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Poster for Battlestar Galactica (2004).


ID wH8
Тип уноса ТВ серија
Genres drama, sci-fi, action, adventure, war
Countries USA, UK
Језици en
Duration 60 min
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Poster for episode 33.


In the wake of the Cylon sneak attack, the ragtag fleet of human survivors is forced to play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with their pursuers. Every 33 minutes, they make a jump to a new location. And every 33 minutes, the Cylons manage to find them. The pilots are on the brink of exhaustion, relying on artificial stimulants to keep fighting, and the civilians are beginning to doubt the leadership of Commander Adama and President Roslin. When the Olympic Carrier, a commercial passenger ship, fails to make a jump and then later mysteriously turns up unharmed, Adama fears it has been infiltrated by the Cylons. His choice: destroy it and the 1,300 souls it might still be carrying, or risk the annihilation of the entire fleet. Adama is not alone in fearing the mystery ship. Baltar, who remains mentally connected with his beautiful and deadly Cylon companion Number Six, panics when he learns one of the ship's passengers has information about a traitor in the president's inner circle. Meanwhile, down on the ruined, Cylon-occupied colony of Caprica, Helo is on the run from another group of Cylons. He's going to need help to make it back to the Galactica — but there's no help in sight….

Poster for episode Water.


Lt. Sharon Valerii wakes up soaking wet in the tool room with an explosive charge in her duffel bag. Shortly afterward, a mysterious explosion destroys all the port-side water tanks on Galactica, creating a crisis for the entire fleet. Sharon can't remember a thing, but all the evidence points to her as a saboteur. She confesses her concern to Chief Tyrol, but he can't believe she's responsible. As water riots erupt, Commander Adama and President Roslin struggle to contain the crisis, putting all the ships on limited rations and assigning Baltar the job of rooting out any Cylons who may have infiltrated the crew. Meanwhile, on Cylon-occupied Caprica, another avatar of Sharon struggles to save Helo, her stranded Raptor crewmate.

Poster for episode Bastille Day .

Bastille Day

The fleet has found a source of water, but who will take on the difficult and dangerous job of mining it from the icy planet? Commander Adama and President Roslin send Lee to the Astral Queen, a prisoner transport ship, with an offer for its inmates: Volunteer for this mission and earn "freedom points." The prisoners not only reject the offer but stage a uprising and hold Lee and his crew hostage. Their leader is Tom Zarek, a freedom fighter convicted of terrorism 20 years earlier. Zarek demands that Roslin step down as president and call for immediate elections to choose a new leader. While Adama and Roslin organize an assault on the ship, Lee, who read Zarek's radical manifesto while at college, negotiates with his captor. Back on the Galactica, Adama pressures Baltar to develop a device that can distinguish Cylons from humans. Many light-years away on Caprica, Sharon and Helo struggle to evade the Cylons, unaware that they are being observed by Doral and Number Six.

Poster for episode Act of Contrition.

Act of Contrition

After a flight deck accident kills 13 pilots and wounds many others, Kara is thrust into service as a flight instructor and ordered to turn a group of civilian pilots and academy washouts into full-fledged Viper pilots. The assignment brings back painful memories for Kara. She can't forget how she let Zak — Commander Adama's son and her lover — pass Basic Flight when he wasn't ready, and how it ultimately cost him his life. Determined never to repeat the mistake, she flunks out the would-be pilots on their first day. She is immediately confronted, first by Lee, then by Adama, and forced to admit to the Commander her role in Zak's death. Adama orders her to continue training the "nuggets." Meanwhile, Sgt. Hadrian continues her investigation into the detonators found in Sharon's spacecraft, and President Roslin consults the ship's doctor about her cancer. Far away on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Sharon and Helo find a secret cache of food.

Poster for episode You Can't Go Home Again.

You Can't Go Home Again

When Lt. Kara Thrace goes missing in action after encountering a Cylon patrol while on a training mission, Commander Adama feels responsible — especially in light of her recent admission that she blames herself for his son Zak's death. Both Adama and Lee devote the full resources of the fleet to search for their missing fighter ace, causing some to wonder if it's worth risking the lives of 45,000 people to save one downed pilot. When President Roslin questions their motives and points out that Kara's oxygen was exhausted hours ago, they reluctantly call off the search. But they haven't counted on Kara's resourcefulness and courage. Stranded on a red moon, her knee a twisted wreck, she struggles to relaunch a damaged Cylon fighter and return to Galactica.

Poster for episode Litmus.


When a new copy of Doral, a Cylon who had been previously exposed while serving as the Galactica's public-relations officer, sneaks aboard and blows himself up, killing three people, Commander Adama and President Roslin must finally make public the terrifying secret known only to a select few: Cylons now look like humans. Adama also appoints an independent tribunal to investigate the recent security breaches and names Sgt. Hadrian as lead investigator. When Hadrian discovers a hatch was left open, even after Chief Tyrol had reported that all were closed, she focuses the investigation on him and his relationship with Sharon. Tyrol's crew covers for their chief, taking the blame for his failure. When Hadrian tries to expand the inquiry, haranguing Adama about his decision not to reveal the truth about Cylons, the commander shuts down the tribunal. Meanwhile, on Caprica, a trio of Cylons observe Helo as he tries to save himself and find the woman he thinks is Sharon.

Poster for episode Six Degrees of Separation.

Six Degrees of Separation

When Baltar and the Number Six who lives in his head have a falling out, she abandons him, only to surface a short while later aboard the Galactica. But now she's called Shelley Godfrey, everyone can see her, and she's telling them that she has evidence, passed on by the late Dr. Amarak, that will prove Baltar sold out the human race to the Cylons. With Baltar in a panic and trying to save himself, Number Six focuses her charms on Commander Adama. But the Commander is wary of this stunning stranger and has her followed while her evidence is analyzed. Kara struggles to recover from her injuries while Chief Tyrol and the crew try to reverse-engineer the Cylon raider she piloted home. Meanwhile, dual Sharons face their own challenges — on Caprica, she and Helo are on the run from Cylon centurions; on the Galactica, she's terrified of being exposed as a Cylon herself.

Poster for episode Flesh and Bone.

