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Poster for That '70s Show (1998).


Wprowadź typ Serial
Genres comedy, romance
Countries USA
Języki en
Duration 23 min
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Poster for episode That '70s Pilot.

That '70s Pilot


Poster for episode Eric's Birthday.

Eric's Birthday

It's Eric's birthday and his parents throw him a party against his will.

Poster for episode Streaking.


President Ford comes to town and Eric and his friend's plan to streak at the rally. They all chicken out except Eric.

Poster for episode Battle of the Sexists.

Battle of the Sexists

Eric doesn't feel like a man when he loses a game of basketball to Donna. Red seems to want to fix everything that doesn't need fixing.

Poster for episode Eric's Burger Job.

Eric's Burger Job

Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger; Donna's parents go to a Playboy club and leave her to baby-sit her little sister. Her parents come home early and ruin what might have been an intimate evening between Eric and Donna.

Poster for episode The Keg.

The Keg

When Eric skips school he finds a keg in the middle of the road. He plans to have a party and charge two bucks a head to get in. Problems arise however when he doesn't have a beer tap and his father manages to find out about the party and shows up with cops.

Poster for episode That Disco Episode.

That Disco Episode

The kids decide to go to a disco but Steven doesn't know how to dance so Mrs. Forman teaches him to dance. Mr. Pinciotti walks in on them in a compromising position and believes they're having an affair. Kelso gets jealous of Fes because he thinks he's putting the moves on Jackie.

Poster for episode Drive-In.


Eric and Donna go to the drive-in. Eric doesn't want Kelso and Jackie to go because they'd be competition but Donna invites them anyway. Fes's house parents think he's listening to the devil's music(a copy of Kiss's Destroyer album). Red and Kitty spend the evening out and almost get arrested.

Poster for episode Thanksgiving.


Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving with a friend. Eric and her friend make out and he can't help but tell Donna. When he tells her she's furious but apparently forgives him. Also Kitty is annoyed by Red's mother who won't stop calling her and then decides not to come for Thanksgiving dinner.

Poster for episode Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Red's mother spends a Sunday with them and drives everyone crazy, except Fes. She seems to have a certain fondness for him.

Poster for episode Eric's Buddy.

Eric's Buddy

Eric has a new friend and Stephen and Kelso can't stand it. Stephen doesn't like him because he's rich and Eric doesn't give him a ride home anymore because Buddy has a Trans Am. Kelso on the other hand seems like a worried spouse. Eric starts to feels uncomfortable around him however when Buddy makes a move on him. Buddy apparently thought that Eric was also gay. Also Red makes his first sale.

Poster for episode The Best Christmas Ever.

The Best Christmas Ever

Red gives Eric 40 bucks to buy a Christmas tree and says that he can keep the change for his party. So Eric, Hyde and Kelso cut down a tree off the interstate and keep the money. They spend the money on beer and Kelso buys Jackie a Christmas present. Laurie spikes the punch with rum and Jackie's friend's are all attracted to Fes all of a sudden. Red has to work on Christmas Eve and not long after he gets home cops show up at his door telling him that his Christmas tree was illegally obtained and that they have to confiscate it. Also Hyde has a thing for Donna.

Poster for episode Ski Trip.

Ski Trip

The gang is going to Jackie's ski cabin for the weekend. But when Jackie finds out that Kelso has made out with Pam Macy behind the gym, so she dumps him. However they still go to the cabin minus Kelso and all Jackie can do is cry because she misses Kelso. Kelso gets a ride with a trucker who has a crush on him. Fes drinks a whole bottle of Amaretto and runs outside in his underwear. Hyde hits on Donna again and Kitty is mad at Red for kissing Lynn Taylor 20 years ago at the movies.

Poster for episode Stolen Car.

Stolen Car

When Eric scratches the car, Red suspends his driving privileges. So the gang has to walk everywhere. That is until Kelso's cousin lends him a car. They get arrested though because the car was reported stolen. With one phone call Kelso calls Jackie and she tells him that she'll have sex with him once he gets out of prison. The whole incident was a mix-up and the gang is released.

Poster for episode That Wrestling Show.

That Wrestling Show

Kitty thinks that it would be a good idea if Red and Eric become friends. So Red, Eric, Bob and the rest of the gang go to Kenosha to attend a wrestling event and end up having a great time together. Midge goes to see a shrink who's obsessed with sex, which leads Bob to seek help from Fes and Hyde.

Poster for episode The First Date.

The First Date

Eric and Donna have their first date and Hyde shows up to tell Donna how he feels about her but she's drunk. She had ordered an ice tea but they brought her a Long Island ice tea instead. Red and Kitty discover they don't have that much in common with Bob and Midge anymore. Kelso and Jackie do it again.

Poster for episode The Pill.

The Pill

Jackie thinks she might be pregnant, when Kelso finds out he passes out. When Midge finds out she puts Donna on the pill. Bob doesn't know Donna's on the pill until he picks them up at the pharmacy, while Eric is there. Jackie ends up not being pregnant which makes Kelso the happiest guy in the world. She also stuns everyone when she breaks up with Kelso.

Poster for episode The Career Day.

The Career Day

It's career day and the gang must spend the day working with their parents. Fes spends it working with Hyde and his mom, the cafeteria lady. Red finally finds one of Eric's friends he likes, Jackie.

Poster for episode Prom Night.

Prom Night

It's prom night and Eric gets a motel room but the mood is ruined because of kids howling outside. Hyde takes Jackie out of pity because Kelso went with Pam Macy and Fes hits on his English teacher. Midge wants to start her own greeting card company.

Poster for episode A New Hope.

A New Hope

The guys go see Star Wars and Kelso can't get over it. He even says no to sex with Jackie because he rather see Star Wars again. An old rival of Eric's shows up and hits on Donna and Eric kicks his ass. Kelso makes out with Laurie. Red gets his job back but Eric finds out that the factory will be destroyed soon.

Poster for episode Water Tower.

Water Tower

The guys paint a pot leaf on the water tower and Kelso falls off trying to fix it because everyone thinks it looks like the finger. Instead of going to the hospital they go to Eric's cause his mom's a nurse. When Eric goes to get her he walks in on his parents having sex. Having trouble sleeping and not being able to look his parents in the eyes leads his parents to believe he's on drugs.

Poster for episode Punk Chick.

Punk Chick

Hyde meets a girl who's the female version him. She tries to convince him to go to New York with her but he decides that it would be best if he stayed behind. Kelso and Red make smaller paddle for Pong. Fes feels left out of everything. Jackie tries to bake a cake for home economics project, but she ruins it every time.

Poster for episode Grandma's Dead.

Grandma's Dead

While driving grandma home Eric tells her why he doesn't like it when she visits. She doesn't take too kindly to this because she drops dead. Also Eric gets in a bar fight. Meanwhile, Kitty quits smoking, though grandma's constant taunting tears her apart as she longs for another smoke. We also meet Red's effeminate brother Marty.

Poster for episode Hyde Moves In.

Hyde Moves In

The gang goes skinny-dipping and Jackie gets sick. Hyde moves in with the Forman's when his mom runs away with a trucker. Bob takes a liking to one of Midge's feminist's friends.

Poster for episode The Good Son.

The Good Son

Eric loves having Hyde as a "brother" because he does all of Eric's chores but when his parents start to prefer Hyde he starts to hate him. Hyde changes from the conspiracy minded trouble-making guy Eric loves to a total bore. Midge and Bob are having relationship problems. Red's old war buddy comes back and Red finds out that he's a swinger.

Poster for episode Garage Sale.

Garage Sale

The Forman's have a garage sale and Hyde makes special brownies despite what Eric said. Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge eat the last batch that Hyde forgot in the oven and get stoned. Red sells the Vista Cruiser while stoned and Eric makes him get it back. Fez makes a move on Jackie.

Poster for episode Red's Last Day.

Red's Last Day

It's Red's last day of work so he gets drunk at a bar. They call Kitty to come and pick him up but she tells Eric to pick him up but Red gets Eric, Hyde and Fes drunk. Kelso gets a van and he has sex with Laurie in the back.

Poster for episode The Velvet Rope.

The Velvet Rope

Red goes job hunting; Jackie gets Kelso to dress in drag. Donna, Fes, Hyde and Eric go to a club and Eric is the only one who can't get in.

Poster for episode Laurie and the Professor.

Laurie and the Professor

Donna's parents compete for her love. Eric catches Laurie making out with her college professor in the garage. Fes wants a hickey. Hyde looks for a room to sleep in.

Poster for episode Halloween.


The gang revisits their old grammar school and they find their permanent records. Fes discovers trick or treating.

Poster for episode Vanstock.


Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde and Fez are all going to Vanstock, Wisconsin's own Woodstock. Jackie says she doesn't want to go, so Kelso invites Laurie. In the end, both girls go leaving Kelso stuck in the middle. Donna gets mad at Eric for not telling her about Kelso and Jackie. Fez spends the night girl chatting to Jackie and Laurie, much to Kelso's chagrin while Hyde attempts drop him in it. Red becomes addicted to soaps.

Poster for episode I Love Cake.

I Love Cake

Eric freaks out when Donna says I love you, all he can say is I love cake. Bob stays with the Forman's when Midge kicks him out. The gang makes fun of Kelso when he gets a new leather jacket; they think he looks like "the Fonz".

Poster for episode Donna and Eric Sleepover.

Donna and Eric Sleepover

Eric is a bit disappointed when Donna spends the night and all they do is cuddle. Hyde gets a job.

Poster for episode Eric Gets Suspended.

