. Drue makes everybody think it's Jen's birthday so he can make a party. Andie takes over Jack's applications and drives him crazy with her obsession over it. Gretchen is applying for a job as bartender at Mrs. Leery's restaurant, and doesn't exactly tell what happened (or what will happen) with college.

Poster for episode A Family Way.

A Family Way

Gail drops a bomb at Dawson saying that she might be pregnant. Joey seeks advice from Jen, now that she has the feeling sexual intimacy with Pacey is approaching. Jen tells her to go to the clinic as prevention. Jack is in an awkward situation when a girl is making moves on him, and he feels pressured to tell her he's gay.

Poster for episode Great Xpectations.

Great Xpectations

Andie gets accepted into Harvard in advance, but accomplishing what should be the biggest thing in her life doesn't exactly makes her happy. She decides to explore different paths in her life by going to a rave. In the party, Drue gives Jen drugs, and she gives it to Andie. She tries ecstasy, which has a reaction with her anti-depressives and makes a disastrous combination, which almost leads her to death. Mitch and Gail decide to keep their baby, and things get awkward during the celebration when Gretchen brings Pacey and Joey with her.

Poster for episode You Had Me at Goodbye.

You Had Me at Goodbye

Andie is recovering from her accident at the party. Jack blames Jen for the whole incident and is not talking to her anymore. Jen blames her life falling apart in Drue. Andie's dad tells her if it wouldn't be better if she went to spend the rest of the year in Italy with her aunt, since she already has the credits required to an early graduation. Andie decides to go and plans a goodbye dinner with the whole gang. She tells them how important life is, and the valuable time they might be wasting with useless fights between natural best friends. Jack and Jen get things straight, and Andie plays a little trick to bring Dawson and Pacey together.

Poster for episode The Unusual Suspects.

The Unusual Suspects

A boat with "Class of 2001" written in it is found in the school pool, and Mr. Leery and Principal Peskin are after the guys who did the prank. Dawson, Pacey, Jack and Drue are main suspects. The dog that was in the ship instantly recognized Jackl; Pacey has access to the yacht club and Dawson has access to the school keys. Each one of them come up with an alibi, leaving Drue as the only possible author of the prank. He gets suspended for 2 weeks and is put on probation for the rest of the year. After all, we see that Jack, Pacey and Dawson teamed up to put Drue in trouble.

Poster for episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Jen reveals an important decision she's made with regards to college. Jack and Grams, in turn, make a decision on their own. When Dawson comes up empty with answers to an important question, he turns to Brooks for inspiration. When Pacey accompanies Joey to a formal party for prospective Worthington College students, the Dean is impressed... with Pacey!

Poster for episode Self Reliance.

Self Reliance

When Bessie and Bodie take a weekend away, Joey's hoping to get some studying done...but fate seems to be against her. Between her responsibilities at the B&B and Pacey's affections, Joey's hard pressed to find a moment alone... and as if that wasn't enough, she's trying to cope with her feelings about having seen Dawson kiss Gretchen. Pacey's got his own issues with that "kiss"... and he's convinced Dawson and Joey need closure, once and for all. Meanwhile, Dawson's collaboration with Brooks begins, rejuvenating Dawson's filmmaking spirit, and Jen takes Jack to a "Gay-Straight Coalition" meeting in the hopes that he'll meet some gay friends... but Jen seems to fit in with the crowd more than Jack does.

Poster for episode The Tao of Dawson.

The Tao of Dawson

Pacey and Dawson finally start hanging out together again when Dawson tells him that he has feelings for his sister, Gretchen. Pacey doesn't like the idea, so when he and his sister go on a road trip to her ex boyfriend to pick up her truck, Pacey tries to get them back together. However, after being there for awhile, Pacey realizes that the guy he's trying to get back together with Gretchen is not who he thought he was. Back in Capeside, Joey has her fair share of problems when she gets locked in a storage closet with none other that Drue Valentine..... Meanwhile, Dawson observes the feelings growing between Brooks and Grams and fears that Grams will get hurt when she finds out that Brooks, like her last husband, is terminally ill.

Poster for episode The Te of Pacey.

The Te of Pacey

Joey decides to help throw a suprise birthday party for Pacey with his mother, not knowing about Pacey's 'birthday curse'. The party goes haywire as Pace's family makes everyone feel uncomfortable, and Pacey a loser. Dawson becomes upset when he feels that Gretchen doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship and postpones their first real date to go to the party. This ultimatly leads to a worse situation for them, Joey, and Pacey when they (Jo & Pace) walk in on them kissing.

Poster for episode Hopeless.


The senior trip is coming up and Joey needs to get the time off from work -not an easy task seeing that Drue's mom is her boss. However, she decides to give her a few days off.... if she agrees to go on a double date with Pacey to accompany Drue and a wealthy girl named Anna Evans and make sure that Drue behaves himself. Of course this isn't an easy thing to do, and during their night out, Joey starts to get concerned over all the attention that Anna is bestowing on Pacey. Dawson has his own problems when he and Gretchen go out with her friends and he realizes the span in between their ages. Jack also (finally) gets some positive attention from Tobey.

Poster for episode A Winter's Tale.

A Winter's Tale

While the rest of the class is on the ski trip, Dawson stays behind to care for a near-death Mr. Brooks, but he's overwhelmed when he's asked to make an impossibly hard decision. Dawson is given the responsibility to decide whether to cut off Brooks' life support. Meanwhile, there's a lot more than skiing going on when the senior trip doesn't go exactly as planned. The evening takes an unexpectedly romantic turn for best friends Jack and Jen... After spraining her ankle Jen gets drunk and nearly sleeps with Jack. while Pacey and Joey find their own ways to keep warm on the cold, snowy night, taking their relationship to the next level.

Poster for episode Four Stories.