Flesh and Bone

A Cylon, who calls himself Leobon, is discovered on one of the ships in the fleet. Commander Adama sends Kara to interrogate him — or, rather, it. The Cylon tells Kara that he planted a nuclear device on one of the ships. Although she doesn't believe it, Kara passes on the warning. As her colleagues search for the device, Kara engages Leobon in a battle of wills. Theological debates about souls and the humanity of Cylons lead to mind games, threats, and, ultimately, torture. Taking a personal interest in what Leobon has to say, President Roslin joins the interrogation. On Galactica, Sharon asks Baltar to try out his new Cylon-detecting technology on her. Meanwhile, on far-off Caprica, another Sharon conspires with her Cylon associates Doral and Number Six to convince Helo to remain on the planet and start a new life.

Poster for episode Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

President Roslin's fears that Commander Adama is a Cylon are stoked when she learns he's making secret wireless calls to other ships. Then, to make things worse, a single Cylon raider appears near the Galactica and begins acting strangely after being damaged in battle. When Adama returns to the ship with Tigh's wife, Ellen, an earthy temptress and irrepressible flirt who claims to have been in a coma since their civilization was destroyed, Roslin's suspicions increase. She orders Baltar to screen both Ellen and Adama with his newly completed Cylon-detector. Meanwhile, Col. Tigh and the rest of the crew watch warily and gather data as the wounded Cylon raider jumps in and out of space. On Caprica, the Cylon overseers fear that the Cylon Sharon is developing a strange feeling toward Helo — love.

Poster for episode The Hand of God.

The Hand of God

As its fuel supply dwindles, the fleet must seek out a new supply of tylium ore or risk becoming sitting ducks to any Cylon attack. A recon patrol finds an asteroid full of the fuel, but there's a catch — the Cylons have found it first and established a heavily guarded refining plant. Kara devises a plan: Jump three decoy ships near the asteroid; when the Cylons attack, destroy their bases, leaving them stranded in space. It's a bold tactic, but it will take luck, skill and daring to pull it off. Meanwhile, President Roslin begins to hallucinate as a result of the Chamalla she's taking to combat her breast cancer. When she consults Elosha, a priestess who has used Chamalla to induce visions, she learns that her circumstances fulfill a 3,600-year-old prophecy. On Cylon-occupied Caprica, Sharon and Helo's flight from the Cylon overseers suddenly becomes more complicated when Sharon discovers she's pregnant.

Poster for episode Colonial Day.

Colonial Day

When President Roslin calls an Interim Quorum of the Twelve Colonies, she discovers that democracy brings its ugly stepsisters — politics and deadly intrigue — to the party. Tom Zarek, the charismatic convicted terrorist, is elected as the delegate from Sagittaron and immediately proposes elections for the vice-presidency. Roslin encourages her trusted adviser, Wallace Gray, to run against Zarek, but when he proves less than popular, she turns to the suddenly popular Baltar as her candidate. Meanwhile, two shady and heavily armed characters, Grimes and Vallance, have infiltrated the Quorum site. Lee and Kara foil the assassins' plot, but then Vallance mysteriously dies in custody. Light-years away, on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Sharon must make an impossible choice — if she is to save Helo's life, she must finally reveal to him that she is a Cylon.

Poster for episode Kobol's Last Gleaming (1).

Kobol's Last Gleaming (1)

While flying a supply patrol, Crashdown and Sharon Valerii discover a bountiful planet that can support human life. Indeed, it might be Kobol, the legendary "home of the gods." The discovery prompts Commander Adama to send a ground team to investigate; it also gives new life to President Roslin's belief that she is a tool of destiny and that this discovery, like her rapidly spreading cancer, is part of an ancient prophecy. However, things are not well on the Galactica. Gaius Baltar, the new vice-president, has a one-night stand with Kara Thrace and finds himself at odds with both Lee Adama and a deeply jealous Number Six. Meanwhile, both Cylon Sharons struggle with their dual natures. On Galactica, she contemplates suicide when she realizes her programming will lead her to betray her comrades; on Caprica, she tries to convince Helo that her love for him is stronger than her loyalty to the Cylons. After a Raptor carrying Vice-President Baltar is shot down over Kobol, Commander Adama must find a way to destroy the Cylon basestar that guards the planet before he can send a rescue team. He orders Kara to fly a dangerous mission against the basestar, using the captured Cylon Raider — but Kara makes an unauthorized Jump home to Caprica instead, abandoning Adama and the stranded Raptor crew.

Poster for episode Kobol's Last Gleaming (2).

Kobol's Last Gleaming (2)

When Commander Adama learns that Kara disobeyed orders and Jumped to Caprica on orders from President Roslin, he demands the president's resignation, with the implied threat of a military coup. Roslin refuses his demand and sparks a confrontation. As civil war simmers in the fleet, the conflict on Caprica heats up. Kara completes her mission for Laura: She finds the Arrow of Apollo that, according to prophecy, will lead the fleet to Earth. No sooner does she pick it up, however, than she is thrust into a battle to the death with Number Six. Meanwhile, Adama sends Sharon and Racetrack in a Raptor equipped with a Cylon transponder, to fire a nuclear warhead that will destroy the basestar. But when the missile release jams, Sharon lands the Raptor deep inside the basestar, to deliver the warhead manually. Once outside her ship, however, Sharon is greeted by dozens of Sharon avatars, all Cylons like her, welcoming her home. She retreats, but is told that she and her fellow Cylons will meet again. She and Racetrack escape the basestar, which explodes. Mission accomplished, Sharon returns home to the Galactica. She warmly accepts Commander Adama's thanks and praise for a job well done — then she coldly shoots him, point-blank, in the chest.

Poster for episode Scattered.


With Commander Adama fighting for his life after being shot by the Cylon infiltrator Sharon, and President Roslin languishing in the Galactica's brig after losing the power struggle with Adama, Col. Tigh is thrust into the unfamiliar role of the sole leader in a time of crisis. The situation worsens quickly. First, Tigh sends Lee to the brig for siding with Roslin against Commander Adama. Then an emergency jump to escape an incoming Cylon force goes wrong, leaving Galactica alone in space, separated from the rest of the fleet — and from the medical help needed to save Adama's life. As Tigh struggles to come to terms with this crisis, he thinks back on his relationship with Adama, who saved him from oblivion and from his own fierce temper, and tries to tap into some of the wisdom that his old friend offered him. It soon becomes clear that to reconnect with the fleet, Galactica must jump back into danger over Kobol and network its computers, a highly risky move that will make the ship vulnerable to attack from both the Cylon fighters and their crippling computer viruses. Meanwhile, on the surface of Kobol, Chief Tyrol and the rest of the downed Raptor crew fight for their lives against an unseen enemy while Vice President Baltar seeks solace in his visions of Number Six, only to find those visions turn dark and haunting. Light-years away, on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Kara and Helo must find some way to bring the Arrow of Apollo back to the fleet — but first they have to get it back from the avatar of Number Six who has found it in the Delphi Museum.