Eric Gets Suspended

Eric gets suspended from school when he's caught holding one of Donna's cigarettes. Hyde and Fes go on a double date. Kelso and Jackie are having relationship problems, again.

Poster for episode Red's Birthday.

Red's Birthday

It's Red's birthday and the roof collapses so Eric gets him some 2-4's to fix it. Bob and Midge take Red and Kitty out for dinner but they each bring a date and ditch them to do it in the car. Eric is mad at Donna for talking to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of with him.

Poster for episode Laurie Moves Out.

Laurie Moves Out

Laurie moves out and Red is pissed off when he finds out she moved in with a guy instead of with a girlfriend like she told him. She then moves back in when the guy goes back to his wife. Jackie suspects Kelso of being unfaithful.

Poster for episode Eric's Stash.

Eric's Stash

Eric suspects Hyde of taking his secret stash of money. It turns Red took it because he was a little short for a new hot water heater. Fes and Kelso help Jackie prepare for a beauty pageant.

Poster for episode Hunting.


Red and Bob take Eric and the guys hunting while Kitty and Midge stay at home and play poker with the girls.

Poster for episode Red's New Job (a.k.a. Red Gets A Job).

Red's New Job (a.k.a. Red Gets A Job)

Eric gets a job at Price Mart as a cashier while Red gets one as a supervisor. Kelso tries to break up with Laurie because she wants a real relationship but Laurie threatens to tell Jackie about her and Kelso.

Poster for episode Burning Down the House.

Burning Down the House

Kelso accidentally sets a fire in Jackie's house during a party. Bob reveals that he wears a toupee.

Poster for episode The First Time.

The First Time

Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows and they get Donna to write them but they don't give her much to work with. Eric and Donna take their relationship to the next level.

Poster for episode Afterglow.


Eric is embarrassed when he finds out he wasn't good in bed so he and Donna try again and this is a bit better, according to Donna. Red buys a motorcycle.

Poster for episode Kitty and Eric's Night Out.

Kitty and Eric's Night Out

Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fes gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fes and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fes.

Poster for episode Parents Find Out.

Parents Find Out

Eric and Donna are caught having sex in the Vista Cruiser by the police. They bring them to the Forman's home. Red tells Donna that as an adult she should tell her parents and if she doesn't he will. Kitty has a nervous breakdown when she finds out that Eric and Donna are having sex. Fes, Hyde and Kelso try to pick up women on Kelso's CB radio.

Poster for episode Kiss of Death.

Kiss of Death

Jackie breaks up with Kelso when she catches him making out with Laurie, Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat and Fez has to have emergency surgery.

Poster for episode Kelso's Serenade.

Kelso's Serenade

Kelso tries to win Jackie back by writing her a song but she's putting the moves on Hyde and Donna thinks that Eric is taking her for granted.

Poster for episode Jackie Moves On.

Jackie Moves On

Fez asks Jackie out and they go to an expensive restaurant but all she does is stuff her face and talk about Kelso. Red is angry at Kitty because she hocked a necklace that Red's mother had given her. Eric and Laurie try to out insult each other and Eric wins when he tells Fez and Hyde that Laurie was born with a tail.

Poster for episode Holy Crap!.

Holy Crap!

When Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church anymore Kitty brings the church to them to try and change their minds. Kelso and Fez try growing beards.

Poster for episode Red Fired Up.

Red Fired Up

Eric and Red bond at work until Red has to fire the employee they both enjoy making fun of, Kelso starts dating Laurie.

Poster for episode Cat Fight Club.

Cat Fight Club

Hyde teaches Jackie the art of being Zen, Red finds out about Kelso and Laurie and scares the hell out Kelso.

Poster for episode Moon Over Point Place (1).

Moon Over Point Place (1)

Eric hates it when he finds a picture of Donna mooning the camera in the yearbook, Fes thinks the white man is keeping him down when he can't find one of himself in there and Jackie has a thing for Hyde but he tells her it won't happen because there different but she tries to show him that she can be bad too by buying a bag of pot but a cop comes by and Hyde takes the rap for the pot.

Poster for episode Reefer Madness (2).

Reefer Madness (2)

Jackie bails Hyde out of jail and Red kicks him out but decides to let him stay once Donna tells him that it wasn't Hyde's marijuana but Jackie's. Eric doesn't think it's fair that Red's kicking out Hyde so he tells Red that he does it too so which leads to Red installing a smoke detector in the basement.

Poster for episode Red Sees Red.

Red Sees Red

After his drug bust of last season, Eric confesses to smoking pot. Eric's confession leads Red to believe he's been too lenient with the kids and starts rolling out some rules. He sets a curfew and locks down the house at night so the kids can't get out. However, Kitty thinks she's the problem: If she had been a better mother, the kids would be in trouble. She quits her job. Kitty has a "Brady Bunch Variety Hour" dream (Kitty as Mrs. Brady), but in her dream, the kids favor Mrs. Partridge (guest star Shirley Jones) because she's the better mother.

Poster for episode Hyde's Father.

Hyde's Father

While out at a bar, Hyde discovers his long-lost dad Bud tending bar. Against Red's advice, Kitty invites Hyde's father over for dinner. But at dinner, Hyde's resentment shines through. However, he reconciles with him just long enough for his father to hit him up for money. Red tries to convince Hyde that his father is pulling a con on him, but Hyde gets angry at Red and moves out of the Foreman house and in with Bud. Elsewhere, Donna discovers dirty magazines under Eric's bed. She is appalled and wants to know why Eric would need girlie magazines when he has the real thing — her. Eric insisted he needed the magazines for when Donna isn't around. She doens't believe him and asks the other guys if they, too, need to look at dirty magazines. Of course they all say they do. Eric decides to give up the magazines, but Donna ultimately says it's OK for him to look at them.

Poster for episode Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die.

Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

A Halloween episode filled with parodies of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window", "Vertigo", "The Birds", "North By Northwest" and "Psycho".

Poster for episode Roller Disco.

Roller Disco

Jackie wants to enter a roller disco contest and begs for a partner. Hyde turns her down cold, but the ever-aiming-to-please-Jackie Fez volunteers. The become close while practicing and this concerns Kelso, which in turn concerns Laurie. Fez and Jackie actually win the contest. During the celebration afterwards, Jackie gets drunk and hangs all over Fez. Fez decides to be a gentleman and not take advantage of her. When she sobers up, Fez makes his move but she's not interested. Elsewhere, Red gets sued by Earl for wrongful termination from the Pricemart (episode 224). At a deposition, Eric admits that Red is an angry and abusive man.

Poster for episode Eric's Panties.

Eric's Panties

Eric gets paired with Shelly, the cutest girl in school, as his lab partner. When Donna shows no signs of jealously over this, Eric gets mad. When Donna finds a pair of mysterious panties in Eric's car she suspects them to be Shelly's (Laurie had a hand in this conclusion). Donna decides to confront Shelly and Eric only to discover the panties are Midges: she left them in the car after a wild night with Bob. Donna feels like a dork, but Eric is satisfied that she cared enough to be jealous. Elsewhere, after discovering he has high cholesterol, Kitty puts Red on a diet.

Poster for episode Baby Fever.

Baby Fever

Kitty must look after an infant and it makes her see she wants to have another baby. When she and Red have dinner plans with the Pinciotti's, Kitty convinces Laurie to baby sit. Donna and Eric discuss their future, including having children. Donna realizes they may not spend the rest of their lives together.

Poster for episode Jackie Bags Hyde.

Jackie Bags Hyde

In yet another attempt to make Hyde jealous, Jackie brings a new guy, Chip, to Red's annual Veteran's Day barbecue. Hyde is not jealous of Chip, but does find himself defending Jackie's honor yet again. Jackie misinterprets Hyde's defense of her honor as Hyde actually having feelings for her. The do end up kissing. Meanwhile, Red's not the only one hosting a barbecue. Neighbor Bob decides to throw his own barbecue. Red and Bob wind up competing over who hosts a better barbecue.

Poster for episode Hyde's Christmas Rager.

Hyde's Christmas Rager

Hyde has a party at his and Bud's place and Eric gets drunk so Red talks to Bud and gets him to be more strict. Donna and Jackie go to a bar and Jackie ends up hitting on a guy her mother dated 20 years ago.

Poster for episode Ice Shack.

Ice Shack

Kelso tricks Jackie, Eric and Donna into going to his uncle's ice shack and Fes, being unwanted, tags along. They play the newlywed game and Fes tries to ruin Kelso chances at getting back together with Jackie. Laurie decides to go to beauty school.

Poster for episode Who Wants It More?.

Who Wants It More?

After an argument Eric and Donna decide to hold off sex to see who'll cave in first. Red is nearly killed by a falling tree and it changes his whole outlook on life. He starts being nice to people, even Fes, but he soon realizes that that's not who he is. Kelso claims to have seen a UFO.

Poster for episode Fez Gets the Girl.

Fez Gets the Girl

Fez has a crush on a girl but is too shy to approach her so Donna sets them up together. Donna wins two tickets to see Led Zeppelin in concert but Eric can't go because he has to work so she gives one to Fez and the other to Caroline, the girl that Fez has a crush on, because Kelso, Hyde and Jackie keep fighting over who she's going to take. Eric is named Price Mart employee of the month and it goes to his head. Laurie uses Kittie as a hair model and Kittie doesn't like the job she did but won't tell her because Laurie wants to quit already after only two weeks in beauty school.

Poster for episode Dine and Dash.

Dine and Dash

Kelso invites the gang to an expensive dinner but skips on the bill. Bob is upset that Red didn't offer him a job at Price Mart.