Four Stories

Drue tricks their teacher into believing that Pacey and Joey are in the bus, when they're actually still sleeping in their room. Left behind, they're forced to go home by themselves, and talk about the night before. Pacey is insecure about his performance, and he and Joey have misunderstandings. Joey, hurt by Pacey's self-centered questions, brings up her insecurity, and says that she doesn't want anyone to know about it yet, specially Dawson, which leads into more fights. Meanwhile, as punishment for breaking into her hotel mini-bar during the class ski trip, Mr. Kasdan decides to send Jen to a psychologist where she can discuss her "inner teen issues." She feels awkward and uncomfortable, and decides to leave after realizing that Dr. Frost has no communications skills. Before leaving, Jen asks if she's too screwed up, and Dr. Frost answers her in a way she feels forced to stay. Dawson is forced to face Mr. Brooks's death and goes through all his belongings. Dawson is surprised to find out that he is Mr. Brooks's will and finds himself with a lot of money in his hands, and no idea of what to do with it, because he wants to do something Mr. Brooks would've liked. Back in Capeside, Joey and Dawson's paths collide and they spend an evening catching up on the past weekend and its many happenings. Dawson thinks Joey is different in some way, and she tries to drive his attention away. After a pleasant evening, Joey tells Dawson he'll always have a piece of his heart. Dawson reminds Joey of an old deal they made, and asks Joey the big question: did she, or did she not sleep with Pacey over the ski trip? Torn between hurting her best friend while being honest or lying to him and keeping him from another disappointment in life, Joey decides to lie and says she didn't sleep with Pacey.

Poster for episode Mind Games.

Mind Games

The results of the Senior Polls have ramifications for Dawson, Joey, and Pacey, as the three try to ignore the tauntings of pollmaster Drue Valentine. While Pacey and Joey try to eke out some time alone together, Dawson finds his night alone with Gretchen more awkward than he'd expected. Gretchen learns that Joey lied to Dawson about sleeping with Pacey and is angry and Joey is forcing her to lie to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jack's suspicious when Jen drags him on some mysterious errands, and his suspicions are confirmed when he realizes just what she's up to.

Poster for episode Admissions.


Joey receives some good college news. But while Joey glows, Dawson is forced to face a crushing rejection. Joey's elated mood, however, is tempered by a sobering realization due to the fact her sister runs a B&B she can't afford to pay the fee. ...until Dawson proposes a surprising solution, loaning her the money Mr. Brooks left for him in his will, increasing her guilt for lying to him about sleeping with Pacey. Meanwhile, Jen and Jack have nothing but options when it comes to college. While Jack's convinced that New York is the place to go, Jen isn't so sure she's ready to return to the Big Apple. A therapy session forces Jen to confront her past.

Poster for episode Eastern Standard Time.

Eastern Standard Time

As Senior Ditch Day arrives, Joey is excited to find herself accompanying Jen on an excursion to New York under the auspices of attending a college meeting. But it's not long before Joey realizes that they're there for an entirely different reason. Jen finally talks to her father, for the first time since she left for Capeside. Jen reveals she saw her father in bed with another woman before she left. Meanwhile, eager to infuse their relationship with a bit of spontaneity, Gretchen and Dawson take off on a road trip... But what starts out as unpredictable fun turns into one debacle after another after they get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. Back in Capeside, Pacey and Drue find themselves the only seniors in school on Ditch Day. Having had enough, they set out for some real fun, drinking at a bar in the best Drue style, leaving Pacey in serious doubt as to what his future will hold for him.

Poster for episode Late.


As Gale's delivery date approaches, the girls throw a baby shower for her...but it's an experience that throws Joey for a loop when she realizes it's possible that she could be pregnant, and Pacey is nowhere to be found. After many false alarms, Gail throws a baby name shower to try and think for a name for the baby, and the baby is born. While Dawson awaits the arrival of his new sibling, Dawson and Gretchen wonder what their future holds when Gretchen considers an out-of-town job... Meanwhile, Jack faces an unexpected situation when he learns that Tobey falls victim to a vicious crime.

Poster for episode Promicide.


As everyone gets ready for this year's senior prom, some bad news causes Gretchen to reflect on her life, and Joey worries about Pacey's odd behavior. Meanwhile, Jen and Jack meddle in each others' lives... resulting in some interesting prom dates. At the prom Joey and Pacey confront once unspoken issues, and the festivities cause conflict for Gretchen, as she questions her relationship with Dawson, while an unhappy Jen is rescued by an unlikely individual after she and Jack arrange dates for each other. Jen decides to drown her sorrows.

Poster for episode Separation Anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

As the school year draws to a close, changes abound for the class of 2001. While Joey and Dawson deal with their respective break-ups, Jen makes a startling decision about her future. In his own way, Jack helps Jen to rethink it. Meanwhile, Dawson has his own decision to make with regards to Gretchen when an unusual opportunity comes their way. And when Mr. Kubelik from Worthington asks Joey to bring Pacey with her to a party for incoming freshman, which fills the pair with hope that they might be able to have a future together after all. Joey and Pacey come to terms with the end of their romance.

Poster for episode The Graduate.

The Graduate

As graduation approaches, Joey has a tough time preparing her speech, and Dawson helps her find some bittersweet inspiration. Joey gets an unexpected surprise gift from her late mother. Pacey wonders if he's going to graduate at all, and he worries that his last final will be the toughest one. He walks out of it after the teacher makes a comment on him, costing him his diploma. Meanwhile, Andie McPhee returns home for the cap and gown ceremony, and is surprised to meet Jack's new boyfriend, Tobey, and a devious Drue, who has just moved to Jen's after being kicked out of his home by his mother after a fight, convinces Jen to help him pull a hilarious senior prank. Pacey tells Andie he has decided to take the job offer on a boat for the summer.

Poster for episode Coda.


Accepted early to USC, Dawson finds his last night in Capeside has arrived much sooner than everyone had originally anticipated. While Dawson looks forward to spending the evening with Joey, Jack and Jen, Mitch has other ideas. Meanwhile, Dawson's not the only goodbye Jen has in store for her, as she bids farewell to the house she's been sharing with Grams. Finally, Joey says goodbye to Dawson in her own way.

Poster for episode The Bostonians.

The Bostonians

Joey begins her first day in college at Worthington University where she is struggling in her writing class taught by Professor David Wilder. She decides to make her first essay about her relationship with Dawson which leads Professor Wilder to tell her he thinks Joey and Dawson have a long future ahead. When Joey denies it, he asks her to rewrite her essay. Dawson, who's continuing his studies at USC with an internship in Hollywood, calls Joey and tells her that he can't visit her for the weekend. Audrey Liddle, Joey's new roommate from Beverly Hills, proves to be a bother to Joey with her wild life-style personality. Elsewhere, Dawson begins his internship earlier than expected on a shaky start. First, he's mistaken for a famous screenplay writer, meets an egotistical film director named Todd and, after a rift with Todd, finds himself fired. Jen pays Pacey a visit, who's lying low as he docks the yacht in Boston Harbor after sailing away the summer. Meanwhile at Boston Bay College, Jen and Jack are invited to their first fraternity party. They persuade Joey to come along with Audrey who seems to get along with Jen and Jack, much to Joey's surprise. Jen meets Charlie, a bass player. She is rude to him, insulting him away, but deep inside feels strongly attracted to him. Audrey and Joey share their first conversation where Audrey insists that Joey "have fun and let go of the past." Joey then calls Dawson and leaves him a "breakup message" on his answering machine. The next day Joey receives an unexpected visit from...Dawson.