Poster for episode Valley of Darkness .

Valley of Darkness

The Galactica has succeeded in reuniting with the fleet, but it has paid a terrible price: A Cylon computer virus has penetrated its computers, robbing the ship of power, and Cylon Centurions have boarded the Galactica and are battling their way to the ship's vulnerable centers. Lee Adama, in the brig with President Roslin, persuades some marines to release them. He orders Billy and Vedder to take the president to the sickbay disaster shelter, where she'll be safe, and heads off with a squad of marines to defend the ship's magazines. In the CIC, however, Col. Tigh knows from bitter experience what the Cylons are planning. The Centurions aren't going to blow up the ship; they're going to kill the crew by venting the ship's air and then turn its guns on the rest of the fleet. And only Lee — whom Tigh despises for his "disloyalty" to Commander Adama (i.e., support for the president) — and his small squad of marines are in position to stop the Cylon boarding party. Meanwhile, on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Starbuck and Helo break into her old apartment and fire up her old pickup truck. Light-years away on Kobol, Chief Tyrol and his crew return from their risky mission to get medical supplies for Socinus, only to realize that the wounded man isn't going make it. Number Six warns Baltar that Socinus won't be the last of the stranded Raptor crew to die — and that of all the humans, Baltar alone will live to see Earth.

Poster for episode Fragged .


As Doc Cottle works to save Commander Adama's life, Col. Tigh is beginning to realize that there's more to being a leader than giving orders. The press is clamoring for answers, everyone wants a decision now, and he feels himself being drawn to his old friend and enemy, the bottle. Worst of all, the Quorum of Twelve has arrived on the Galactica and is demanding to see President Roslin. Tigh resists, but his wife Ellen convinces him that the president has lost her mind and that letting her meet with the Quorum will only cement Tigh's power. The plan backfires: Roslin's odd behavior was only a symptom of chamalla withdrawal, and when she meets the other leaders she has recovered her composure. She condemns Adama's action and announces that she is the leader, spoken of in the Scrolls of Phylia, who will lead the people to Earth. Livid, Tigh orders the Quorum off his ship. Meanwhile, Lee Adama leads a search-and-rescue mission to find the Raptor crew lost on Kobol, unaware that the Cylons have set up a missile battery in anticipation of such an effort. It falls to the beleaguered survivors on the ground to knock out the Cylon artillery before Galactica's rescue team flies into the trap. Unfortunately, Chief Tyrol has serious misgivings about Crashdown's plan to destroy the missile battery — and about the lieutenant's ability to lead a team of non-combat personnel against high-tech killing machines. Vice President Baltar has even graver doubts — because Number Six has warned him that one of their number will betray the others on Kobol.

Poster for episode Resistance.


Col. Tigh's imposition of martial law threatens to split the crew and the fleet. He's thrown Chief Tyrol into the brig on suspicion of being a Cylon and his dismissal of the Quorum has provoked the other ships to refuse to send fuel and other supplies to the Galactica. His judgment blurred by drink and the goading of his ambitious wife, Ellen, Tigh sends armed troops to one of the ships to take supplies by force, a move that ends in disaster when civilians are killed. Amid this chaos, Lee schemes to free President Roslin to establish a democratic opposition. He makes a break for freedom with Roslin, while Roslin's close aide Billy chooses to stay behind. Tigh threatens to shoot down the Raptor carrying Roslin away from the Galactica, but he can't bring himself to kill his friend's only surviving son, and Lee and Roslin escape into the fleet at large. Meanwhile, Baltar uses Sharon's love for Tyrol to intimidate her into revealing how many Cylons are lurking in the fleet. On Cylon-occupied Caprica, Kara and Helo find themselves in a standoff against other humans. Cooler heads prevail, and the pilots meet their new allies: a group of 53 survivors, led by Anders and Sue-Shaun, members of a professional pyramid team that survived the nuclear holocaust because they were training in the mountains. Kara enlists their help in her mission to get off Caprica.

Poster for episode The Farm.

The Farm

Commander Adama returns to a hero's welcome and an unenviable task: In order to maintain control of the fleet, he must track down his son, Lee, and President Roslin, who have escaped (with Tom Zarek's help) into hiding somewhere in the fleet. Adama orders all ships in the fleet searched. Meanwhile, Lee and Roslin prepare to send a message to the rest of the fleet seeking popular support. When the time comes, however, Lee can't bring himself to publicly condemn his father. With no other choice, Roslin plays "the religious card" to save the human race. She declares herself to be the voice of the prophet Pythia. Her announcement sends shockwaves throughout the fleet's population. Finally, unable to hide any longer, her ship makes the jump back to Kobol, where she plans to seek the road to Earth. To the surprise of many on the Galactica, and to Roslin herself, nearly one-third of the fleet follows her to Kobol. Far away, on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Kara goes on a recon with the resistance fighters and is wounded in a firefight. She finds herself being nursed back to health by Simon, an attentive doctor who tells that she can better serve the human race by having babies than by fighting Cylons. When Kara awakens with a new scar, though, she begins to suspect that neither Simon nor the hospital are what they seem. Sneaking out of her locked room, she discovers that Simon is a Cylon, and she kills him. Making a bid for freedom, she stumbles upon a chilling sight: a room full of women, including resistance fighter Sue-Shaun, wired up by the Cylons to serve as baby machines.

Poster for episode Home: Part 1.