Poster for episode Radio Daze.

Radio Daze

Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric gets jealous because on the air she's known as Hot Donna and supposedly single. Red gets Earl fired from Fatso Burger but Kitty makes him get Earl his job back. Leo wants to sell his car to Kelso but then changes his mind and gives it to Hyde.

Poster for episode Donna's Panties.

Donna's Panties

Eric pulls Donna's pants down in public and reveals her granny panties so he tries to make up by giving her sexy panties on St. Valentine's Day. When Kelso finds out that Laurie cheated on him he realizes how Jackie must have felt when he cheated on her with Laurie and to Jackie's surprise he doesn't want her to feel sorry for him. Fes asks Caroline to go steady with and only after does he finds out that she might be psychotic.

Poster for episode Romantic Weekend.

Romantic Weekend

When Red and Kitty attempt to go on a romantic weekend getaway at a fancy hotel, their plan is ruined by noisy neighbors. Red goes next door to give the loud couple a piece of his mind and is shocked to discover Eric and Donna sharing their own romantic weekend getaway. Meanwhile, Kelso loses his sexual desire for every woman except Jackie, who assures him that when he finds the right woman, everything will work out just fine.

Poster for episode Kitty's Birthday (Is That Today!?).

Kitty's Birthday (Is That Today!?)

It's Kitty's birthday and the only one who remembers is Hyde so to make up for Eric and Red take Kitty square dancing. Kelso's plan to get Jackie back as his girlfriend by being her friend when she tells him that she considers him her girlfriend. Hyde tells Fes that Caroline is a psycho.

Poster for episode The Trials Of Michael Kelso.

The Trials Of Michael Kelso

Jackie tests Kelso to see if she should get back together with him. Fes, Eric and Hyde vandalize an opposing school's locker room because Fes was beaten up by their jocks, Kitty is angry at Bob and Midge for not inviting her and Red to their party until she finds out that Bob and Midge are nudists.

Poster for episode Eric's Naughty No-No.

Eric's Naughty No-No

Kitty's sister visits and Kitty thinks she's only there to show off that she's more successful. After going to see an X-rated movie Eric tries a new move on Donna but it freaks her out and Kelso learns that honesty is the best policy.

Poster for episode Holy Craps!.

Holy Craps!

Kitty forces Red, Eric, Hyde and Kelso to help out at a church fundraiser. Red spends all of his time at the craps table, Kelso and Hyde cheat at bingo so they could win all the prizes. Eric is busy worrying about his relationship with Donna because a church member told him that his wife was nice too when they first met, until they got tired of each other. Jackie and Donna tell Fez that Caroline is a psycho so he dumps her after she threatens them, but tells her that he was going out with Donna because he was afraid to tell her he was dumping her because she's crazy.

Poster for episode Fez Dates Donna.

Fez Dates Donna

After their breakup, Fez notices that Caroline has been stalking him. Fez confronts Caroline, who doesn't believe Fez is really dating Donna because she never sees them together. Fez asks Eric for permission to "date" Donna and she agrees to be Fez's pretend girlfriend. Eric enjoys the single life for a while but soon starts to miss Donna. Donna and Fez go on a series of pretend dates, and Donna has a genuinely good time. Caroline continues to trail them. Eric becomes a bit jealous. And, Fez fantasizes that he and Donna live the perfect, wacky married life like Lucy and Ricky on "I Love Lucy" (with Red and Kitty as neighbors Fred and Ethel). While at the movies (ballet movie, "Turning Point"), Caroline tells Fez he doesn't believe he's really dating Donna because she doesn't see him going to second-base with Donna. When Fez tries to grab Donna, she pushes him away. She tells Caroline that Fez doesn't like her and remarkably, Caroline gets the hint. Meanwhile, Hyde and Eric run a neighborhood betting pool on when Jackie and Kelso will have their first fight, and Bob and Red fight over whether Bob's property extends into Red's garage.

Poster for episode Eric's Drunken Tattoo.

Eric's Drunken Tattoo

While Donna is out of her room, Eric discovers in her diary that she wishes he had a more dangerous side. While Eric, Hyde, Leo and Fez are drinking Sake at Leo's, Eric tells Hyde that he wants to do something "dangerous" like get a tattoo. Leo volunteers to give him one. Leo claims he can fix the tattoo after Eric tells him his girlfriend's name is Donna not Debbie. Eric shows his tattoo to Donna, only after he's forced to apologize for peeking into her journal. Donna reveals to Eric the tattoo on his butt is of the "Peanuts" character, Woodstock. Meanwhile, Jackie hears Kelso mutter the phrase "it's not working" while asleep. Determined to find out what he meant, Jackie invites him to spend the night so she can listen to him while he talks in his sleep. Finally in the morning, Kelso utters the phrase again. Jackie quizzes him in his sleep and it learns Kelso is referring to the car not working. And, Kitty asks Pastor Dave to dinner. In a rush to get dinner over so they can watch a special on Green Bay Packers legend Vince Lombardi, Red hurriedly serves Pastor Dave his dinner. A bandage Red was wearing on his thumb fell off into Pastor Dave's dinner and he eats it unknowingly. Later, Pastor Dave becomes violently ill. Kitty and Red must confess about the bandage, but it turns out Pastor Dave just had food poisoning.

Poster for episode Canadian Road Trip.

Canadian Road Trip

Eric, Hyde, Kelso, Fez and Leo take a road trip to Canada to get stronger beer. Once over the border they load up the Vista cruiser with cases of beer. Just as they are about to pile into the car, Fez announces he's forgotten his green card. Knowing they'll have trouble getting him back to the U.S. without his papers, they decide to hide him under a blanket among the cases of beer. The Canadian Mounties discover Fez at the border anyway. The guys are all questioned about why they are in Canada, and each have different answers: Eric says they're there for the beer. Hyde snidely jokes they're part of a teen terrorist plot, then later says he's there to bag Margaret Trudeau. Fez pretends he speaks no English. Kelso asks the Mounties dumb questions like "Do you guys ever get an American nickel in your change?" And Leo answers all their questions by asking them the same questions back. After the guys plead with the Mounties, sing the Canadian national anthem, and agree to give the Mounties their beer, they are let go. Just as they are about to leave, Fez finds his green card in his shoe. They still have to leave without the beer. Meanwhile back in Wisconsin, Jackie gets a letter saying she's been accepted by a modeling agency. She and Donna travel to the agency and the agent hits Jackie up for hundreds of dollars in fees. Donna tries to convince Jackie the agency is a scam. Jackie doesn't believe her until Donna herself goes to the agency saying she, too, wants to be a model. She is hit with the same fees after no tryout. Jackie finally believes her. And, Red brings home a VCR from Pricemart and plans to tape "Roots" so they can watch it later (even though Kitty wants to watch it while it's being broadcast.) Red makes a big deal out of taping the show. When they go to watch it later, Kitty realizes Red forgot to put a tape in the VCR.

Poster for episode Backstage Pass.

Backstage Pass

Donna spends all her free time at the radio station and Eric starts to feel neglected. When Donna gets free Ted Nugent tickets, Eric doesn't feel so bad anymore. Later, Donna scores a backstage pass -- but just for herself. When the guards don't let Eric backstage, Donna goes without him. Eric waits, but Donna's having a great time partying with the band and forgets Eric is waiting. Meanwhile, Fez designs counterfeit T-shirts that he and Hyde plan to sell at the concert. However, Fez misspells Ted ("Tad"). Elsewhere, Jackie informs Kelso she wants their "new" first time having sex together to be special. Kelso racks his pea brain trying to come up with ways to make it special. And, Kitty and Red argue over the first time they met.

Poster for episode The Promise Ring.

The Promise Ring

Afraid he may be losing Donna because they fight all the time, Eric decides to buy Donna a promise ring. Kelso decides to buy one for Jackie too, so they go to "a guy" Kelso knows who sells rings—Leo. Donna loves Eric's ring but doesn't quite get its significance. When she shows it to Jackie, Jackie asks why she's not wearing it on her ring finger, explaining that the ring is a promise that Donna and Eric will be together forever and wishing Kelso would get her one. Fez joins them and spills the beans by asking Jackie where her ring is... Jackie assumes Kelso hasn't given it to her because she has told him if he's ever going to give her a ring it should be inside food "because that's classy." Donna has a day dream in which she is on the game show "Lets Make A Deal" with Monty Hall. Behind the two doors she doesn't choose are careers as a rock 'n' roll journalist and the first female President of the United States. Behind the door she chooses is Eric, wearing a T-shirt with a zero on it, and riding a donkey. Meanwhile, Kelso buys Jackie an ice-cream sundae which she devours eagerly. When her ring isn't in it, she demands Kelso give it to her. He gets on one knee and tells her he always wants to be with her. As the group get ready to go out, Eric sees Donna has her ring on a chain. They all tell her she should be wearing the ring on her finger and she gives in and puts it on her finger. Later, Hyde tells Eric that Donna is not happy. Not believing Hyde, Eric goes to talk to Donna. While sitting on the hood of the Vista Cruiser, Donna tells Eric that she has to give back the ring. She tells him she doesn't necessarily see him always in her future. He's very upset and tells her he does see her always in their future. Donna says the future doesn't matter because they have right now. Eric says that's not enough. She asks if he's breaking up with her. Eric says "Yes." End of season.

Poster for episode It's a Wonderful Life.