Poster for episode Lost Weekend.

Lost Weekend

Dawson finally listens to the message Joey left for him on his answering machine, which results in great complications in their relationship. Joey decides to drop out of the writing class, and it's the last day to do so. The line is incredibly long, which takes her all day and all the time she had to spend with Dawson, who ends up being guided through the campus by Audrey. When Joey finally gets to the booth, she discovers that her teacher played a trick on her, and she confronts him. When confronted back, Joey is challenged to re-write her essay and decides to stay in the class after all. When her day is finally over, she runs into Audrey, who sends her to the airport to say goodbye to Dawson. They talk and Dawson decides to stay in Boston. Meanwhile, Jack pushes Jen into talking to Charlie, and she ends up sleeping with him. And Doug pays Pacey a visit and tells him about a job he can get at his friend's restaurant. Reluctant at first, Pacey eventually gives in and gets the job after his new girlfriend pays for their meal and make Pacey feels a little uncomfortable.

Poster for episode Capeside Revisited.

Capeside Revisited

Dawson decides to go to Capeside to share with his parents his decision of dropping out of USC and staying in Boston. His father reprehends him and tells him he belongs in California, but Dawson's decision is made. He's staying. Jack is accepted on the fraternity house and has doubts if he should go because they want him or just because he would be filling a quota. Joey finds Pacey working at the restaurant and goes pay him a visit on the boat. Pacey is bored of just peeling potatoes and also has to put up with Karen's bad mood, which later he finds out to be because he got the job she wanted. Jen and Charlie try to go through 12 hours without sex so they can learn more about each other. Back at Capeside, Mitch is driving home back from grocery shopping and drops his ice-cream. Instead of pulling over, he bends over to get it, and crashes into a truck.

Poster for episode The Long Goodbye.

The Long Goodbye

Now that Mitch has passed away, Dawson has to handle the funeral arrangements. Everybody comes to give him and Gail support as Dawson tries not to breakdown upon his father's sudden death. He remembers when his dad gave him his first video camera. Gail, unlike Dawson, is not holding her feelings and feels sorry for Lily, who will never know how her father was like. Pacey and Joey also remember moments with Mitch that they will remember forever. Everybody tries to comfort Dawson in their own way, and Dawson starts to blame himself for his dad's death. When he listens to Mitch's voice on the answering machine, he breaks down. The next morning is no easier as Dawson and Gail try to get on with their lives. Dawson goes to buy milk and the store owner tells him how Mitch told him how proud he was of Dawson, which comes as a wight lifter for Dawson.

Poster for episode Use Your Disillusion.

Use Your Disillusion

Gail tells Dawson to go visit Joey and get his mind off the house. There, Joey decides to watch comedy movies to distract Dawson, but one of the movies shows a car crashing scene. Joey freaks out about it, but Dawson assures her he's fine. They decide to go to Professor Wilder's book party and Dawson has an emotional twist which makes them storm out of the party. Jen sees Charlie out of a girl and makes a scene out of it, but turns out it was his sister. Embarrassed, she decides to make up for it and bring him a fruit basket, and catches him kissing another girl. Tobey makes a surprise visit for Jack, who gives more attention to his fraternity brothers. Tobey asks Jack to give him more attention, but Jack listens his moronic frat friends and ends up breaking Tobey's heart. And Pacey still tries to establish a good working environment with Karen and learns that his boss is cheating on his wife.

Poster for episode High Anxiety.

High Anxiety

Dawson goes to Boston to see a shrink for his anxiety attacks. There, instead of calling Joey right away, he decides to go party with Jack and his fraternity friends. Jen decides to get back at Charlie for cheating on her and visits him while he's with the other girl in his room. They both decide to get back at Charlie for cheating on them and fool him with the possibility of a menage a troi. They lock him out of his room naked. Meanwhile, Audrey's mom is visiting her and all she does is drive Audrey insane by judging her and making her feel bad. Joey sees herself caught up in the middle of a mother-daughter argument and makes an intervention in order to save her roommate. They decide to go to Pacey's boat party, where they meet a drunk Dawson, who accidentally blames Joey for his problems and for his father's death. In the morning, Dawson tells Joey how he hoped for a chance of them being together again and they kiss as Dawson leaves back to Capeside. And Pacey discovers that the woman Danny has been cheating his wife with is Karen.

Poster for episode Text, Lies and Videotape.

Text, Lies and Videotape

Jen helps Dawson go to the shrink he ran away from last week. Dawson still thinks that the whole idea of sharing his thoughts with a complete stranger is weird, but he is surprised with how much he learns from it. Back home, he has to handle the problem with his father will, which does not include Lily. Meanwhile, Joey is working on a project about old love letters written by an obscure writer, and with the help of Audrey's audition tape for "The Real World: Ibiza", she manages to catch something no one of the fellow students caught. Pacey confronts Karen about the risks she is taking for having an affair with Danny, and Karen is hurt when Danny's wife shows up at a dinner party and he blows her off completely.

Poster for episode Hotel New Hampshire.

Hotel New Hampshire

Dawson's therapist advises him to go to New Hampshire (where his film is being honored) and take a friend with him, since he's been feeling so estranged from them. He takes Jen (who was heartbroken after finding out that Charlie is trying to reconcile with the other girl and not her) and they pretend to be a couple, getting a very romantic honeymoon suite. When the award is presented, the festival director mentions Mitch, who pushed Dawson's film to into the festival. Shaken by the memory of his dad, Dawson makes a speech and later feels good about it. He and Jen argue over why they ever broke up many years ago, and one thing leads to another and Dawson and Jen have sex. The next morning, she's worried about the future of their friendship, but Dawson assures her that they'll still be friends. Meanwhile, Jack brings Joey and Audrey to a party and Joey finds out they're only there for the fraternity brothers to score. Pacey takes Karen on a non-romantic date and they accidentally sleep together.

Poster for episode Four Scary Stories.