Home: Part 1

Following the lead of President Roslin and Tom Zarek, more than one-third of the fleet has split from the Galactica and jumped into orbit around Kobol. Tensions arise within the rebel ranks on the Astral Queen as Zarek and his security chief, Meier, face off with Lee Adama. Those tensions increase when Kara and Helo return from Caprica with Sharon, who is now pregnant and a dead ringer for the Cylon who tried to assassinate Commander Adama. Roslin orders Sharon put to death, but after meeting with her, she learns that the Cylon might be their best hope for finding the Tomb of Athena and the route to Earth. Doubt nags at Roslin, however: Is Sharon motivated by love for Helo, or by a desire to betray her captors? Regardless, she's a key player in Roslin's team as it lands on Kobol. With Zarek and Meier plotting fresh treacheries, the prophecies continue to unfold in bloody fashion. On the Galactica, Adama and Col. Tigh weigh their losses and rebuild the air group's chain of command, which has been plunged into disarray by the defections of Lee and Kara. Adama selects Lt. George "Catman" Birch to replace Lee as CAG (Commander, Air Group). Birch's first day on the job begins with a harrowing mishap during a Viper-pilot training exercise, then he turns a routine refueling operation into a near-disaster. Following an uncomfortable meeting with Dualla, Adama is forced to admit that there is no substitute for the people the fleet has lost. He orders a Raptor be prepped to take him and a small team back to Kobol, so that he can find Roslin and Lee and put the fleet back together.

Poster for episode Home: Part 2.

Home: Part 2

Following a firefight with Cylon Centurions and the death of her spiritual advisor Elosha, President Laura Roslin treks onward with her confederates in search of the Tomb of Athena. Heavy rain and Kobol's rugged terrain make the journey difficult for all except the tireless Sharon. Tom Zarek again butts heads with Lee Adama, inspiring Zarek's henchman Meier to consider drastic measures that will clear the path to power for his old friend. Meanwhile, aboard the Galactica, Gaius Baltar questions his sanity as Number Six toys with him, and Commander Adama mounts a rescue mission to Kobol. Adama enlists presidential aide Billy Keikeya to join his quest for peace with the rebels. After discovering Elosha's grave on Kobol, the Galactica landing party continues its search and finally intercepts Roslin and her group. Putting aside old conflicts, Adama opens the door to peaceful reconciliation for all. Meier, however, sees the détente between Adama and Roslin as a renewed threat to the rightful power of Tom Zarek, and he conspires with Sharon to murder Adama, Lee and the president. Finding the ransacked tomb, the unified team struggles to unlock its secrets with the Arrow of Apollo. Before they can do so, however, Meier and Sharon spring their ambush, leaving everyone's fates uncertain as the triggers are pulled....

Poster for episode Final Cut .

Final Cut

Now that the fleet is reunited, old conflicts reignite. Criticism of the military reaches a fever pitch in the aftermath of the massacre on the Gideon. During the period of martial law, a team of Galactica's marines, led by pilot Lt. Palladino, had opened fire on civilian protesters aboard the civilian freighter. Col. Tigh, commanding officer during the incident which left four civilians dead and a dozen others wounded, receives a death threat. Shortly afterward, he very nearly falls victim to an act of sabotage. It is decided that steps must be taken to ratchet down the rhetoric, on both sides of the dispute. Intent on improving relations between the civilian fleet and the military, President Roslin and Commander Adama offer Fleet News Service reporter D'Anna Biers unlimited access to the Galactica officers and crew. With her cameraman in tow, D'Anna interviews a series of stressed-out pilots, crew hands and officers. Gaius Baltar, urged on by Number Six, hopes to gain D'Anna's support in his political ambitions. D'Anna stumbles onto one of the Galactica's most explosive secrets, however, when she encounters the Cylon prisoner Sharon, whose unborn child is saved by the quick actions of Dr. Cottle following a near-miscarriage. And when Louanne "Kat" Katraine, wired on stimulants, crash-lands her Viper, D'Anna must decide whether she'll fashion her report as a hatchet job or as a more nuanced portrait of life aboard the Galactica. The arrival of two Cylon attack ships clarifies D'Anna's thinking — as does a potentially deadly ambush that puts Tigh and his wife in the gunsights of a crazed, would-be assassin.

Poster for episode Flight of the Phoenix.

Flight of the Phoenix

Commander Adama is keenly aware that morale is at a low point after what he terms "months on the run with little to show for it but casualties and deteriorating conditions." Chief Tyrol, still haunted by his memories of the first Cylon Sharon, is in a bleak mood. He verbally spars with Capt. Lee Adama and gets into a drunken punch-up with Helo, who remains romantically committed to the current avatar of Sharon. After sending one more dilapidated Viper to the scrap heap, Tyrol vents his frustration by attempting to build a new plane from salvaged parts. His seemingly impossible mission generates cynicism at first, then growing respect and eventually a full team effort that pulls in even the skeptical Col. Tigh. Meanwhile, a Cylon virus penetrates the Galactica's computers. It wreaks havoc by creating dangerous power surges, an unscheduled engine ignition and a near-fatal oxygen shut-down. Once the virus is identified by Gaius Baltar as a Cylon "logic bomb," Sharon, who remains imprisoned in the Galactica's brig, is enlisted to defuse a threat that she immediately recognizes as the prelude to a Cylon assault. Adama orders the fleet to jump to new coordinates while the Galactica stays behind to wipe the virus from its computers and contend with a massive assault by more than 200 Cylon Raiders. Though Sharon's motivations are in doubt — do the Cylons really pose a danger to her unborn child, or is she working some deep Cylon agenda? — she turns the computer virus against the attacking Cylon fleet and enables the Galactica and her vastly outnumbered Viper squadrons to win the battle without taking any casualties. Flush with the thrill of victory, the crew's spirits soar higher still when Tyrol's lab project takes flight — as a powerful new model of stealth ship that they name the Blackbird.

Poster for episode Pegasus.