It's a Wonderful Life

Distraught over his breakup with Donna, Eric wishes he never even kissed Donna in the first place. A guardian angel appears to show Eric "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all ... ya pansy." The angel shows Eric how everyone's lives would've turned out if he and Donna never got together. When Donna and Eric failed to kiss, Donna went home to find Hyde waiting for her, and they began a relationship. Eric is relegated to huge nerd status (he's on the chess team, while his best friend Fez is in the marching band). When Eric fails to believe he'd ever be so dorky ("This is made-up angel crap"), the angel reminds Eric it was Donna who gave him confidence. Kelso and Jackie continue to hang all over each other; Eric is forced to go to prom with Big Rhonda; Donna and Hyde become a biker couple, with Donna sporting several tattoos. When Hyde loses his place to live and Eric offers to let him move in with his family, Hyde and Donna just laugh at him. Kelso dumps Jackie for the school tramp. Flash forward to the '80s. A very pregnant Donna is getting married to Hyde; Kelso is a TV news anchor; Jackie is a flight attendant; Fez is into new wave music; Eric is still dating big Rhonda. And Kitty and Red have had another son whom they both dote on. Flashing further forward to their 10-year high school reunion, Eric sees Donna, who looks great but is very sad. Hyde is in prison, leaving her with their three kids. Eric admits he always had a crush on her and she confesses she had one on him too. Eric asks the angel if he can help him be with Donna now, but he says he can't, but he can erase all of Eric's relationship with Donna — Eric wouldn't feel a thing toward her. But first he shows Eric all the wonderful memories he would have never had if he and Donna hadn't dated. Eric says "Wait, don't take it back!"

Poster for episode Eric's Depression.

Eric's Depression

Eric is so depressed over his breakup with Donna that he can't even get out of bed. Hyde, Fez and Kelso try to drag him out of bed to go to Funland, but he would rather wallow in self pity. Red makes matters worse by insisting Donna dumped Eric, and forcing Eric to rake leaves. Eric runs into Donna who is doing the same thing. He says "hey" to her and she is incensed. "Hey?" That's all you have to say to me?" she says. She calls him a dillhole and he calls her a double dillhole. Red tries again to get Eric out of his funk by making him work harder at Pricemart. When this doesn't work, Red suddenly remembers a painful breakup he had when he was Eric's age. He decides to take pity on Eric and buys him a beer, admitting to him that he does understand who Eric must feel. He tells Eric he'll go easy on him for the next couple of days so he can get himself together. Meanwhile, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde and Fez go to Funland. Kelso immediately gets lost and heads to the lost and found to wait for the gang to collect him.

Poster for episode Pinciotti vs. Forman.

Pinciotti vs. Forman

Donna and Eric's breakup gets uglier when Eric kicks Donna out of the basement. Jackie persuades Donna to fight back and get her fair share of her friends' time. Donna gets the gang to come over to her basement, enticing them with cable TV ("nudity potential"!). Only Fez stays behind at Eric's. Eric relents and lets Fez go to Donnas. He follows later, but Donna evicts him. Eric retaliates by telling Donna's dad Bob how much the gang loves his jokes. Bob's lame jokes send the gang running back to Eric's. Donna and Eric argue over stealing each other's friends. The agree to make a visitation-type schedule, but the visitations get as ugly as a nasty divorce-custody dispute and the gang abandon Donna and Eric and make them work it out. After Donna admits she's miserable without Eric, and he admits he's miserable too, they agree they will pretend not to be miserable for the sake of their friends. They decide they will hang out together with the gang. However, Eric has one request of Donna: "Stop trying to look so hot when you come over." Elsewhere, Kitty is thrilled when Pastor Dave and Red strike up a friendship; but her fantasy of Red confiding his feelings to Dave is doused when she learns the two men sit around drinking beer and watching sports.

Poster for episode Hyde Gets the Girl.

Hyde Gets the Girl

Eric and Fez have a party so that Hyde could find himself a girlfriend and he falls for Donna's friend from work, Melissa. Eric tries to make Donna jealous by flirting with other girls at the party. Kelso tries to win a van and almost loses to Daniel, a man who's won every contest the radio station has ever had, when Jackie shows up and drives Daniel crazy by continually asking Kelso if she's pretty.

Poster for episode Bye-Bye Basement.

Bye-Bye Basement

After Hyde moves back in with the Formans, Kitty decides to redecorate the basement so she hires Leo and his cousin Theo to do the job. Meanwhile, Donna and Eric engage in post-break-up bickering, while Fez takes up ballet to meet girls only to discover that they consider him one of the girls.

Poster for episode The Relapse (1).

The Relapse (1)

Bob is in denial after Midge leaves. Donna seeks comfort in the arms of Eric, who thinks this means they're back together. Kelso and Fez go to the supermarket to try and pick up older women.

Poster for episode Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2).

Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2)

Donna keeps her promise to accompany Eric to the Pricemart Ball as a friend but she gets jealous when she sees Eric with another girl. Fez gets a job at the Fotomat but gets fired for being too efficient and making Hyde and Leo look bad, even though they're the only other two who work there and Leo is the boss. Bob meets a woman at the supermarket.

Poster for episode Donna's Story.

Donna's Story

Eric is pissed when Donna writes a story in the school newspaper that sounds exactly like events that happened in their relationship so he decides to write his own story. Red and Kitty have dinner with Bob and his new girlfriend and Red doesn't like her because she's taught Bob how to stand up for himself and she makes Red make salad. Kelso invests in a pinball machine but looses out when Fez persuades the owner to get rid of it and bring in Space Invaders instead.

Poster for episode Forgotten Son.

Forgotten Son

Red has to produce a segment on stocking shelves for a new Pricemart instructional film. But when he chooses Kelso to play the "stock boy" in the film, Eric is insulted. Kelso thinks this role could be his big break and chooses John Travolta (a la "Saturday Night Fever") as his inspiration for the role, much to Red's dismay. Meanwhile, Eric is shocked to discover how close Donna and Kitty have become, and Hyde and Fez join Leo on a big shopping spree after he inherits a million dollars from his "Uncle" Ed...McMahon.

Poster for episode Red and Stacey.

Red and Stacey

Red thinks Pricemart checkout girl Stacey is perfect for his lovelorn son. The girl impresses Red when she justifies her dubious customer relations with a phrase dear to his heart. Red encourages Eric to ask her out and he even offers to assist. But when Red talks to Stacey, she says she's interested in someone else---and smilingly puts her hand on his leg, a move that the older Forman finds tough to explain back home. Meanwhile, Jackie and Donna give Big Rhonda a makeover for her first date with Fez.

Poster for episode The Third Wheel.

The Third Wheel

When the guys go bowling for boy's night, Hyde throws a wrench in the plan when his "friend" Jill shows up. Kelso and Fez decide to hunt down their own ladies and leave Eric to feel like the third wheel. Meanwhile, Donna is uncomfortable when she discovers Bob's new girlfriend is spending the night. When Red unintentionally inspires Pastor Dave to give up the cloth to watch a Packers game, he gets into trouble with Kitty and must find a way to steer Dave back to the light.

Poster for episode An Eric Forman Christmas.

An Eric Forman Christmas

Eric directs the church Christmas pageant and trouble dealing with his friends demands for their roles in the pageant. Red steals Bob's Christmas decorations and throws them in the garbage.

Poster for episode Jackie Says Cheese.

Jackie Says Cheese

Eric catches Red looking through his dresser drawers for a condom and thinks that he found Hyde's stash. Jackie gets a job as a cheese maiden and Fez is jealous of the new foreign guy.

Poster for episode Eric's Hot Cousin.

Eric's Hot Cousin

Eric' cousin Penny, who he used to tease unmercifully when they were younger, comes for a visit, and she's...grown some. All the guys are infatuated with her, much to Donna and Jackie's dismay. Penny confesses to having a crush on Eric, and claims she's adopted so they're not really related after all. When she suggests that her and Eric watch TV in t-shirt and underwear, it turns out to be her revenge on Eric for past slights. Worst, the rest of the guys get it on camera. Meanwhile, Kitty decides she wants a fish, much to Red's dismay.

Poster for episode Tornado Prom.

Tornado Prom

A tornado is on it's way to Point Place and Red and Kitty are stuck in their basement with Bob and Joanne while Eric is stuck with Donna at the radio station and the rest of the gang is stuck at the school during a dance. Kelso is named the Snow King and Jackie can't believe she's only the Snow Queen runner-up.

Poster for episode Donna Dates a Kelso.

Donna Dates a Kelso

Eric and Donna both start dating other people, Jackie sets her up with Kelso's older brother Casey. Fez thinks that he's finally going to lose his virginity but Rhonda tells him that she wants to wait because she loves him. Bob becomes rich again and Red buys a corvette.

Poster for episode Kelso's Career.

Kelso's Career

Eric doesn't know what to do when Red tells him that he loves him so he decides to say it back but learns that Red was drugged when he said it. Fez buys Rhonda a box of candies for Valentine's day but he can't help but eat them all. Jackie tells Kelso to get a job so he can buy her something nice for Valentine's day so he decides to donate sperm.

Poster for episode Leo Loves Kitty.

Leo Loves Kitty

Hyde tries to teach Fez to drive but Fez damages the car and hurts Leo, who was taking a nap behind the car. While in the hospital Leo falls in love with Kitty and starts showing up at the Formans bearing gifts for her. Kelso becomes a department store model and Jackie becomes jealous because it's her dream to be a model. She confronts him and demands that he doesn't do it but he stands up to her and does it anyways.

Poster for episode Jackie's Cheese Squeeze.

Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

Eric catches Jackie kissing Todd, her boss, but instead of telling Kelso he holds it over her head until she decides to tell Kelso about it herself and that Eric knew about it and didn't tell him but her plan backfires when Kelso gets very mad and storms out. Kitty feels neglected because Red spends all his time with his new Corvette.

Poster for episode Class Picture.

Class Picture

While trying to come up with a quote for the yearbookt the gang recalls how they met for the first time.

Poster for episode Prank Day.

Prank Day

When Kelso pulls a prank on the rest of the guys they decide to get him back but they end up getting Red instead so Red decides to help them get Kelso back. Jackie tries to cheer Donna up.

Poster for episode Eric's Corvette Caper.

Eric's Corvette Caper

When Red and Kitty go out of town Eric takes the Corvette out and lets his date drive. She manages to get it all dirty and Eric scrambles to get it clean in time because his parents are coming home early.

Poster for episode Hyde's Birthday.

Hyde's Birthday

Kitty plans a surprise birthday party for Hyde's 18th birthday.

Poster for episode That '70s Musical.

That '70s Musical

Fez fantasizes about several musical numbers featuring himself and the rest of the gang while he gets ready for a school concert.

Poster for episode Eric's False Alarm.

Eric's False Alarm

When Eric finds out that Casey is taking Donna to a motel he decides to show up to make sure she doesn't do anything she'll regret. When Bob's divorce comes through he mentions marriage to Joanne and it freaks her out so Red tries to talk Joanne into marrying Bob while Kitty, thinking that Red is talking to Joanne about not getting married, talks Bob out of asking Joanne to marry him. Kelso spies on Jackie.

Poster for episode Everybody Loves Casey.

Everybody Loves Casey

Eric confronts Casey about Donna, Kitty wins a year's worth of hot dogs and Kelso breaks up with Jackie.

Poster for episode Love, Wisconsin Style.

Love, Wisconsin Style

When Casey breaks up with Donna she comes running back to Eric but he tells her that he doesn't want to be the rebound guy so she leaves crying. Hyde and Fez hide dead fish in Kelso's van. Jackie and Kelso get back together and Jackie tricks Kelso into asking her to marry him. Eric realizes his mistake and goes to see Donna to tell her that he loves her but she isn't home because she's running away to California to be with her mother. Kelso, who doesn't want to get married, decides to go to California with her.

Poster for episode Going to California.

Going to California

Donna has had enough of the Golden State. She misses Eric, who, unknown to her, is headed West - despite his parents' objections - to declare his love and bring her home. Kelso, however, has decided he has found the woman of his dreams in Annette, who's "beautiful and believes in me." And back in Wisconsin, Jackie is a changed woman, thanks to a change in boyfriends. Read the Transcript

Poster for episode I Can't Quit You Baby (a.k.a. Jackie and Hyde Get Busted).

I Can't Quit You Baby (a.k.a. Jackie and Hyde Get Busted)

In punishment for Donna going away to California, Donna's Father transfers her to a Catholic School. Meaning that Donna won't see Eric. So Eric goes and talks to Donna's Father, But then Eric sees Donna in her School uniform. Eric and Donna catch Hyde and Jackie kissing in Erics basement. Donna tells eeryone about her first day of Catholic school. Hyde and Jackie feel they should tell Kelso. But then they feel they should do what they want. Read the Transcript

Poster for episode What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant).

What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant)

For starters, Kitty joyfully announces she's pregnant. But the reaction from Red leaves a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, Kelso finally learns of the relationship between opposites Jackie and Hyde --- and doesn't take it too well. Read the Transcript

Poster for episode Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit).

Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit)

In Part 2, Betty White and Tom Poston guest star as Kitty's parents, who are summoned for her big news. But Kitty's plans unravel just before she faces the couple, whom she refers to as "complicated people." Eric offers a more succinct summary: "Grandma yells. Grandpa drinks." Read the Transcript

Poster for episode Ramble On (a.k.a. Promise Ring Redux).

Ramble On (a.k.a. Promise Ring Redux)

In a romantic moment, Donna presents Eric with a ring a la the promise ring that he gave to her, which broke them up in the first place. This ring is to signify their re-ignited love and promising future together though. Eric is really touched except for one thing -- the ring is the biggest, ugliest and oddest ring he has ever seen in his life. Because he loves Donna so much though, he decides that he's not going to say anything. Meanwhile, Kitty is determined to fall within the one percent of all women who never suffer any emotional side-effects of menopause. Read the Transcript

Poster for episode Over the Hills and Far Away.

Over the Hills and Far Away

The kids prepare to make a weekend college visit to the University of Wisconsin. There's only one snag in the plan -- Donna tells Eric that Bob will not let her go to UW. Instead he wants her to visit Marquette, a small Catholic college. They reluctantly decide to go on their own college weekends and afterward, Donna and Eric have a real heart-to-heart about their future. Read the Transcript

Poster for episode Hot Dog (a.k.a. The Gifts).

Hot Dog (a.k.a. The Gifts)

When Eric decides to buy Donna a meaningful gift, he ends up getting her an engagement ring. But after discussing it with the guys, he realizes they are too young and the ring was a bad idea. Unfortunately, Eric already told Donna he got her a surprise and on their special evening out, he's put on the spot and forced to make the biggest decision of his life. Meanwhile, in an attempt to lift menopausel Kitty's spirits, Red gets her a dog: Schotzy.

Poster for episode Thank You.

Thank You

Thanksgiving brings Kitty's parents, Eric's sister Laurie and Kelso with a date---Eric's math teacher, who has just failed Eric.

Poster for episode Black Dog (a.k.a. Ow, My Eye).

Black Dog (a.k.a. Ow, My Eye)

When Jackie's father is arrested for bribery, Kelso thinks she'll come running back to him. But when Hyde and Kelso get into a brawl over Jackie, Kelso accidentally shoots Hyde with a BB gun and all hell breaks lose. Meanwhile, Fez realizes he has a crush on his boss at the DMV.

Poster for episode The Crunge (a.k.a. The S.A.T.s).

The Crunge (a.k.a. The S.A.T.s)

When the kids gets their SAT scores, Donna's high score leaves Eric feeling stupid. As a result, Red convinces Eric to buckle down and stay away from Donna until he retakes the test. Meanwhile, Kelso discovers he may have a bright future and Jackie pushes Steven towards a college career.

Poster for episode The Girl I Love.

The Girl I Love

When Fez decides to introduce his new girlfriend Nina to the gang, Kitty offers to throw a dinner party for the event. The guys resent being dragged to a dinner party, while the girls are excited at the thought of a grown up night.

Poster for episode Misty Mountain Hop (a.k.a. Jackie's Cabin).

Misty Mountain Hop (a.k.a. Jackie's Cabin)

Jackie recruits the Formans to help clean out her family's mountain cabin, but decides it best not to ask for Hyde's assistance, instead telling him she is attending a doll expo. With Jackie going away, Hyde seizes the opportunity to use Jackie's cabin and invites Kelso and Fez. Donna and Eric get lost on the way to the cabin and spend the trip fighting. Hyde's plan goes wrong when Kelso gets his hand, holding his stash, stuck in a vase just as Jackie and the Formans arrive.

Poster for episode Your Time Is Gonna Come (a.k.a. Get Off My Boyfriend).

Your Time Is Gonna Come (a.k.a. Get Off My Boyfriend)

Annette shows up from California, and Jackie has to deal with her feelings about Kelso's new girlfriend. Kitty's dad passes away, and Kitty faces her own grief and issues with her mother.

Poster for episode Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day).

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)

Hyde's depressed that Jackie still seems to have feelings for Michael. Annette's not happy either, because Kelso seems to still be attached to Jackie. And Kitty takes to her bed, because she feels her mother doesn't love her.

Poster for episode When the Levee Breaks (a.k.a. Eric and Donna Play House).

When the Levee Breaks (a.k.a. Eric and Donna Play House)

When Bob goes out of town, Eric and Donna decide to "practice" being married at her house. The gang is excited because they think this is a chance to party all week at the Pinciotti's place, until Eric and Donna are forced to set them straight. Meanwhile, Kitty goes to the jewelers to pick up a ring she thinks Red got her as a surprise. But she discovers the real surprise: it's actually an engagement ring for Donna.

Poster for episode Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment).

Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment)

Red is angry that Donna and Eric are engaged and gives Eric the silent treatment so it is up to Donna to talk to Red. Fez DOES IT with Nina and things between them get weird at work. Kelso gives Jackie a birthday present, and since Hyde didn't know it was her birthday, he didn't get her anything. Kelso and Hyde start to fight over Jackie. Eric confronts Red and Red fires him from his PriceMart job.

Poster for episode The Battle of Evermore (a.k.a. Pioneer Days).

The Battle of Evermore (a.k.a. Pioneer Days)

Red and Eric are paired up in the annual Church Jamboree, where they will go against an annoying father and son team who has won two years in a row.

Poster for episode Hey Hey What Can I Do (a.k.a. Job Fair).

Hey Hey What Can I Do (a.k.a. Job Fair)

The gang goes to a job fair; Eric is determined to find a job since Red refuses to pay for college; Kelso explores a career in law enforcement.

Poster for episode Bring It On Home (a.k.a. Jackie's in the House).

Bring It On Home (a.k.a. Jackie's in the House)

The Formans discover Jackie has been crashing at their place because she has nowhere else to go; Fez realizes Nina is reluctant to introduce him to her family.

Poster for episode No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In).

No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In)

Jackie moves in with Donna and immediately starts driving her insane. Eric gets a note from the jeweler: pay up or return the engagement ring. And Kelso takes a job at the hotel kitchen giving Hyde the opportunity to torture him.