Four Scary Stories

After watching scary movies, Joey, Pacey and Jack talk about their creepiest experiences and urban legends. Joey shares her story of how she was almost attacked by the librarian on Halloween and saved by the creepy man she was running from. Jack tells the story of when he was helping clean the frat house basement and found a guy strapped, who later he found out to be a ghost. Pacey reveals that he was chased by a black car while giving Karen a ride home, but there was nobody driving the car. Grams arrives and says she has the scariest story: the time when Jen got locked out of the radio booth.

Poster for episode Appetite for Destruction.

Appetite for Destruction

Pacey offers to cook for the gang on their weekly dinner (an event they always plan on doing but always fail to). Jen and Dawson return early and decide to keep what happened between them, but they are caught by everyone making out at the door. The dinner goes on in a very awkward way for everyone as Audrey and Dawson worry about Joey. But surprisingly she seems to be fine with it. Charlie also drops by, causing some tension for Dawson. At the end, they all decide that keeping their long lasting friendships is more important than having a weekly dinner, and Joey confesses to Pacey how she really feels about the whole Dawson-Jen thing.

Poster for episode Something Wild.

Something Wild

Joey and Audrey go to a nightclub to celebrate both Joey's grades and fall break. There, Audrey tries to convince Joey to have some real fun. Charlie is also there and he hits on Joey, who turns him down for what he did to Jen. But Charlie doesn't give up so easily and dares Joey to do something wild. She accepts the dare and goes on the stage to sing with the band. Excited about it, she kisses Charlie. Meanwhile, Pacey sees himself hanging out with Audrey after he joins the ladies at the club to celebrate his new promotion. And Dawson and Jen go back to Capeside, where they have their first fight over what Dawson will do with his life. At the end he decides to move in to Grams's attic in Boston and move on with his life.

Poster for episode Sleeping Arrangements.

Sleeping Arrangements

Dawson and Jen realize that living together is not as much fun as they hoped to be. Between ruined toothbrushes and bathroom overcrowding, they're getting on each other's nerves. Jen faces a new challenge at work after she turns her regular show into an advice show. She mainly gives advice to other girls with problems, and makes statements on men that hurt Dawson's feelings. She comes home expecting a fight, but Dawson surprises her saying he won't fight or lie or cheat on her. Meanwhile, Melanie (Pacey's summer flame) shows up offering Pacey a job working with her uncle's new boat around the Greek Islands. After a lot of thinking, Pacey decides not to go, since he has developed a successful life in Boston working at the Civilization. Jack moves into the fraternity house and gets his own room, but has some problems staying there after he discovers he was supposed to be rooming with another guy who felt uncomfortable living with a gay guy. And Joey decides to give Elliott Sawyer another chance after Audrey tells her they never slept together in the night Joey and him met.

Poster for episode Something Wilder.

Something Wilder

It's Dawson's first day in his new film school. Oliver (the somewhat obnoxious filmmaker Dawson met on the film festival) starts showing him around and wastes no time in asking Dawson to direct a movie he wrote. Reluctant to direct someone else's work, Dawson starts giving notes to Oliver on the script, and ends up accepting the job, thanks to Jen's incentive. Jen, on the other hand, is having some problems of her own. Her current state of happiness from the wonderful relationship with Dawson is reflecting on her on-air performance. Now she has to go back to the sharp-tongued, edgy advices she used to give instead of the romantic, love-themed ones. Meanwhile, Elliot finally has the courage to ask Joey out, but Joey makes second plans for a gathering with professor Wilder. She makes a fake excuse not to go out with Elliot, and her evening takes an unexpected turn when she and professor Wilder kiss. Elsewhere, Jack is reprehended by his brothers for being on academic probation. Irritated, he goes to Earthquake and has a few too many drinks, which result in a fight with his fraternity brothers.

Poster for episode Guerilla Filmmaking (1).

Guerilla Filmmaking (1)

Directing Oliver's movie is not an easy task. First, Dawson has to deal with Audrey's (who took the leading part) complaints about Oliver's kissing skills. Then he has to recast the other lead role after watching the footages and discovering that Oliver stinks as an actor. Now they have to find someone who can act, is hot, charismatic in less then 6 hours. They can't think of anyone but Charlie, who fits the profile like a glove (for Jen's desperation). During the shooting Audrey has a crisis and locks herself in the bathroom because she kissed Pacey and felt like she was betraying her best. They have to call Joey (who was over at Professor Wilder's house to solve their issue) for help, and after her blessing Audrey is back on the set so they can finally finish the shooting. Meanwhile, Jack is fed up with his brothers and decides to move out of the fraternity house after he and Eric have a moment and later Eric accuses him of trying to kiss him to the other guys.

Poster for episode Downtown Crossing (2).

Downtown Crossing (2)

Joey is gunpointed and forced to clean up her account by a street mugger, who is accidentally run over by a car just after mugging Joey. The merciful girl from Capeside stands by her agressor, checking up on him and trying to get an ambulance and get him to the hospital after seeing the similarities between him and her own father. When the cops and paramedics arrive, Joey faints and is taken to the hospital. After recovering, she accidentally meets the mugger's estranged wife and daughter. Joey stands by her dying mugger as she tries to learn more about her own father. After his death, she makes a choice of sparing the guy's little daughter's feelings by telling her he jumped in front of the car to save her life.

Poster for episode In A Lonely Place.

In A Lonely Place

Professor Wilder ends whatever he had with Joey, and refuses to listen to an explanation of why she stood him up. Joey is shocked, but not as much as when she spots him at the movies with another woman. She confronts and kisses him, putting an end to their platonic relationship. Jen has to interview a band for her radio show, but things aren't as easy as she hoped when she has to fight flirtation at all costs with one of the members of the band. After a lot of talking, she questions if her relationship with Dawson has passion or not. Audrey refuses to give her relationship with Pacey a chance, and he goes out with Jack to a gay bar where he gets an insider look at what if feels like being a woman. After a misfortunate attempt to hit on another member of the band Jen's interviewing, Audrey realizes she should be with Pacey, who thought all along she didn't want anything else with him because he didn't call her after they had sex.

Poster for episode Highway To Hell.

Highway To Hell

Charlie asks Joey to sing with his band at a distant club, which requires Pacey to give them a ride. Pacey and Charlie hate each other, and it takes a patient Audrey to keep them from going at each other's throats. Joey is nervous and isn't well received by the audience, until Charlie helps her with a duet. Still, he doesn't give up putting his moves on her. Audrey and Pacey, on the other hand, seem to be more and more in synchrony. Meanwhile, Dawson, Jen, Jack and Grams drive up to Capeside for Lily's 1st birthday, and Dawson finds out his mother has a significant other. Meanwhile, Jen confesses to Jack that she wants to break up with Dawson, while he is conflicted with the possibility of loving Joey again.