The mood aboard the Galactica turns jubilant when the top-of-the-line battlestar Pegasus — long thought to have been annihilated with the rest of the colonial fleet — appears out of nowhere. The Galactica's relatively ragged crew meets their spit-and-polish counterparts from the Pegasus, among them Admiral Helena Cain; her X.O., Col. Jack Fisk; and the ship's CAG, Capt. Cole "Stinger" Taylor. Cain warmly greets Commander Adama, who chooses to yield command of the fleet to his superior officer. In private, Adama and Cain compare notes. Cain reveals that the Pegasus crew had taken its computers offline for servicing shortly before the original Cylon assault and therefore was able to escape the nuclear genocide. Since then, the ship has been on a relentless search-and-destroy mission against the Cylons. Each battlestar holds a single Cylon prisoner. Because Vice President Gaius Baltar has successfully extracted information from Sharon, Cain invites him to study her Cylon captive on the Pegasus — a bruised and bloodied replica of Six named Gina. It is revealed that the Pegasus encountered the Galactica while tracking a Cylon fleet, which itself appears to have been pursuing the Galactica. Plans are laid for both battlestars to attack a mysterious vessel guarded by this fleet. However, Adama fumes when Cain announces that, due to rampant discipline problems on the Galactica, she will be reassigning key crewmembers from the Galactica to the Pegasus. Later, sparks fly quickly when Stinger maps out a reconnaissance plan that Starbuck bluntly criticizes. Meanwhile, Lt. Thorne, the chief interrogator from the Pegasus, sets out to "break" Sharon like he broke Gina. Learning of Thorne's brutal tactics, Helo and Tyrol rush to Sharon's aid. A fistfight ensues, and Thorne is accidentally killed. Cain orders a snap court-martial, and both Helo and Tyrol are sentenced to death. Refusing to allow his men to be convicted and executed without a full tribunal and the opportunity to mount a legal defense, Commander Adama initiates a high-stakes game of chicken that leads to Vipers from both ships training weapons on each other.

Poster for episode Resurrection Ship.

Resurrection Ship

Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace prevents a potentially deadly face-off between the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus when she returns at the last second from her unauthorized mission in the blackbird stealth fighter, bearing stunning recon photos of the Cylons' "resurrection" ship. Unable to resist this tempting target, Commander William Adama and Admiral Helena Cain establish an uneasy truce as they agree to prioritize the destruction of the resurrection ship, and table their personal and professional conflicts — for now. Adama remains distrustful, however, when he learns that Cain's survive-at-all-costs attitude led her to order the Pegasus crew to abandon its own civilian fleet months ago. Disturbed by this news, President Laura Roslin suspects that, as soon as the resurrection ship is destroyed, Cain will jettison Galactica's civilian fleet, as well. As he continues his power struggle against Cain, Adama must make an impossible decision, on the eve of a battle that could change the face of the Cylon war and decide the fate of the human race.

Poster for episode Resurrection Ship: Part 2.

Resurrection Ship: Part 2

The battlestars Pegasus and Galactica go head-to-head with Cylon baseships in a battle that will change the face of the war. But for Lt. Kara Thrace, the real war is with her conscience, as she steels herself to carry out Commander Adama's order to assassinate Admiral Cain. When Lee Adama hears from Kara of the order, he confronts his father and challenges the morality and the legality of the order — but Commander Adama remains resolute. For the good of the fleet, he tells his son, Admiral Cain must be eliminated. Meanwhile, in the Pegasus brig, Pegasus crewmembers brutally assault Galactica prisoners Chief Galen Tyrol and Lt. Karl Agathon, as revenge for the murder of one of their officers. Only a timely intervention by the Pegasus's XO halts the beating before it becomes fatal. As the battle to destroy the Cylons' "Resurrection Ship" intensifies, members of both battlestars' crews are forced to decide how much of their humanity they are willing to sacrifice in order to survive. Ultimately, the fight that begins with heroic self-sacrifice ends in a white-knuckle test of two Commanders' courage — and their character.

Poster for episode Epiphanies.


Cancer-stricken President Laura Roslin lies near death in the Galactica's sickbay. Still lucid and in command, she orders that the pregnancy of the Cylon spy Sharon be terminated, after inexplicable properties are discovered in a fetal blood sample. Dr. Gaius Baltar, who, as vice president, is poised to assume the presidency upon Roslin's death, protests that a half-human, half-Cylon child would make an ideal case study; the child's father, Lt. Karl "Helo" Agathon, also is outraged by Roslin's decision. Admiral Adama is determined to carry out Roslin's final decree until Baltar discovers that the hybrid fetus's blood cells might possess fantastic healing properties. Meanwhile, a secret group of Cylon sympathizers resorts to sabotage to demand that humanity sue for peace with the Cylons. Adama arrests their leader, Royan Jahee, but the group continues its violent revolt, bombing the tylium refinery ship, leaving the fleet short of fuel and vulnerable to enemy attack. An even more ominous threat emerges when Baltar once again connects with Gina, a flesh-and-blood version of the Number Six who lives in his head. Gina has infiltrated the sympathizers' ranks, in an effort to promote the Cylon agenda. Baltar realizes that President Roslin doesn't trust him to succeed her as president — and that she might, in fact, know of his affiliation with Caprica Six, who sabotaged the Colonial defenses. He discreetly arranges for a nuclear warhead to fall into the hands of Gina and the Cylon sympathizers, placing the entire fleet in mortal jeopardy.

Poster for episode Black Market .

Black Market

A thriving black market in food, medicine and luxury items has developed within the fleet, serving the rich and depriving the needy of essential goods. When Pegasus's commanding officer, Commander Jack Fisk, is found brutally murdered in his private quarters surrounded by a cache of cigarettes, liquor and jewelry, Lt. Lee Adama is appointed chief investigator. Lee discovers that Fisk was fronting a racketeering operation that ostensibly involves other prominent military and civilian authorities. The suspects include Quorum representative Tom Zarek and Vice President Gaius Baltar, who is angered by President Laura Roslin's suggestion that he resign, for the good of the office. The investigation becomes personal for Lee when a gang of black-market thugs kidnaps Shevon — a prostitute with whom he has developed an intimate relationship — and her young daughter, Paya. The gangsters threaten to kill Shevon unless Lee abandons his investigation. Intensifying his efforts, Lee tracks the gang's ringleader, Phelan, to the Prometheus, a renegade freighter packed with contraband. During a tense standoff, he brokers a Machiavellian deal with the criminals while gaining unsavory insights into human nature — including the true depth of his own depression and the burden of a guilt he has carried for far too long….

Poster for episode Scar.


