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Poster for Spooks (2002).


ID 6oQ
Tipos de entrada Séries de TV
Genres drama, thriller
Countries UK
Línguas en
Duration 60 min
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Poster for episode Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Thou Shalt Not Kill

An abortion doctor is executed by an American pro-life terrorist; Mary Kane. An informant reveals that this is just the tip of the iceberg as Mary has 20 more bombs and plans on using them. To make matters worse she has started training more pro-life groups, within the UK.

Poster for episode Looking After Our Own.

Looking After Our Own

Tom and Helen must go undercover and befriend the wife of a suspected hardcore racist in order to prevent a racewar. Meanwhile Zoe and Tessa learn that a boatload of refugees is due to dock at Doverin the next few days. Things worsen when the operatives realise the two things may be connected and there covers may be blown.

Poster for episode One Last Dance.

One Last Dance

Whilst on a routine check of the bugs in the Turkish Embassy, Zoe and all the other people in the embassy are taken hostage by terrorists who wish to negotiate the release of their parents from prison. If Zoe's cover as a PR consultant is blown she will almost certainly be killed. Things worsen when Harry realises that the attack on the embassy was all just a distraction from something much, much bigger.

Poster for episode Traitor's Gate.

Traitor's Gate

Mi5's best officer, Peter Salter, seems to be joining the enemy. President Bush is scheduled to visit and it seems as though Salter is trying to stop the peace, is this all part of his mission or is he in fact a triple-agent?

Poster for episode The Rose Bed Memoirs.

The Rose Bed Memoirs

Disgraced MP Hampton Wilder has written memoirs with the power to destroy the governement, what's more an old KGB agent is trying to smuggle illegal arms into and out of the country besmerching the good name of the Primeminister's right hand man.

Poster for episode The Lesser of Two Evils.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Patrick McCann, an IRA leader claims to have information about a nuclear attack on the UK mainland, can Mi5 trust the IRA enough to give them what they want in return; 36 hours free of surveillance, free to do whatever they wish.

Poster for episode Legitimate Targets.

Legitimate Targets

The series picks up exactly where we left it. With Tom's family trapped in his house with a bomb and nothing Tom or the other Spooks can do but watch on. There is a huge explosion and the credits begin. However there is no time to focus on these events as a Serbian Warlord has been seen entering the U.K. vowing revenge for the death of his sons in a N.A.T.O. bombing raid. Zoe is sent undercover to track him down, and stop anymore deaths.

Poster for episode The Nest of Angels.

The Nest of Angels

A fellow agent informs Tom that young boys & men from a Mosque in Birminham are being trained as suicide bombers. They need an undercover spook, but who should or can go?

Poster for episode Spiders.


MI5's mainframe has been hacked into. But Tom and his team think they have found a lead in the form of an I.T. teacher, so Zoe is sent undercover to get close to him and find out his secrets. Will they be able to stop the culprit before the inner sanctum is breached and every agents identity revealed?

Poster for episode Blood and Money.

Blood and Money

After stealing a large amount of money from a bank a man is found Crucified on the moors. The treaurey call in the team to investigate but when Harry decideds to take the mission further Danny's life is put in danger

Poster for episode I Spy Apocalypse.

I Spy Apocalypse

Tom's skills as leader are tested to their extremes when they take part in an Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise (EERIE) to test their response to nuclear, chemical or biological act in central London, but when the power in the grid is cut and Harry starts to feel ill, they soon begin to suspect it's for real.

Poster for episode Without Incident.

Without Incident

The President of the USA makes an unexpected stop in London. Tom and his team are forced to work with the CIA. A power struggle between the 2 secret organisations begins but will they stop fighting before a terrible mistake is made? And will Tom ex-girlfriend leave well alone or will she have to be taught a lesson?

Poster for episode Cleanskin.


A french scientist has gone renagade and taken a top secret weapon called firestorm with him, which he is threatening to sell to the highest bidder. Now he has ended up in the UK, and MI5 are forced to work with French Intellegence. But the British want the technology they have to steal the technology without the french finding out and using an agent that if caught has no affliliation to 5. But there is a buglary at Harry's flat which puts the operation in jepordy, or does it?

Poster for episode Strike Force.

Strike Force

A new series of strikes prompted bt h Unions has the team worried. And when news of a 'strike' by the ary his Tom is sent undercover to investigate. Meanwhile Zoe takes charge bakc at the Grid and i tasked with moving spnt Uranium cells across the counry after rail strikes prevent it taking it's usual route. Will it get to Dover on time? Or will it fal into the wrong hands?

Poster for episode The Seventh Division.