Poster for episode Cigarette Burns.

Cigarette Burns

Oliver tells Dawson he's arranged a screening for their movie, which is yet to be finished. Dawson freaks out, but Joey comforts him saying the movie is brilliant. Everybody attends to the screening and solve their conflicts while waiting for it to start. Dawson meets a handful woman, and after exchanging insults she reveals herself to be Amy Lloyd, movie critic for Boston Weekly, whom Oliver secretly invited for the screening. She storms out of the theater, and it's up to Dawson to bring her back. They go out for coffee, have a heart-to-heart talk and even make out! Meanwhile, Joey is scared about her feelings towards Charlie and goes to Jen for advice. Jen says it doesn't matter if the guy is a jerk; at the end of her life there might always be a Clifton Smalls (the new African American boyfriend of Grams). Pacey asks Audrey how many men she's slept with, and she tests him by saying 27, then 57, when it was really only 5. Pacey passes the test and tells Audrey he's in love with her. Oliver decides to ask Jen out. She turns him down, but he plays her into being curious about him.

Poster for episode 100 Light Years From Home.

100 Light Years From Home

It's Spring Break and the gang goes down to Miami to party! But not everything is a reason to celebrate. Audrey and Pacey go through their first relationship test when Audrey's high school boyfriend (and her first true love) shows up with tickets for the M2M concert at an MTV event. She is torn with the memories of the past, and eventually kisses Chris, who confessed to Pacey still being in love with her. Nevertheless, Pacey stays cool about it and asks Audrey to be his official girlfriend after she confesses she loves him not Chris. Meanwhile, Dawson and Oliver hit to road to NY to meet a film agent who's interested on their movie, but never make it there. Dawson starts to tell Oliver his story with Joey and decides to surprise her in Miami, looking to reactivate their romance. But when he gets there, all he finds is a suicidal Jack (who's failing out of school and is suffering with the fact that Tobey's got a new boyfriend) and Pacey, who tells him his story with Joey is over. Charlie showed up and the two have been flirtatious with each other for days. So much that it almost started a fight between Joey and Jen, who was trying to warn Joey about the charming dangers of Charlie. Charlie and Joey end up spending the night together and kissing, while Dawson is left with nowhere to go and a broken heart (again!).

Poster for episode Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Charlie's band lands a deal for a tour and Charlie asks Joey to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave college in the middle of the semester. Charlie then decides to quit the band and stay with her, which freaks Joey, who thinks they're jumping too many steps. She breaks up with him so he can go with his band on tour. Meanwhile, Oliver and Dawson finally get to NY to meet with an agent, but Oliver ruins the meeting. Dawson threats to end their partnership and begs for another chance. Civilization is sold and Alex Pearls takes over as the new manager. She promotes Pacey as head chef and fires Audrey. Pacey tries to get Audrey her job back, but all he gets is an inadvertent kiss from Alex.

Poster for episode After Hours.

After Hours

Pacey's new boss proposes more professionalism in the workplace and promises to leave behind her attraction towards him, even offering Audrey her job back. Audrey suspects something is going on between them and refuses to return to Civilization. Later, Alex drops by at Pacey's and Audrey walks on them talking about their kiss. She storms out in anger, leaving the future of their relationship unknown while Pacey struggles with the growing attraction he feels for Alex. Meanwhile, Dawson runs into Amy Lloyd, the movie critic, and they end up in bed together. After sex, they talk about movies and she lends him her movie. Joey and Jack focus on studies, and while she has problems concentrating, he has to catch up an entire semester and even goes back to the fraternity house asking for help. Luckily, Eric (the same guy that caused Jack his expulsion) shows up at Grams with the needed notes.

Poster for episode The Abby.

The Abby

With the end of the semester, Joey and Audrey pack their things and move out of the dorm. They go back to Capeside, and while Audrey hangs out with Dawson, Joey decides to visit her dad in prison; only to find out he's been released for good behavior. Puzzled why he never looked for them, Joey decides to go after him at his new job, but not before Audrey accidentally tells her Dawson still has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Dawson receives a call from their agent saying he's got a meeting for him and Oliver in LA. Some big producer wants to make something out of their film, but Dawson doesn't know how to break the news to Oliver, whom he has barely spoken since their trip to NY. Alex is still ruling the Civilization like the devil in person and fires a woman. Pacey tries to stop it, but Alex is irreducible. So he takes the opportunity of the upcoming lunch for the executives to unmask Alex. Later she almost kills herself and Pacey after taking a crazy drive around the city. Jen and Jack decide to have an adventurous vacation in Costa Rica, but Grams tells Jen her parents have invited her to spend summer at their new beach house. Jen is disturbed with the news and after a talk on the phone with them decides not to go. Back at Capeside, Dawson tells Joey about his meeting in LA, and she is disappointed because she thought he was going to confess hi feelings to her.

Poster for episode Swan Song.

Swan Song

Summer is upon the gang and so they move on with their lives to follow their plans. Joey, back at Capeside, returns to her job at the yacht club; Pacey gets a job as a security guard. Dawson and Audrey are on their way to LA, Jack and Jen to Costa Rica. But a few things change everybody's plans and they solve yearlong pending issues. Bessie tells Joey they got an answer from the scholarship Joey thought of applying in France (which Bessie secretly sent in without Joey's knowledge). Dawson confesses his feelings to Joey and she turns her head away when he tries to kiss her. Jack meets Eric at the airport, who was just coming back from his hometown where he tried coming out to his parents. After all the unpredictable incidents, everybody change their destination. Jen tells Jack to go help Eric, as she'll go help herself by going to meet her parents. Pacey and Joey run down to the airport to stop Dawson and Audrey from boarding. After apologizing to her on the airport microphone, Pacey and Audrey get back together and decide to drive all the way to California. Joey and Dawson kiss. He persuades her to go with him, but she won't. They reassure their love for each other, as everybody gets their happy ending – even Grams, who flew to Vegas with Clifton. But that doesn't mean there won't be any more unpredictable incidents before fall. Jen seats next to the guy who fired Dawson from his internship on her flight. A beautiful woman seats next to Dawson on his flight. And Joey smiles when she returns the ticket to Paris she was forced to buy so she could talk to Dawson. The possibilities, oh, the possibilities

Poster for episode The Kids Are Alright (1).