The colonial mining ship Majahual has been working around the clock for a month extracting essential metals from an asteroid. The fleet has moved on, leaving Galactica behind to guard the miners from persistent Cylon raids. The viper pilots' deadliest foe is an enemy Raider that they've nicknamed "Scar" — the combat-savvy reincarnation of countless Cylon warriors that boasts a growing list of human kills. Hiding out in the asteroid belt, Scar is a master of hit-and-run attacks that are decimating the war-weary Viper squadrons and forcing them to throw inexperienced replacement pilots into the fray. The shaken pilots, led by Capt. Lee "Apollo" Adama, cover their distress at the mounting casualties by adopting a hardboiled demeanor. But neither booze nor a lustful encounter with Lee can vanquish the battle-fatigue or the demons that haunt Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Tempers explode between Kara and Lt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine, who insists that Starbuck is dangerously off her game. A fierce competition ensues as to which of them will obliterate Scar. But when Scar traps both Starbuck and Kat in an ambush, Kara must swallow her pride and support her brash young rival in a climactic dogfight against the Cylons' top gun.

Poster for episode Sacrifice.


Fleet-wide paranoia reaches a new peak when word leaks out that the Cylon Sharon is secretly being kept alive aboard the Galactica. Sesha Abinell, a civilian who is grieving her husband's tragic death during a Cylon raid several weeks earlier, is incensed by the thought of a Cylon agent being trusted to provide intelligence to Galactica's officers. She is convinced that the Cylon is manipulating Admiral Adama and leading the fleet to its destruction. Assisted by three sympathizers, Sesha takes drastic action. She pulls a weapon in a bar aboard the luxury ship Cloud Nine and holds its occupants hostage — among them Ellen Tigh and the uneasy romantic triangle of Lee Adama, Anastasia Dualla and Billy Kekeiya. Sesha's demand is simple: Turn over the Cylon spy Sharon Valerii to be executed, or else the hostages will die. Lee is at first able to avoid detection; he tries to undermine Sesha and her accomplices by triggering mechanical malfunctions. He is soon flushed out, however, and Sesha makes it clear to Admiral Adama that if Sharon isn't surrendered to her, she will kill his son. Kara Thrace makes a bold move in an effort to rescue the hostages, but the op goes terribly wrong and Lee is critically wounded. With time running out, Admiral Adama endorses a desperate plan to end that stalemate, with disastrous consequences. Sesha's wrath exacts a heartbreaking toll when an innocent human life is sacrificed on her altar of vengeance.

Poster for episode The Captain's Hand.

The Captain's Hand

On the Galactica, movement inside a cargo container draw the suspicion of Tyrol and his deck crew. When the box is opened, a stowaway is found inside, a pregnant 17-year-old girl named Rya Kibby. Once in custody, she asks to be brought to Doc Cottle. Meanwhile, a pair of Raptors from the Pegasus, out on a training exercise in a region of intense radiation that interferes with communications, relay a garbled distress signal back to the Pegasus, under the command of the recently promoted engine room chief, Commander Barry Garner. Before Garner and his crew can verify the Raptors' transmission, the Raptors jump away and vanish from the fleet's dradis screens. Ratcheting up the tension aboard the Pegasus is the running feud between Garner and flight training supervisor Capt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, a battle of wills that is only made worse by the arrival of Garner's interim XO — Lee "Apollo" Adama, newly promoted to the rank of major. Back on the Galactica, Rya Kibby's desire to exercise her legal right to an abortion, and the revelation that Doc Cottle has been providing this service to women in the fleet for the past few months, becomes an incendiary political issue. The fleet's pro-life Gemenon faction threatens to pull its support for President Laura Roslin unless she condemns the practice of abortion and makes it illegal. Aboard the Pegasus, Commander Garner proves unequal to the responsibility of commanding a battlestar. He insists on mounting a quixotic rescue mission, despite Starbuck's insistence that the signal the Raptors followed was almost certainly a Cylon trap. But when Garner disobeys a direct order from Admiral Adama and orders the Pegasus to go after its missing aircraft, it's up to Apollo to take action and prevent the Pegasus and her crew from becoming the Cylons' next victims. As the abortion debate flares throughout the fleet, Roslin is forced to take a stand on the issue. Recognizing that every potential life counts in a shrinking human population, Roslin ponders an executive order that will create a wedge issue — one which Gaius Baltar is almost certain to exploit as he launches his own surprise bid for the Colonial presidency.

Poster for episode Downloaded.


On Caprica, the reincarnated Number Six and Sharon Valerii are hailed as "Heroes of the Cylon" for the key roles they played in the near-destruction of the human race. But these are tortured heroes. Six's thoughts are haunted by Baltar, just as she haunts his thoughts on the Galactica. Sharon, meanwhile, has so fervently embraced her love for Tyrol and the fake human memories the Cylons created for her undercover mission, that the Cylon leadership — D'Anna and Doral — are thinking of "boxing" her: putting her consciousness into permanent cold storage, a living death. Elsewhere on Caprica, the human resistance, under the leadership of Kara Thrace's lover, Samuel Anders, is preparing to strike a savage blow, however futile it might ultimately be, against the Cylon occupation. As the fates of Caprica Sharon and Sam Anders converge, the future of two peoples hinges upon an arbitrary twist of fate…. On the Galactica, the captive Sharon gives premature birth to Hera, the child she conceived with Helo. As the infant fights for her life, she becomes the focus of intrigue. President Roslin and the Cylons hidden within the fleet scheme against each other for control of the newborn girl, and to determine whether she will become a symbol of hope ... or a harbinger of human extinction.