Poster for episode Trampled Under Foot (a.k.a. Fez Gets Dumped).

Trampled Under Foot (a.k.a. Fez Gets Dumped)

Nina breaks up with Fez because of his needs. Kitty invites a creepy teenager over to join Eric's circle of friends; the gang sees Fez's bedroom for the first time.

Poster for episode You Shook Me (1) (a.k.a. The Nurses Are Coming).

You Shook Me (1) (a.k.a. The Nurses Are Coming)

Jackie promises Hyde that she won't be alone with Kelso again. Fez has a sex dream about Kelso and Kelso is freaked out and goes to see Jackie. Jackie caves and tries to comfort him and Hyde walks in and misunderstands the situation. He thinks Jackie doesn't love him anymore.

Poster for episode Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie).

Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie)

Hyde cheats on Jackie because he thinks she still loves Kelso. After realizing his mistake, he apologizes to her but she breaks up with him.

Poster for episode The Immigrant Song (a.k.a. Fez Gets Busted).

The Immigrant Song (a.k.a. Fez Gets Busted)

Red has his final say on Eric and Donna.Meanwhile, Kelso and Hyde make a pact to not have Jackie. Fez is arrested trying to pull a senior prank.

Poster for episode Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation).

Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)

The kids and Laurie go camping for one final blowout, oversleep and miss graduation. Hyde and Kelso demand that Jackie choose between them once and for all. And Fez is heartbroken that he has to leave America.

Poster for episode The Kids Are Alright.

The Kids Are Alright

When Jackie finds out Kelso has a new girlfriend she chooses Hyde over him, but--surprise!--he has someone new too. Eric is living with his parents to help out his dad, but all he wants is to be with Donna. Meanwhile, Kitty still tries to convince Eric he should stay with them and not go to Madison. Eric finally lets it blow up and he admits he can't go, but is surprised to find Donna still plans to. Kelso also finds a problem when he drinks eggs only to find out he is allergic to them.

Poster for episode Join Together.

Join Together

Kelso decides to help Jackie and Hyde get back together with hilarious results. And Eric realises that the sadder Donna becomes, the more she wants sex.

Poster for episode Magic Bus.

Magic Bus

No one seems to pay attention to Eric's 18th birthday, and he's also depressed because he has to drop Donna off at the bus station for her move to Madison. And Red and Kitty prepare for their first 'special night' since Red's heart attack.

Poster for episode The Acid Queen.

The Acid Queen

Kelso tries to prove he hooked up with the high-school valedictorian (Shannon Elizabeth) at a Molly Hatchet concert; Eric attempts to check out adult magazines at the local library.

Poster for episode I'm Free.

I'm Free

After Brooke reveals the big news, Kelso begins to get excited about the prospect of having a baby; the INS visits to determine if Laurie and Fez's marriage is legit.

Poster for episode We're Not Gonna Take It.

We're Not Gonna Take It

After Eric loses his job, he finds himself up for the same waiting job as Kelso; Donna and Jackie send newly single Bob a box of fudge to cheer him up.

Poster for episode Christmas.


Jackie invites the guys to her high-school dance; Kelso visits Brooke (Shannon Elizabeth) at the library; Kitty casts Red as Santa Claus, sparking a rivalry between him and Bob.

Poster for episode I'm A Boy.

I'm A Boy

Red is "unpleasent" with Fez who has volunteered to drive him all over town; Eric claims he is working till 1 AM which makes Kitty and Donna give him sympathy and sweetness, when really he is playing cards; Brooke finally gives in and goes on a double date with Kelso and Hyde and Jackie, much to the dismay of a "in-love" Roy.

Poster for episode Young Man Blues.

Young Man Blues

While on training, Kelso steals the police cruiser, only to have it stolen from him by Hyde and an enraged Fez. Fez considers it revenge for Kelso letting his pet frog get run over by 17 wheels of an 18 wheeler. Meanwhile, Red tells Eric he considers him a failure which drives Eric to an unsuccessful attempt to fix the water pipes. Jackie and Donna also have a load on their hands with a little girl Jackie is training to be just like herself.

Poster for episode A Legal Matter.

A Legal Matter

Donna, Kitty, Red and Jackie tutor Fez so he can get his green card while Kelso, Hyde and Eric break into the police station to find out if Kelso is the annual cadet "stooge."

Poster for episode I Can See For Miles.

I Can See For Miles

Kelso is ecstatic when Brooke asks him to be involved in her doctor's meeting for their upcoming baby, but he runs into a problem when he can't find his van. Hyde is exactly the opposite of ecstatic when Jackie redecorates his room with bright colors and lights that looks like a girl's room. Eric and Donna also set out to discover (in Kelso's missing van) what Mount Hump is like. Red is also upset that Bob gived him shoes, until he reluctantly begins to like them.

Poster for episode Sally Simpson.

Sally Simpson

A stress specialist comes to help determine the cause of Red's stress, to the dismay of Kitty who believes that the specialist will blame her; Kelso becomes friends with another cadet at the academy named Suzy Simpson, who Fez immediately wants to date because they both love the same things like candy. When Kelso tries to set them up on a date, he finds out Suzy has an interest in him, not Fez, and when Fez and Suzy find out, they both get upset with Kelso.

Poster for episode Won't Get Fooled Again.

Won't Get Fooled Again

Donna and Eric freak out when Donna misses a birth control pill and Fez "dumps" Kelso and Kelso attempts to cheer him up.

Poster for episode Baby Don't You Do It.

Baby Don't You Do It

Eric and Donna get premarital counseling at the church and lie about having sex; Kelso gets a flare gun and burns down the police academy.

Poster for episode Who Are You.

Who Are You

Jackie's mother, Pam Burkhart (Brooke Shields) unexpectedly returns from Mexico. Everyone tries to convince Jackie to forgive her mother and welcome her back into her life. However, when Pam starts dating Bob, Donna and Jackie realize that Pam is still a golddigger. Donna and Jackie agree to do whatever it takes to break their parents up. Kelso is scared to leave for police academy, but the guys force him to go.

Poster for episode Man With Money.

Man With Money

When none of the guys will help Donna and Jackie in convincing their parents not to date, they come up with their own plan to try to lure Pam away and prove she doesn't really love Bob. Meanwhile Red's heart monitor keeps going off around Pam prompting Kitty to think Red is "extremely happy" around her.

Poster for episode Happy Jack.

Happy Jack

Donna catches Eric spanking his monkey in her bathroom, much to her chagrin. After wards Eric's friends and family tease him mercilessly, and his girlfriend won't even look him in the eye. He blames it on the no-sex-until-we're married vow she roped him into...but when he lets spill that his need was brought on by pictures of Jackie's mother, matters get worse. After a talk, however, he realizes that what he did wasn't so horrible--and girls do it, too (and apparently better). Meantime, Kelso--now calling himself "Mike" and sporting a mustache--goes on a major maturity kick, and Hyde and Fez have to knock him down a peg or two.

Poster for episode Do You Think It's Alright?.

Do You Think It's Alright?

Donna wants to take Eric to a department to register for wedding gifts but he doesn't want to. Red tells him about the easiest way to get out of shopping(choose the ugliest thing so they think you are bad at shopping) and he tries it. Donna falls for it, but figures it out and sends him shopping with a wedding crazed Jackie, which he actually enjoys! Donna gets mad when she finds out and gets an enraged Hyde, who told Jackie not to do wedding stuff, to help her ruin their time. Other things that happen: Red reads a sick woman's fantasy book and Fez catches him, Hyde and Jackie fight over her obsession with weddings, and Kelso tries to invent something, but all his thoughts have been invented. Video Clip: http://www.fox.com/video/70s/70s_618_hi.ram

Poster for episode Substitute.


When the gang sees Mitch at a put put course, they laugh it up at his pathetic job until they accidentally hit him in the head with a golf ball. Feeling sorry for him, Eric invites him to join the gang in the basement. But it snowballs from there when Mitch obsesses over Donna. Meanwhile, Pam doesn't see what the big deal is about rejecting Bob's offer to move in together, since she is dating another man.

Poster for episode Squeezebox.


When Hyde and Red accidentally walk in on Pam and see her topless, they are shocked by her reaction. They try to keep it a secret, but Bob, of all people, spills the beans. Meanwhile, Donna finds out about a girl Eric dated while she was with Casey.

Poster for episode 5:15.


Much to Eric's chagrin, Donna agrees to be Mitch's date to his brother's wedding. While there, Fez meets a beautiful girl and pretends to be righ to impress her, but the big news is the shockwave Mitch makes at the wedding..... Meanwhile, Kelso takes Brooke to a baby class.

Poster for episode Sparks.


When Eric accidentally sees Donna's wedding dress, he unintentionally rips it. But he only makes things worse in an attempt to rectify the mistake. Kelso, Hyde and Fez get a canoe and Red is forced to find a sentimental wedding gift for Eric for his wedding. VIDEO: http://www.fox.com/video/70s/70s_623_1_hi.ram

Poster for episode My Wife.

My Wife

When Donna gets a full time job as "Hot Donna" on the radio, she decides that staying in Point Place is the best thing to do. She also buys a very small trailer for her and Eric. While visiting the trailer, the gang is surprised to see Casey Kelso, who is now back in town. But the guys continue their plans and have a bachelor party for Eric, who can think of nothing but why Donna wants to stay. The girls also have their own fun at a strip club where they are again surprised to see Casey Kelso as a non-stripping employee who drives a drunk Kitty crazy. http://www.fox.com/video/70s/70s_622_2_hi.ram

Poster for episode Going Mobile.