The Kids Are Alright (1)

Summer is gone and now the gang must get back to their lives in college. Each one of them had a very special summer, filled with emotions and experiences. Pacey and Audrey rocked Los Angeles; Jen got ecstatic to learn her parents are separating; Dawson is working on a new movie; Jack got dumped but hasn't taken long to get over it; and Joey spent her summer in Capeside – and not in Paris – doing a lot of reading, working and romancing. Right in their first week back, Jen is shocked to run into Grams in one of her classes. Turns out Mrs. Ryan has decided to go back to school – much for Jen's desperation. Pacey is scheduled for a big interview as a stockbroker which was set up by Audrey's father. And Joey keeps missing Dawson, whom she hasn't spoken all summer, and who later is the only one to remember her birthday. As the two start talking in Joey's room, Dawson gives her a present and they hug, which leads to even more intimate touching

Poster for episode The Song Remains the Same (2).

The Song Remains the Same (2)

After spending their first romantic night together, Dawson and Joey decide not to discuss it, because every time something happened between them they always ruined it by overdiscussing and overthiking it. He takes her to the set of the movie he's working on – which carries an awful lot of resemblance to his house back in Capeside – and the two have a nice romantic dinner. Before going back to Joey's dorm (where the gang is expecting her with a surprise party), Dawson's phone rings. It's a girl he was seeing back in Los Angeles. He tells Joey he broke up with her after sleeping with her, but nevertheless Joey is very upset and has a huge fight with Dawson. Meanwhile, Pacey starts on his new job, Jack finally gets him and Pacey the dream apartment Pacey was chasing so hard to get and thus move out of Grams, leaving Jen all by herself. But is she? During a heated argument with Grams, Jen accidentally meets a very cute guy who invites her to a counseling meeting.

Poster for episode The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest.

The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

Joey's worst nightmare comes true when she accidentally sends a very personal email she wrote for Dawson to the entire student body. The next morning, Joey's email is the topic of virtually all discussions on campus, and even inside the classrooms, when Professor Hetson decides to debate it with the students. Meanwhile, Jack makes an attempt to get to know his hot teacher a little better, but all his hopes go down the drain when Mr. Freeman pays no attention to him. And Pacey, while struggling to survive the first days on his new job, closes a very important deal for the firm, which Rinaldi takes full credit for.

Poster for episode Instant Karma!.

Instant Karma!

Dawson's former girlfriend is back on the set and now he has to deal with he consequences of dumping her over the phone. The production orders some food from Hell's Kitchen and Joey is assigned to deliver it on the set, forcing her to see Dawson. Natasha freaks out when she sees Joey and has Dawson fired, only to rehire him again once she realizes Joey has hurt Dawson much more than Dawson hurt her. When Eddie confronts Joey about Dawson, she decides to "follow an impulse" and kisses him. Meanwhile, Pacey ditches Audrey and goes to a stripclub party with his bosses. Audrey runs into him and gets furious. She goes to a party with Jen and Jack, where she gets drunk and almost sleeps with a guy, if it weren't for C.J.'s help. And Jack is disappointed when Professor Freeman tells him his wife is pregnant, and later makes a move on him.

Poster for episode The Impostors.

The Impostors

Heather Tracy, Dawson's scary movie producer, arrives on the set like a tornado and threats to shut down production on the film if Natasha isn't replaced. Todd doesn't do many efforts to save her job and it's up to Dawson to keep to film from being cancelled altogether and save Natasha's, Todd's and his own job, which he successfully does. Meanwhile, back in Worthington University, Eddie has an argument with Professor Hetson over Joey's presentation and storms out of the class. She leaves after him, but he refuses to let Joey help him, until she discovers he's not a student after all. Pacey has been late hours and misses Audrey's performance on Emma's punk rock band at Hell's Kitchen. And Jack has to confront Professor Freeman after a paper he said he liked comes back with a C-. Was that due its contents or due to his reaction on the car the other day?

Poster for episode Living Dead Girl (aka Halloweenie).

Living Dead Girl (aka Halloweenie)

Dawson is the victim of a Halloween prank made by Todd and Natasha. He admits being jealous of her after seeing them together and after finding out the whole thing was a joke he and Natasha get back together. Meanwhile, Jen is encouraged by Jack to call CJ, but she thinks he's gay after he shows up at their party with another guy, who is really gay. Jack has a talk with CJ and finds out he's not gay, but not interested in Jen either. Joey is stuck babysitting for Professor Hetson's obnoxious daughter. Eddie helps her by taking them to a haunted house, where he and Joey kiss. Pacey and Audrey break up after he confesses to Emma that he doesn't love her anymore and she accidentally overhears it.

Poster for episode Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell.

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Audrey gets a little too drunk before her Hells Belles concert at Hell's Kitchen, and ends up making a scene and trashing the place. CJ, who was there on a "non-date" with Jen, comes to her trying to give her a little comfort, since all her friends could only give her lectures. Meanwhile, Jack attends Professor Freeman's book signing and tells him the moment has passed, as he invests in his relationship with David, who waited all night long for Jack to show up at the bar. Joey feels bad for not being there for her friend Audrey and has an argument with Eddie. Finally, when he comes over her dorm to hand her Audrey's wallet that was forgotten at the bar, they choose to drop their little game and really say what they want to each other. They agree on going out on a date. Pacey's firm partners go down to New Orleans to celebrate, and Pacey has a big disappointment when he learns that the girl he's with was bought by Rinaldi.

Poster for episode Spiderwebs.


Dawson gets No Doubt tickets for the entire gang. Joey asks Eddie on their first date, but when they get to the concert she realizes she's forgotten their tickets. They sneak into the backstage, and Eddie introduces her his father. Jen sets Pacey up to meet Audrey at the concert, and they talk. Later, CJ confesses to Jen he and Audrey slept together, and CJ confronts Audrey about her relationship with Pacey. Pacey punches CJ and the four (he, CJ, Audrey and Emma) get thrown out of the concert. Jack asks David to take Audrey home, and David says their dating isn't going so well. Jen is hurt with the whole situation. Dawson misreads his tickets that are for Saturday's concert, and he and Natasha end up in the police department after an officer catches them making out on the parking lot.

Poster for episode Everything Put Together Falls Apart.