Poster for episode Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1

Aboard the Pegasus, Capt. Kara Thrace briefs a room full of Raptor crews and marines for a dangerous, volunteer-only mission to Caprica, to rescue the civilian survivors on the planet's surface. Using information obtained from the captive Cylon Sharon, they've linked their Raptors' navigation systems to the superior navigational capabilities of their captured Cylon heavy raider. Meanwhile, in separate private quarters on the Galactica, President Roslin and Vice President Baltar each prepare notes for their first presidential debate, to be televised to the fleet. As Roslin memorizes her talking points, Baltar is hectored by Six's religious exhortations to have faith that the election will unfold as "God intends." As the rest of the fleet watches the start of the presidential debate, Specialist Cally finds Chief Tyrol asleep under a Viper. She reaches out and wakes him — and he explodes to consciousness, reflexively lashes out and pummels her with a raging, brutal assault. Then he regains control, is horrified by what he's done, and calls desperately for medical assistance. After the first debate, President Roslin enjoys a commanding lead over Baltar in the polls. Then, as if in response to Baltar's sarcastic plea for a miracle, one of the raptors from the Caprica rescue mission returns early with stunning news: Because of a miscalculated jump, they've accidentally discovered a habitable planet, in a region of space that will hide them from the Cylons' sensors. On the advice of Tom Zarek, Baltar uses the planet's discovery as a political wedge issue. He fans the civilian population's desire for a new home, a safe home, an end to the constant running. Popular opinion swings sharply against Roslin, who is unprepared to give up the search for Earth. Tyrol seeks counseling from a priest named Brother Cavil, who gets the chief to talk about the nightmares that have plagued him for weeks. Finally, Cavil helps Tyrol confront what's really bothering him: Somewhere deep down inside, Tyrol is afraid that he might, like Sharon, really be a Cylon. Light-years away on Caprica, the Colonial rescue mission reaches Sam Anders and his surviving resistance fighters. No sooner are Kara and Sam reunited, however, than they find themselves caught in the midst of a Cylon ambush.

Poster for episode Lay Down Your Burdens, Part (2).

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part (2)

As the sun rises on Caprica, Starbuck and Anders discover that the Cylons have vanished. Brother Cavil declares it to be a miracle. But when the rescue team and civilian survivors return to the Galactica, the real reason for their survival become clear: Brother Cavil is a Cylon — his duplicate counseled Tyrol — and he has come here to deliver a message: The "Heroes of the Cylon" — Number Six and Sharon Valerii — have persuaded the Cylon leadership that trying to destroy the humans was an error. From now on the two civilizations will live apart, in peace. At the same time, voting continues in the Colonial presidential election. President Roslin approaches Baltar and proposes that, whoever wins, colonization of the newly discovered planet should be postponed until further study is done. Baltar spurns her offer, so she confronts him about Number Six, but he remains unfazed by her accusation. Panicked at the thought of Baltar taking control of humanity's fate, Roslin instructs her aide to take all necessary steps to steal the election. The plot, however, is discovered by Lt. Gaeta, and Laura and Adama must choose between denying the will of the people and letting a man they suspect to be a Cylon collaborator take power. For Laura, the question is difficult, but the answer is never in doubt: she and Adama allow their plot to unravel. Baltar wins. As President Baltar is sworn in, his Cylon lover, Gina, enacts a final vengeance against the fleet, detonating a nuclear warhead that destroys the Cloud Nine luxury liner. Despite the tragic loss of several ships, colonization of the planet — dubbed "New Caprica" — goes ahead over Adama's objections. Time passes; more and more of the fleet's population relocates to the surface, leaving only skeleton crews aboard the Galactica and the Pegasus. Through it all, Adama remains uneasy; he anticipates the return of the Cylons. And a year later, his fears are borne out, as a Cylon invasion force jumps into the system and lands on New Caprica. Outflanked and overpowered, Adama and his son Lee order their battlestars out of the system — leaving the civilian colony defenseless as a Cylon occupying force arrives to announce the dawn of a new era....

Poster for episode Occupation.


D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) enters an Oracles tent to visit Selloi Dedona, a frail old woman who is not well. She knows who D'Anna is, and what she is -- a Cylon, "Number Three." But D'Anna herself is not sure why she has come here. The Oracle chews on a handful of chamalla leaves (the planet from which the drug that Laura Roslin once took comes). Meanwhile, inside the Cylon Planning Ministry, Ellen Tigh is "frakking" an unknown partner. Elsewhere, Tyrol and Anders are a part of a new human resistance movement on New Caprica. They plant a bomb, and attempt to remote detonate it when a Cylon heavy cruiser filled with humanoid Cylons draws near. The device fails at first but later detonates, giving the resistance a much-needed victory. Laura Roslin remains a school teacher on the planet's surface. Inside her school, she and her former assistant Tory examine several hastily-taken photographs, trying to identify the members of a police force -- possibly humans who are now collaborating with the Cylon occupiers. They await the return of Adama and the Battlestar Galactica. Saul Tigh, meanwhile, is being held against his will in a Cylon detention facility. Brother Cavil is there, and indicates to him that Tigh may be there a while. Back in the Oracle's tent, Selloi tells D'Anna that the Cylon has lost her faith -- she not only does not believe in the Colonial pantheon, but not in her own god either. She knows about the dreams that D'Anna has been having, and claims that she is a messenger from God -- just as her dreams are. D'Anna shares the same flaw as the legendary Medusa, she says, and it will lead to her downfall. Selloi delivers her message to the Cylon: The hybrid child of Sharon Valerii and Karl Agathon is alive. Her name is Hera, and she is alive.

Poster for episode Precipice.


D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) enters an Oracles tent to visit Selloi Dedona, a frail old woman who is not well. She knows who D'Anna is, and what she is -- a Cylon, "Number Three." But D'Anna herself is not sure why she has come here. The Oracle chews on a handful of chamalla leaves (the planet from which the drug that Laura Roslin once took comes). Meanwhile, inside the Cylon Planning Ministry, Ellen Tigh is "frakking" an unknown partner. Elsewhere, Tyrol and Anders are a part of a new human resistance movement on New Caprica. They plant a bomb, and attempt to remote detonate it when a Cylon heavy cruiser filled with humanoid Cylons draws near. The device fails at first but later detonates, giving the resistance a much-needed victory. Laura Roslin remains a school teacher on the planet's surface. Inside her school, she and her former assistant Tory examine several hastily-taken photographs, trying to identify the members of a police force -- possibly humans who are now collaborating with the Cylon occupiers. They await the return of Adama and the Battlestar Galactica. Saul Tigh, meanwhile, is being held against his will in a Cylon detention facility. Brother Cavil is there, and indicates to him that Tigh may be there a while. Back in the Oracle's tent, Selloi tells D'Anna that the Cylon has lost her faith -- she not only does not believe in the Colonial pantheon, but not in her own god either. She knows about the dreams that D'Anna has been having, and claims that she is a messenger from God -- just as her dreams are. D'Anna shares the same flaw as the legendary Medusa, she says, and it will lead to her downfall. Selloi delivers her message to the Cylon: The hybrid child of Sharon Valerii and Karl Agathon is alive. Her name is Hera, and she is alive.