Going Mobile

When rehearsal for Eric and Donna's wedding comes up, everyone is surprised to find that Eric is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Brooke's mom shows up to take Brooke to Chicago with their baby, much to Kelso's surprise. http://www.fox.com/video/70s/70s_624_and_625_4_hi.ram

Poster for episode The Seeker.

The Seeker

After Eric dissapears before his wedding, Donna's mom shows up to console her, but it causes an akward scene at the Pinciotti house. And there is more big news, appearently, Hyde's birth certificate reveals his real father is not who he thinks. His real father is named William Barnett and he lives in Milwaukee! http://www.fox.com/video/70s/70s_624_and_625_1_hi.ram

Poster for episode Time Is On My Side.

Time Is On My Side

A week after Eric and Donna's engagement was called off, they are both on good terms, but make big decisions regarding their immediate futures. Donna gets a new look, among other things, and Eric decides to take a year off, but to that he needs to sell Donna's engagement ring to get some money. Just one problem. Donna threw it off the water tower. Also, Bob is torn between the two ladies in his life, Pam and Midge, and Red pressures him (only because Kitty pressured him) to choose between them. However, one of them makes the decision for him.

Poster for episode Let's Spend The Night Together.

Let's Spend The Night Together

The Formans invite Hyde's biological father over so that Hyde can finally meet him, and everyone is shocked to discover that he's black. Kelso waits for news from Brooke about her advancing labor, while Fez tries to deal with losing Kelso to a baby. Eric and Donna go to a feminist rally in the park.

Poster for episode (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Red's job hunt is going nowhere and he begins to wonder when he will find a job. With a year off to do whatever he wants, Eric makes a list of things to do, one of which includes graffiting a closed muffler shop as part of his new bad boy image. But unbeknownst to Eric, Red has found his new job... in the building Eric just graffitied! Kelso has issues as well with women. Now that he's a father to a baby girl, he has a new respect for women that gets him nowhere. And Hyde is pressured by Jackie and Kitty to call his father.

Poster for episode Beast of Burden.

Beast of Burden

Red's new muffler shop is about to open and he asks Hyde to work for him. This really offends Eric since the shop is called "Foreman & Son" and Red didn't even think to ask him. But Hyde has his own dilemma when his dad offers him a job at his record company. Fez is also on a job hunt after quitting the DMV, so Donna helps him apply for work as a shampoo boy.

Poster for episode It's Only Rock and Roll.

It's Only Rock and Roll

Hyde starts working at his dad's record company only to learn his job is not as cool as he thought it would be. Kitty, feeling "unneeded, unnecessary and unloved," takes up Tai Chi with Donna and Midge. Seeing an ad in the paper for aspiring artists, Eric tries out for the Cartoon Academy of Fort Lauderdale. And Kelso decides to donate his entire Playboy collection to Fez.

Poster for episode Rip This Joint.

Rip This Joint

Kitty throws a party in honour of herself to boost her self esteem. Midge and Bob get into a fight and Midge locks herself in the Foreman's washroom. Everyone decides that it's best for Midge to go back to California. Eric decides to "moon and trench" Old Man Shinsky's beautiful yard. Accompanied by Donna, Kelso, and Fez, Eric decides to leave his pants in the car so he doesn't run the risk of tripping over his pants. After mooning Old Man Shinsky and running back to the car, the car won't start. Shinsky goes to call the cops, and Fez, Donna, and Kelso run off, taking Eric's pants with them. In his jail cell, Kelso torments Eric for not making him First Lieutenant on the moon and trench mission. When Shinsky comes to identify Eric as the culprit, Kelso gets identified as well, and is also thrown into the jail cell. Eric is let go in the morning. Hyde decides he needs to trench Old Man Shinsky's lawn to offset his recent good behaviour.

Poster for episode Mother's Little Helper.

Mother's Little Helper

When a hot girl tells Fez she wants to date him, he is delighted. He later finds out the girl was supposed to date Kelso, but blew him off. After Kelso begs, Fez agrees to help him regain his lost mojo. Donna and Jackie learn that play-fighting is an art. And Kitty tries to get Red to be more adventurous in their sex life.

Poster for episode Angie.


Things are going well for Hyde at work, until he meets his new sister, Angie, and finds that she's not as nice as she seems. She attempts to get Hyde fired, causing him to use his biggest weapon against her; Jackie. Eric tells the gang that he's studying Spanish, but Kitty lets it slip to Fez what Eric really does on Wednesday nights, and Fez just can't keep the secret to himself.

Poster for episode You Can't Always Get What You Want.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's Thanksgiving, and while Kitty prepares for the feast, Eric is making plans of his own, and they don't include dinner at home. He wants to go to a Styx concert; the rest of the gang is busy helping Hyde and Angie get ready for the opening of the record store.

Poster for episode Surprise, Surprise.

Surprise, Surprise

Hyde joins the disgruntled group of guys that can say "Kelso Slept With My Sister", much to his displeasure. Donna plugs a calender on the air for Red's muffler shop until she discovers it is full of scantily clad babes on hotrods. Kitty once again tries to teach Jackie how to bake, with disastrous results.

Poster for episode Winter.


Kelso gives the toys from the Toy Drive to the gang, leaving Kitty with no toys for the kids at the Ladies of Point Place Christmas Party. Jackie is upset that Hyde won't go to the party with her, making her think that he's not as mature as she thought he was. The guys have to come up with a way to get the toys to the party without the kids seeing them being brought in, and Red distracts everyone with an unusual Christmas story.

Poster for episode Don't Lie To Me.

Don't Lie To Me

Jackie's doubts of a future with Hyde come to the breaking point, and she decides to go along with a misunderstanding and pretend to be Donna, engaged to Fez, who she calls Prince Edwardo. She drags Fez to parties, enjoying the pre-marriage life, until she is caught in the act. Meanwhile, Hyde is bothered by Angie's relationship with Kelso, so Eric steps in to help split them up.

Poster for episode Can't You Hear Me Knocking.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Red reluctantly agrees to take Kitty ice fishing which doesn't turn out to be as bad as he expected. Kelso accidentally makes a threat on the president prompting the guys to be paranoid about everyone they meet in an attempt to hide from the government. Donna takes Jackie to a karate lesson that yields unexpected results.

Poster for episode Street Fighting Man.

Street Fighting Man

When Donna gets 6 tickets to the Packers game, Eric convinces the gang to give one of them to his dad. Hyde offers to do a ticket stub switch with Kelso and Fez, but neither Kelso nor Fez really gets the concept. At the game, Jackie attempts to made Hyde miserable and an ecstatic Red is actually nice to Eric - until Eric buys a Chicago Bears jersey. Kitty and Bob watch the game together back home.

Poster for episode It's All Over Now.

It's All Over Now

There's a sexy new intern, "Sizzlin" Sarah, at the radio station that has the guys going crazy. Sarah manipulates the station manager into firing Donna by using Donna's feminism against her. Poor Kitty has the flu and is going to miss meeting Tom Jones at Hyde and Angie's record store, so she makes Red go in her place to get his autograph. And Jackie seeks advice from Fez on talking to Hyde about her true feelings.

Poster for episode On With The Show.

On With The Show

Jackie, who's still smarting from her breakup with Hyde, is going to host her own public television show. Hyde suspects that Fez knows what Jackie was trying to tell him at the record store. Eric meets a 36-year-old guy whose pathetic life forces him to reevaluate his own directionless existence. Angie has a hard time understanding how to "burn" someone.

Poster for episode Down The Road Apiece.

Down The Road Apiece

Eric decides to leave town to make a documentary about his life on the road. His car breaks down and he finds Leo. The two go to a truck stop to get something to eat. Kitty, Red, Kelso and Donna set out to find him when Eric doesn't call home. Meanwhile, Fez talks to Jackie and Hyde about their relationship.

Poster for episode Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin').

Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')

When Brooke leaves Betsy in Kelso's care, he's ecstatic. His cloud nine soon ceases when he notices that Betsy cries every time he holds her. Donna indicates that it's because he doesn't spend enough time with her and that he should hold her. When he goes into the kitchen to get Betsy from Leo, they're gone. He gets a call from Brooke who wants to talk to Betsy, but he lies and tells her that she's sleeping. Meanwhile, Kitty shows signs of jealousy when Hyde stays with Jackie throughout the car show while Red goes out to take photos with half-naked women.

Poster for episode Who's Been Sleeping Here?.

Who's Been Sleeping Here?

Donna and Eric are in disbelief when Kelso chooses Jackie and Hyde over them to be Betsy's godparents. On the other hand, Hyde and Angie believe there's someone breaking into the store, so Angie places a camera to see who it is. After viewing the tape, they discover it's Fez crashing there at night because his host parents kicked him out since he already graduated. Kitty gives Fez and Kelso the idea to move in together since Kelso's house isn't safe for Betsy and Red wont allow them to stay when she visits.

Poster for episode Gimme Shelter.

Gimme Shelter

When Eric realizes he is the only loser with no future in the group, he goes looking for a job, only to find he is'nt very good at many. Kelso and Fez look for an apartment for the two to live together in.

Poster for episode 2120 So. Michigan Ave.

2120 So. Michigan Ave

In preparation for pursuing a teaching career, Eric receives his high school transcripts and discovers that he received an incomplete in gym class. He enrolls in a summer gym course and learns that his new P.E. teacher is none other than Casey Kelso! Kelso and Fez move into their new apartment and compete over who gets the master bedroom. While they do this, Red exacts his revenge for the messes they’ve created at his house over the years.