Everything Put Together Falls Apart

A big movie star comes to set to act with Natasha, and the flirting between them upsets Dawson, who overhears Natasha saying she doesn't have a boyfriend. He chooses not to confront her and see how far it goes. Pacey takes Emma to an office party and she turns a 300-dollar dress into one of her punk costumes. Emma finds out there was a contest among the office employees to see how brought the hottest date. Later at home, she argues with Pacey and they kiss. Joey has an upcoming Hetson final and Eddie offers his place for her to study. She falls asleep and he sleeps on the ground. In the morning, they talk and end up sleeping together, which causes Joey to get late to her final. She asks Hetson for another chance but won't give her. He comes to the bar at night and has a heated argument with Eddie, who punches him in the face and gets fired from Hell's Kitchen for it.

Poster for episode Merry Mayhem.

Merry Mayhem

Christmas time is here and the gang goes back to Capeside to celebrate the holiday. They all gather for a Christmas dinner at the Leery's. Doug is suspicious about Pacey's new job and doesn't like all the money spending. Eddie and Mike Potter don't get along very well; Mike is worried that Eddie might not be good for Joey since he's unemployed and doesn't go to college. Dawson can't get past the fact that he saw Natasha and Max Winter together, and she ends up leaving. A drunken Todd makes gives embarrassing thanks, but not as embarrassing as Audrey's, whose drinking problem has gone out of control. She lashes out on everyone, throwing on Jen's face her affair with C.J.; accusing Dawson and Joey to keep avoiding their sex issues; saying that Pacey and Dawson really hate each other and that Pacey can't get over Joey. She storms out, steals Pacey's car and drives it into the house, breaking through the living room.

Poster for episode Day Out of Days.

Day Out of Days

The photography on Todd's movie wraps up, but the producers hate the movie so bad they want him to re-shoot the entire ending. After Todd's pride keeps him from doing the job, Dawson is offered to step in as director. Joey is incessantly trying to reach Eddie, and is devastated after going over to his place with Professor Hetson's and finding out Eddie has moved out without telling her. Pacey tries to patch things up with Emma, and she defies him to prove he hasn't been Mr. Right all his life. Unfortunately Rinaldi buries him with work, and Emma is left waiting for Pacey all alone. Jen starts working as peer counselor with C.J., but her personal interests get in the way of establishing a good working environment. She doesn't think she qualifies for the work, but C.J. doesn't agree with that. Jack and David get tested for HIV and talk about their sexual past. And Audrey goes back to her roots by hanging out with her friend Jack Osbourne in LA.

Poster for episode All the Right Moves.

All the Right Moves

Joey is encouraged by Haley Hetson to look for Eddie. While cleaning up his locker for him, Joey finds short stories Eddie sent to a publisher with a rejection note. On the envelope, there's an address for what could possibly be his home, and so Joey calls him up. When Eddie picks up, she hangs up. Seeing that Joey is unable to overcome her fears, Haley cuts school and goes to Eddie's, convincing him to return to help Joey with a made-up pregnancy. After Haley's lies are cleaned, Joey tries to convince Eddie to show his stories to Professor Hetson, which he refuses. She decides to do it anyway, with the help of Haley. Later, she drops by at Eddie's telling that Hetson liked his stories, and he tells her that he loves her. Meanwhile, Audrey returns from LA with a more positive attitude. After apologizing to her friends, she is accepted back on Hell's Belles, but can't stay away from liquor and performs drunken, passing out on the stage. Emma kicks her out for good, and Audrey goes home for more drinking. When Joey arrives, she finds a passed out Audrey and calls 911. Meanwhile, Pacey is invited to an exclusive party for the best stockbrokers, and gets a promotion. All is well until a mysterious woman tells him that all that good might have some bad, which raises suspicions on Pacey about Rich's true intentions towards him.

Poster for episode Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom

While directing reshoots on his film, Dawson finds his authority questioned when Natasha refuses to do a nude scene. Unable to say good-bye to Eddie, who is moving to California, Joey convinces him that Audrey should be in rehab in Los Angeles, and the three of them should drive there together into a rehab facility. Jen and C.J. set Grams up with C.J.'s Uncle Bill, who turns out to be quite randy. (The WB)

Poster for episode Clean and Sober.

Clean and Sober

When Dawson visits Audrey at rehab, he spots a big time producer and follows her into a therapy session. Meanwhile, Pacey throws a party to celebrate his new success and is surprised when Joey lets loose during a spontaneous game of spin the bottle; Jen catches reformed alcoholic C.J. with a drink; and Jack agrees to marry Emma so that she can get her green card. (The WB)

Poster for episode Castaways.


After agreeing on posing as Pacey's sister at a party, Joey demands to be taken home. Pacey makes a quick stop at a local K-Mart to buy some preservatives for later that night, and they accidentally get locked inside the supermarket. They're forced to spend the night there and talk about their friendship and relationship, past and future, which eventually leads to a kiss. Pacey and Joey sleep on each other's arms and are awaken by a store employee. As they leave the store they wonder how this night locked at K-Mart will affect their relationship.

Poster for episode That Was Then (aka Before and After).

That Was Then (aka Before and After)

Joey is asked to baby-sit for Haley and make sure she does her homework, but ends up serving as relationship counselor when she finds Haley's boyfriend hidden in the house and he starts to drool over Joey. Joey and Haley have a talk, which takes Joey back a few years in her life. Meanwhile, Dawson pays a visit to his own past when he's asked to speak on Mr. Gold's class at Capeside High about how it is to be working in LA. Dawson has a student show him his movie, and he realizes he's moved on from the teenager he once was. And Pacey rushes back to Capeside too when his father is admitted into the hospital with a heart condition. There he has an argument with his brother Doug about the way he's been treating the family.

Poster for episode Sex and Violence.

Sex and Violence

Joey agrees to be Pacey's temporary assistant but they both have second thoughts when their mutual jealousy leads to disaster in the office and her being fired. Pacey fires Joey, admitting he is too attracted to her to get any work done, but their romance is thwarted once again when Eddie unexpectedly returns to Boston. Much to his surprise, Dawson sells his idea for a coming-of-age movie, but when the studio wants to change the movie to a teen sex film, he must decide if he should take the deal or stick with his original concept. Meanwhile, an open-minded Grams is the intermediary that brings Jen and C.J. together. (the WB)

Poster for episode Love Bites.