Poster for episode Exodus (1).

Exodus (1)

Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus try to free the colonists on New Caprica.

Poster for episode Exodus (2).

Exodus (2)

Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus try to free the colonists on New Caprica.

Poster for episode Collaborators.


After their escape from New Caprica a great question comes up: how to deal with the people who supported the cylon occupation?

Poster for episode Torn (1).

Torn (1)

The human fleet steps over a dying cylon base-star. The colonists find out, that they might use the virus responsible for that against the cylons.

Poster for episode A Measure of Salvation (2).

A Measure of Salvation (2)

The human fleet steps over a dying cylon base-star. The colonists find out, that they might use the virus responsible for that against the cylons.

Poster for episode Hero.


A pilot, who got captured by the cylons 2 years prior to their attack, takes his chance to flee. When he comes back to the fleet he has a dark secret to tell about Amada's past.

Poster for episode Unfinished Business.

Unfinished Business

This episode brings light onto the one year time, when mankind settled down on New Caprica. Between other things we'll find out about the differences between Lee and Kara.

Poster for episode The Passage.

The Passage

The Colonial fleet makes a "harrowing" journey. "Kat" plays a vital role in the success or failure of the "Passage" through space.

Poster for episode The Eye of Jupiter (1).

The Eye of Jupiter (1)

The crew of Galactica makes a stop at the barren Algae planet.

Poster for episode Rapture (2).

Rapture (2)

D'Anna/Number Three squares off against Adama over the Temple of the Five. Athena asks for Helo's aid in her plan to rescue Hera. On the algae planet, Apollo orders Dee to leave her defended position in order to save Kara. Anders helps Apollo to hold off the Cylon Centurion attack. Another copy of D'Anna finds the Temple and continues her search for the identities of the Final Five. Her messianic complex begins to concern the other Cylons.

Poster for episode Taking a Break from All Your Worries.

Taking a Break from All Your Worries

Now onboard Galactica, Baltar faces charges of treason. He contemplates suicide with the help of Number Six. Questions remain about his true identity. Is he a Cylon or isn't he? Apollo shows off the new drinking establishment on Galactica, Joe's Bar, to Tyrol. Apollo thinks about Kara and wonders whether his marriage to Dee is worth saving.

Poster for episode The Woman King.

The Woman King

The Sagittarons allege that a doctor is discriminating against them. As Helo investigates, he becomes concerned that the doctor may even be murdering patients. Meanwhile, Athena unwittingly brings Hera to the doctor for treatment.

Poster for episode A Day in the Life.

A Day in the Life

Chief Tyrol and his wife Cally become trapped in a malfunctioning airlock. Adama remembers his late wife Carolanne as he marks his wedding anniversary. His relationship with President Roslin continues to become more friendly and personal.

Poster for episode Dirty Hands.

Dirty Hands

Amid a heated labor dispute, Tyrol asks the imprisoned Baltar for advice. Seelix becomes involved after she is turned down for flight training.

Poster for episode Maelstrom.


Kara continues to have dreams about Leoben Conoy and the mandala she painted at her old apartment on Caprica. While on patrol in her Viper, she encounters a Cylon Heavy Raider. When Tyrol cannot verify Kara's claim that the Cylon ship struck the Viper, Admiral Adama and Lee become concerned about her mental stability.

Poster for episode The Son Also Rises.

The Son Also Rises

When Baltar's representatives face assassination attempts, Adama asks Lee to protect Baltar's lawyer. After taking on the assignment, Lee seeks to play an active role in Baltar's defense.

Poster for episode Crossroads, Part 1.

Crossroads, Part 1

Baltar's trial testimony threatens the very stability of the fleet. Lee assists Romo Lampkin in Baltar's defense. Some in the fleet begin to feel that Baltar is divine. Though he dismisses such beliefs, Number Six suggests that the followers may know more about his true nature than Baltar does himself. At Baltar's trial, Col. Tigh testifies about the death of his wife Ellen on New Caprica.

Poster for episode Crossroads, Part 2.

Crossroads, Part 2

As Baltar's trial comes to a conclusion, key members of the fleet discover that they may be the Final Five Cylons. Tigh attempts to decipher the strange music he is hearing in his head, while a Cylon fleet approaches.

Poster for episode He That Believeth In Me.

He That Believeth In Me

As the Cylons close in on the crippled human fleet, a lost comrade returns to Galactica bringing hope of finally reaching the legendary planet Earth, but some soon suspect that the messenger may not be who or what she appears.

Poster for episode Six of One.

Six of One

After the destruction of their civilization at the hands of a rebellious race of robots, humanity's survivors, protected by their last surviving warship, travel the galaxy in a rag-tag fleet in search of a legendary planet called Earth.

Poster for episode The Ties That Bind.

The Ties That Bind

Kara Thrace seeks her own path in the search for Earth as the commander of a lone freighter. The Cylons face the threat of the newly sentient Centurions unleashed by Natalie, a copy of Number Six. On the Galactica, a member of the crew learns a dark secret about a loved one.

Poster for episode Escape Velocity.

Escape Velocity

Humans and Cylons continue to battle each other because of their different belief systems and deities; Gaius Baltar (James Callis) causes further strife between the groups about religious freedom when he talks more about his own beliefs.

Poster for episode The Road Less Travelled.

The Road Less Travelled

As the Cylons and humans consider a truce, Starbuck reaches out to an old foe.

Poster for episode Faith.


The dying President Roslin and the aggressive Viper pilot Kara Thrace try to accept the new terms of the relationship with the Cylons.

Poster for episode Guess What's Coming to Dinner.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner

President Roslin faces challenges as the Colonials plot with Cylon rebels to destroy a Resurrection Hub.

Poster for episode Sine Qua Non.

Sine Qua Non

A power struggle among the Colonials results when one of their leaders is abducted.

Poster for episode The Hub.

The Hub

Colonial Viper pilots plan an attack on the Resurrection Hub with their Cylon rebel allies.

Poster for episode Revelations.


Rebel Cylons go to extreme measures to draw out the Final Five from the Colonial fleet.

Poster for episode Sometimes a Great Notion.

Sometimes a Great Notion