Poster for episode 2000 Light Years From Home.

2000 Light Years From Home

Kelso considers what to do about his relationship with Angie, and comes to the conclusion that it's time to break up, but he's not sure how to do that. He seeks some advice from Jackie on the matter, but ultimately, the decision is taken out of his hands. Eric is shocked to discover that his college tuition fund is gone, and has to find another way to raise the money. His solution is one that Kitty, Red and Donna have differing opinions on.

Poster for episode Take It Or Leave It.

Take It Or Leave It

Jackie is offered her dream job, but unfortunately, it's in Chicago. She wants to know what her future is with Hyde, but he's unwilling to answer. Kitty and Donna are both still reeling over Eric's new job, and both try, in their own ways, to get him to change his mind. The son of one of Red's buddies from the Marines arrives in Point Place, and the guys take a liking to him when they find out what his dad does now.

Poster for episode Short And Curlies.

Short And Curlies

Eric is going to to Africa for a year and is saying goodbye to his friends and family. Charlie sees Kitty naked. Jackie leaves to Chicago thinking Hyde is through with her. Later, Hyde decides to go to Chicago himself, but could it be too late?

Poster for episode Till The Next Goodbye.

Till The Next Goodbye

Eric makes his last minute preparations for his trip to Africa, while Kitty tries some last minute ideas to keep him at home. Kelso is the only one interested in helping Eric get ready for his adventure, and even accompanies him to his vaccination. Red makes a shocking discovery in his own basement.

Poster for episode Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The eighth season picks up with Kitty and Red discovering their empty nest isn't very empty, even with Eric in Africa. Meanwhile, Hyde returns from Las Vegas, where he went to clear his mind after catching Jackie and Kelso in a compromising position. But when Kelso and Donna tell Jackie that Hyde planned on proposing to her, Jackie tries to win him back, only to discover that what happens in Vegas, doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas.

Poster for episode Somebody to Love.

Somebody to Love

Things go from bad to worse for Hyde, who discovers that while he was away, Leo nearly put the record store out of business. But Hyde's plan to fire Leo goes up in smoke when he ends up keeping Leo and hiring a new guy, Randy. Meanwhile, in an effort to get over Hyde, Jackie drags Donna and Fez out for a night on the town, but ends up humiliated when she reveals a little too much.

Poster for episode You're My Best Friend .

You're My Best Friend

Even though he insists that he doesn't want a bachelor party, the guys throw one for him anyway. Randy puts Fez in charge of creating a way to get Hyde to the party without him knowing what's going on; Fez's plan depends on Kelso, who gets side-tracked by the new girl at the ice cream store. Meanwhile, Jackie wants to have a girls' night with Donna and is shocked to find out that Donna has become friends with Sam.

Poster for episode Misfire.


Red and Kitty are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and this makes Kelso think that it's time for him to get married. He decides to propose, but before he can do this, he meets Vic, a businessman with a proposal of his own; one that Kelso can't say no to. And Donna is upset that Eric hasn't contacted her from Africa yet.

Poster for episode Stone Cold Crazy .

Stone Cold Crazy

Samantha uses her work experience to help both Kitty and Donna liven up their relationships. On Sam's advice, Donna has some "bedroom photos" taken of herself, intending to send them to Eric, but a series of mishaps puts the photos in a very incriminating place. Kitty takes Sam's advice, and tries some new moves on Red that result in a big change for both of them. Fez has his dreams of what having a roommate will be like, but finds that the reality is quite different.

Poster for episode Long Away .

Long Away

Fez and Jackie become suspicious when they notice that Donna is spending an awful lot of time with Randy. Their less than stellar detective skills lead to trouble, and they learn an important lesson. Red learns some things himself, and this leads to an increase in his respect for Leo.

Poster for episode Fun It.

Fun It

Bored with hanging around in the basement all the time, the gang looks for some fun elsewhere; Randy takes them to a local burger place where they have a lot of problems with the manager. Seeking revenge for being treated badly, Randy steals the mascot for the restaurant, Fatso the Clown. This puts him in the gang's good books, until things go horribly wrong.

Poster for episode Good Company.

Good Company

While working at the hair salon, Fez meets a friend of Kitty's who is interested in more than just having her hair styled. When Kitty discovers that Fez is dating her friend, things get personal. Jackie, at a loss for what gift to get for Donna, goes looking through her room, and instead of finding an idea, finds out about Donna's latest crush.

Poster for episode Who Needs You.

Who Needs You

Fez almost loses his apartment when Jackie floods it. He's ready to say "Good day!" to their co-habitation, but Jackie manages to salvage things by bonding with Fenton, the landlord, over shopping, and convincing him to let them stay. Red and Kitty are concerned over the number of arguments that Hyde and Samantha are having. But when they learn the reason for all the fights, it causes some sparks to fly in their own relationship.

Poster for episode Sweet Lady.

Sweet Lady

Jackie meets the local star while at the salon with Fez: talk show host Christine St. George. Her new goal in life is to be Christine's co-anchor on "What's Up Wisconsin", but breaking in to show business is harder than she thought it would be. She finally gets a job working with Christine, but it's not quite the job she wanted. Randy wants to take Donna away to a cabin, which makes her suspect his intentions; Red takes Hyde to his Lodge, and Hyde's intentions come under suspicion.

Poster for episode Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy.

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Jackie has some problems with her new boss, Christine St. George, whose constant demands keep Jackie frustrated. In an attempt to win her over, Jackie brings some of Kitty's home-made brownies to work. Her plan is successful, until Jackie takes credit for the brownies herself on television, and then finds that she now has an angry Kitty to contend with. Leo develops a crush on a younger woman.

Poster for episode Killer Queen.

Killer Queen

Jackie is stuck in the lurch when a guest suddenly cancels their appearance on "What's Up, Wisconsin?" She needs to find a replacement, or else lose her job; so she and Fez take the place of the missing guest, pretending to be a couple in love. Christine is so impressed that she takes Jackie out for drinks after work, and spills some personal secrets, then fires Jackie for knowing too much. Donna has her eye on a special someone to ask out for Valentine's Day, but gets turned down. Red introduces Hyde to his secret stash.

Poster for episode Spread Your Wings.

Spread Your Wings

Fez tries to impress a girl at the salon with his fantastic lifestyle, but Jackie sets things straight, blowing Fez's chances with the girl. He then sets out to create the life he dreams about.

Poster for episode Son And Daughter.

Son And Daughter

When Hyde's father asks him to housesit while he's out of town, the gang convinces Hyde to throw a party. But when things get out of hand and they accidentally break a signed Peter Frampton guitar, Hyde has some explaining to do. Meanwhile, Kitty uncovers the real reason she's upset Donna is dating Randy.

Poster for episode Keep Yourself Alive.

Keep Yourself Alive

On their way back from the county fair, Fez accidentally throws Kitty's wedding ring out the window. Frustrated, Red takes Kitty home and leaves the kids in the woods to find it. Donna and Randy try to get some time alone, while Fez separates from the group and finds a new fishy friend. Back at home, Red reveals the truth about Kitty's ring

Poster for episode My Fairy King.

My Fairy King

When Samantha's real husband shows up unexpectedly, Hyde learns that his marriage is null and void. Jackie is tired of being single so she creates a list of ideal qualities she wants in a man, only to realize her prince charming is right next door. Meanwhile, Red loses business when a big automotive store opens in town, so he decides to sell his shop and retire.

Poster for episode Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

When Jackie realizes she has feelings for Fez, she turns to Donna for help and sees a therapist for love advice. After the doctor tells her she is only interested in unavailable men, Jackie is relieved – until Fez gets dumped and she's still interested. Meanwhile, Hyde tries to keep Red busy with fix-it projects until his plan backfires when Red embraces retirement.

Poster for episode We Will Rock You.

We Will Rock You

Jackie and Fez's love of The Village People inspires the rest of the gang to hold a "Disco Sucks" bonfire. While there, Fez meets a very friendly rocker chick, Donna meets some of Randy's ex-girlfriends, and Hyde meets the local law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty meet their neighbors; Kitty's worried how Red will react to their lifestyle, but all that concerns Red is which football team they're cheering for.

Poster for episode Sheer Heart Attack.

Sheer Heart Attack

Fez grows tired of dating girl after girl and realizes there is only one girl for him. . .crazy Caroline. Red returns home from the doctor, with no problems, except for the fact that he's just spent two hundred dollars on heart pills that he no longer needs. So Red and Hyde decide to sell the pills to the guys at Red's Viking Lodge.

Poster for episode Leaving Home Ain't Easy.

Leaving Home Ain't Easy

Bob returns from his Florida vacation with some startling news for everyone; Donna and Randy discuss taking their relationship to the next level, but Donna's having second thoughts. Fez and Jackie also encounter some problems with their relationship, which quickly escalate into all-out war.

Poster for episode Love Of My Life.

Love Of My Life

WB sells Grooves, and after a celebratory circle, Hyde decides he needs a change of lifestyle. The gang is worried about Hyde's new outlook on life, but Hyde has yet another change of heart when WB announces that he's keeping the Point Place store. A friend of Fez's shows up to take him back home; the news that he might be leaving causes Jackie to realize that she has to make a move or lose him. Donna and Randy also come to an understanding in their relationship, while Red and Kitty show their house to prospective buyers.

Poster for episode That 70s Finale.

That 70s Finale

December 31, 1979, and the gang is gathered at the Formans' house for one last New Year's Eve of the '70s. A party isn't a party unless the gang's all here... and some old friends return to celebrate the new decade, while some others get ready to leave.