The Seventh Division

Tom is undercover with Customs but when he goes off to phone in the rest of the crew are murdered. A colombian drugs cartel are suspected. Zoe and Tom are sent udercover to 'turn' the girlfriend of the head of the cartel. Tonight also sees the re-apperance of Tessa and she wants revenge on Harry and MI5. Will she endanger Tom and Zoe's life? Will the Mole be found before it's to late? Or will Tessa get her revenge and allow someone to die?

Poster for episode Smoke and Mirrors.

Smoke and Mirrors

Tom ignores Harry's demands to end his relationship with CIA officer Christine Dale. Christine hands Tom a secure communication which she has accidentally recieved from high up in the CIA. It says that an American assassin has come to the UK for a hit and that the CIA are going to take him out, without informing Five or any of the security services. Tom can't tell Harry what he knows so enlists Danny and Zoe to help him. However things start to go wrong and tonights episode is all 'Smoke and Mirrors' will the truth be uncovered before something goes terribly wrong? Has Tom gone bad?

Poster for episode Project Friendly Fire.

Project Friendly Fire

Tom Quinn has disappeared after shooting his boss Harry Pearce. He also stands accused of assassinating the Chief of Defence Staff. Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee Oliver Mace uses this a pretext to launch a punitive investigation of MI5. Zoe, Danny and the team must prove Tom innocent and save the service from government takeover.

Poster for episode The Sleeper.

The Sleeper

Harry reawakens sleeper agent Fred Roberts, a renowned chemist and family man. As Fred becomes more deeply involved with deadly terrorists, Tom has a crisis of conscience which could jeopardise his career.

Poster for episode 	Who Guards the Guards?.

Who Guards the Guards?

Danny and the team must uncover the truth behind an assassination attempt on a famous novelist.

Poster for episode A Prayer for My Daughter.

A Prayer for My Daughter

The latest round of Middle East peace talks are abruptly halted when a key delegate is killed. With the peace process derailed MI5 start to investigate a newspaper mogul and renowned Israeli extremist, and a group he's associated with called the November Committee. Can MI5 prevent an assassination attempt on a pro-Palestinian British MP?

Poster for episode Love and Death.

Love and Death

Saturday morning. Danny and Colin practice their firing technique on MI-5s gun range. Zoe and fiance Will are still madly in love. Ruth watches old movies at home whilst longing for real-life romance. A North Sea mission places additional stain on all relationships...

Poster for episode Persephone.


Zoe is tried for manslaughter when an MI-5 operation results in the murder of an undercover police officer.

Poster for episode Outsiders.


While a deadly hacker turns Britain upside down, Danny decides weather to reveal all to Will, MI5 hunts the source down to an Islamic mosque with the help of Mi5's best computer programmers. But things get suspicious when Ruth, close onto the tail of the hacker, goes missing and so does a member of the special team...

Poster for episode Celebrity.


The baby of a celebrity couple is kidnapped and they call in MI-5. Fiona goes in undercover to gather more information about the couple against Adam's wishes.

Poster for episode Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When known mercenary Robert Morgan is spotted at a top-secret disused Soviet arms dump (of which, apparently, there are several in this country), he obviously has to be brought in for questioning. Especially as the powers that be soon realise that a missile has gone missing. It seems that someone — a terrorist group, presumably — is planning a devastating strike on a London target. And Morgan knows who it is and when it's going to happen, so it's up to MI5 to get him to talk. While their investigation methods are startlingly clever, their interrogation methods are far more back-to-basics (sleep deprivation and that sort of thing). Adam Carter doesn't actually beat the suspect up, but he's just half a step away from torture. It's a story that throws up some difficult ethical dilemmas about how far agencies should go to protect the public. Is it all right to blackmail innocent people to get the information you want? Is it acceptable to threaten the lives of a suspect's family?

Poster for episode The Suffering Of Strangers.

The Suffering Of Strangers

It's Fiona's birthday, and she's not going to forget it!While inspecting a possible Islamic terrorist safe house, they are kidnapped. With the threat of his son's , his wife's and Danny's life Adam must choose who won't live to see another day, Fiona or Danny? The prime minister's life is in danger, will mi5 give into the kidnappers demands - but then to everybody's surprise....Danny makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Poster for episode The Special (1).

The Special (1)

Poster for episode The Special (2).

The Special (2)

Poster for episode Divided They Fall.

Divided They Fall

Poster for episode Road Trip.

Road Trip

Poster for episode The Book.

The Book

Poster for episode The Innocent.

The Innocent

Poster for episode Syria.


Poster for episode The Russian.

The Russian

Poster for episode The Sting.

The Sting

Poster for episode Diana.


Poster for episode Part I.

Part I

Poster for episode Part II.

Part II

Poster for episode Episode 3.

Episode 3

Poster for episode Episode 4.

Episode 4

Poster for episode Episode 5.

Episode 5

Poster for episode Episode 6.

Episode 6

Poster for episode Episode 7.

Episode 7

Poster for episode Episode 8.

Episode 8