Love Bites

Dawson returns to Capeside to work on his next script, and Gale asks him what will he do in case his plans of becoming a sucessful director fall through. Dawson thinks of the times when he was 15 and life was a lot easier and asks his mother to have faith for him because he will succeed. Meanwhile, Pacey escorts Joey to Harley's school dance, where they have a perfect time despite Harley's date picking a fight with another guy. Joey tells Pacey she can't have anything with him because Eddie is back. Grams tells Jen she has breast cancer, and Jen sees her entire world fall apart with the possibility of Grams's death.

Poster for episode Lovelines (aka The Eddie).

Lovelines (aka The Eddie)

The gang sees their relationship problems exposed to a large audience when they all become patients of Dr. Drew's counseling center benefit at Boston Bay. CJ is trying to find out why Jen inadvertently dumped him that very morning, while Eddie wants to know why is Joey opposing to have sex with him, while David thinks Jack is flirting with another guy. All and all, Jen ends up walking away from her hosting duties, leaving Audrey in charge. She tells CJ about Grams's disease and CJ assures he's there for her. Joey finally gives in and asks Eddie back to her place, while David and Jack don't see a happy ending: David refuses to believe Jack was just being nice and asks for some time off.

Poster for episode Catch-22.


Joey aces Hetson's final and ends the semester with a C+ average, assuring her a Hetson-free future. However, she decides she wants him as her advisor after she chooses English as her major. Eddie proposes they go backpacking through Europe the very next day, and while reluctant at first to jump so suddenly on such an intense trip, Joey eventually makes up her mind, only to find a goodbye note from Eddie – this time for good. Elsewhere, David decides to break up with Jack, who, depressed, ponders if he was only with David to prove to himself he could hold a steady relationship. And Pacey has to face telling Dawson he lost all his life savings on the stock market, after the biotech stocks he was investing takes an unexpected turn and breaks his firm. Pacey asks Rich to borrow some money, which he declines. Frustrated and angry, Pacey snaps and hits Rich, who fires him instantly.

Poster for episode Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Dawson finds Pacey standing outside his house and invites him in to see the new filming equipment. Dawson has redecorated his room exactly like the old days, and invites Pacey to be a producer on his autobiographical film. Pacey accepts, but can't work up the courage to tell Dawson that all his money is gone. Joey comes to Capeside and, like Pacey, is amazed on how Dawson managed to recreate their adolescence in his bedroom. She has a minor argument with Dawson about how she wanted him to be the most significant person in her life and somehow became her only one night stand. They find Pacey waiting outside Dawson's, and he finally tells them he lost all of their money. Dawson and Pacey start a discussion that leads to past issues, which is quickly interrupted by Joey. Pacey looks back with sorrow on his friendship with Dawson, while Joey does some grieving of her own. Meanwhile, Audrey is getting ready to leave Boston, while Jennifer invites her mother over to Grams's. She wants Grams to tell her daughter about her cancer, and Evelyn is hesitant on doing so. While introducing CJ to her Helen, Jen witnesses CJ's grandpa storm into the house demanding a talk with Grams and revealing that she shouldn't give up on her life just because she has cancer. Jack and Helen are shocked, and Jen suggests that they all move to NY to live with Helen. Reluctant, Jack finally accepts the offer and they all gather on their last minutes in Boston.

Poster for episode Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption.

Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption

Dawson has been working two jobs in order to pay all the credit card debts he made when he bought the filming equipment. He has given up on his script, but Joey, now back in Capeside for summer vacations, decides to push Dawson into making his film. With ten dollars in her pocket and a dream in her head, she convinces everyone to work for free, casting Audrey as Ms. Jacobs and Haley as Joey Potter. Dawson is amazed and starts the shooting, which is a complete mess until the arrival of Todd Carr. The movie recreates several moments from Dawson's adolescence, and culminates with the departure of Jen, Jack and Grams, who are all moving to NY. Joey sets up Dawson and Pacey to talk and work their problems out, which they don't, but "nothing is impossible", Dawson says. The movie is done. And now they must go on with their lives. Joey - feeling that the little girl inside her isn't chasing her with fears and insecurities anymore – pursues a life long dream of her own: Paris.

Poster for episode All Good Things... (1).

All Good Things... (1)

It's been five years, and each of them has taken on a different road in life. Joey now is a successful book editor in New York, living with her boyfriend Chris. Every Wednesday at 8pm she watches "The Creek", Dawson's autobiographical TV series. Pacey has re-opened the restaurant that Joey's father once set fire on; Jack is now teaching at Capeside High and dating Pacey's brother Doug – who is still closeted. Jen is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Amy, while Audrey has gone to Europe on tour with a band. They all meet at Pacey's restaurant, and after a little too much wine they all start bringing back ghosts from the past. Jack takes a drunken Jen home, while Joey decides to walk herself home. Later, Dawson is surprised with a visit from Joey through his window, and they sleep together on the same bed like old times. The next morning she's gone. They all get dressed and ready for Gale's wedding, and between old memories and new bruises (from Pacey, who was beaten up by some married woman's husband), Joey tries to balance having the two men that changed her life around her. Suddenly, Jen faints and is taken to hospital, where Grams reveals that she suffers from a lethal heart condition. Jen is dying.

Poster for episode ...Must Come to an End (2).

...Must Come to an End (2)

They all try not to be too sad about it, hopelessly. Joey breaks up with Chris over the phone, while she tries to decide whom she will choose: Dawson or Pacey. Jen asks Joey as her last wish to end the chasing and running and settle, once and for all, ending this decade long process. Dawson helps Jen make a video for her daughter, asking her to never stop loving and dreaming. She remembers the time when she first got to Capeside and cries on Jack's shoulder. Jack tells her she's his soul mate and asks to raise Amy for her. She happily agrees. Jen finally passes away, and while mourning the death of their close friend, the gang has to move on. Doug tells Jack he's willing to spend his life with him and comes out of the closet to an elderly couple by publicly kissing Jack as a way to prove it. He wants to help raise Amy. Pacey tells Joey she's off the hook, telling her that despite his endless love for her he can't hold her back anymore. As much as he wanted to leave Capeside, he's destined to be stuck there, while she has outgrown the place. She's free. Joey sits with Dawson and confesses that he and her are eternal, their childhood is one and nobody will ever change that. Time passes by and Joey is watching the season finale of "The Creek", where Sam and Colby (aka Joey and Dawson) kiss on his bedroom, just like in real life Joey and Dawson first kissed. Joey is in her New York apartment, comforting a tearful and emotional Pacey. They call Dawson in Hollywood, who shares the news with them: he's meeting with Spielberg.