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Poster for Six Feet Under (2001).


ID t4Q
Entry type TV Series
Genres drama, comedy
Countries USA
语言 en es ru
Duration 60 min
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Poster for episode Pilot.


Nathaniel Fisher, Sr1943-2000 Meet the Fisher family. After the patriarch of the family, dies in a hearse-accident, the family comes together to mourn and decide the fate of the family Funeral Home. Nate, who works for an organic grocery store in Seattle, has to deal with more than just the death of his father. His mother, Ruth, is taking the death especially hard because she had been having an affair with her hairdresser, Hiram. David, the closeted homosexual who has helped with the business, has a difficult transition running things. Claire, the youngest of the clan, is a teenager in high-school trying to get comfortable in her own skin. On top of everything the family is already going through, they have a corporate funeral company hounding them to sell out.

Poster for episode The Will.

The Will

Chandler James Swanson, JrJuly 29, 1967 - January 8, 2001 During a get together around a pool, people discuss a franchise pyramid scheme. Chandler Swanson dives into the pool, but he doesn't come back up. He leaves a wife and an infant daughter. Nathaniel Fisher's will is read and Ruth gets money, stocks and insurance money. Nate & David are both given the funeral business. Claire receives college tuition, but she considers trading it in for cash. In an effort to help the Widow Swanson, Nate starts learning a few things about the funeral business. First up, caskets cannot be rented. By law, a used casket cannot be re-sold.

Poster for episode The Foot.

The Foot

Thomas Alfredo RomanoMay 16, 1944 - January 21, 2001 The Fishers have decided to sell, but then back out at the last minute because Nate cannot stand Gilardi. Claire finds a rathering interesting way to get back at Gabe for spreading rumors about her. Gilardi find his own way of payback. He tells the Fishers that he is buying the rundown house across the street from them in order to provide a cheap alternative to Fisher & Sons. However, mysteriously, the house catches on fire after Nate and Brenda fool around in it.

Poster for episode Familia.


Manuel Pedro Antonio Bolin "Paco"February 6, 1980 - February 15, 2001 The Fisher family wonder if Claire might have some part to play in the blaze across the street. Nate has Brenda over for dinner and it does not seem to go as well as expected. Nate is dealing with issues from every side, including a feud between a deceased's family and gang about how to handle his services. But Nate finally gets enough courage to stand up to Gilardi and handle issues with Keith and the clients.

Poster for episode An Open Book.

An Open Book

Jean Louise McArthur - "Vivica St. John"September 9, 1957 - February 17, 2001 David is trying to fill the void his father left in more than the business. He wants to become deacon at the family church, but Keith is having a problem with it. Ruth has a difficult time with a group of mourners for a porn star. But she and Claire try to have more bonding time and visit their cousins. Nate has dinner with Brenda's parents, psychiatrists Bernard and Margaret, without Brenda. He also meets her brother Billy in an unorthodox manner.

Poster for episode The Room.

The Room

Midred "Hattie" Effinger JonesApril 16, 1920 - March 21, 2001 Nate continues to learn disturbing things about his father. This time he finds out that sometimes his father would barter for funerals. In one case, he traded a room. While David is pursuing a closer relationship with his church, a divorcee tries to persue a closer relation with him. Claire meets Brenda's brother Billy and they hit it off extremely well. Ruth is still with Hiram, but is now also being pursued by her husband's florist, Nikolai.

Poster for episode Brotherhood.


Victor Wayne Kovich, PFCJanuary 16, 1971 - April 1, 2001 Billy tries to get in the way of Nate and Brenda's relationship. Ruth invites Hiram over for a family dinner, and also takes a florist job in Nikolai's shop. David meets an open-minded associate priest and votes to keep him on for the church. Claire continues to have problems with school and life in general.

Poster for episode Crossroads.


Chloe Margaret Bryant YorkinJanuary 7, 1959 - April 2001 The business is a bit slow these days, so Nate and David decide to rent out a room at the fineral home to supplement the loss. Frederico is being wooed by Kroehner's and he comtemplates doing it for the experience and the money. Claire is hiking in the mountains but doesn't really understand the point of it all.

Poster for episode Life's Too Short.

Life's Too Short

Anthony Christopher FinelliApril 12, 1995 - April 21, 2001 Claire runs into Gabe again, but not under the best circumstances. His brother died and his mother and he have come to Fisher & Sons for the services. Brenda and Nate visit several different local funeral homes posing as mourning relatives in order to help Nate improve upon his salesmanship.

Poster for episode The New Person.

The New Person

Jonathan Arthur HanleyApril 24, 1946 - may 4, 2001 Nate and David hire a replacement for Rico -- Angela. She's very good at what she does, but they have a hard time getting used to her willingness to speak her mind. Billy has a rather surprising gallery exhibit of some of his work.

Poster for episode The Trip.

The Trip

Dillon Michael CooperMay 4, 2001 - May 23, 2001 The day before Rico is expecting his own new baby, he must deal with handling a 3-week old dead baby. Nate, David, and Brenda go to Las Vegas for a funeral director's convention. David continues to "date" rather random men, and trying desperately to hide it from his mother and family. Ruth gets bold and actually attempts to ask David about whether or not he is g.... but David rudely interrupts her and says they can talk about it later. Claire is struggling with feelings for Gabe, whether they are guilt or adoration is a bit fuzzy. Ruth signs up for flower arranging classes to improve her skills, only to discover she's conceived as a bit controlling and tight.

Poster for episode A Private Life.

A Private Life

Marcus FosterMarch 5, 1978 - June 5, 2001 Rico and Vanessa finally have their new son. Brenda tries to handle her brother's obsessiveness and suggests he give her back her house key and start back on his medication. Billy does not react too well to this. David's feelings about his secret come closer to the surface due to a hate crime against a gay man, that the funeral home now must deal with. Ruth tries to get her son to bring up the subject, but has a very difficult time. Nate has a freakish encounter with Billy. Claire and Gabe continue their odd-ish relationship.

Poster for episode Knock, Knock.

Knock, Knock

Lillian Grace MontroseOctober 4, 1936 - June 14, 2001 Tracy Montrose Blair is back but for very different reasons this time. Her Aunt Lillian has passed away and David is the only one that can help her. While David is trying to deal with Tracy's outrageous demands and cope with her ever-changing ideas, Nate is trying to deal with Brenda and her family. Interrupted from his funeral director's exam, Nate scurries over to Brenda's so he can take her to visit Billy. Ruth finally decides she doesn't want to be involved with Nikolai and gets fired because of it.

Poster for episode In The Game.

In The Game

Rebecca Leah Milford1980-2001 Brenda and Nate seem to be in a bit of a slump, or rather Brenda is in the slump for both of them. David gets some good news, but then continues to get bad news of varying degrees. But if David's news is bad, Nate's could be considered slightly potentially devestating. And it doesn't help Nate that Brenda is being so detached and cold towards him. Ruth is trying to figure out ways she can be more accepting and open to David's homosexuality. In the process she questions Claire about her sexuality. Rico is trying to become more involved on the sales side of the business but strikes out.

Poster for episode Out, Out, Brief Candle.

Out, Out, Brief Candle

Joshua Peter Langmead1981-2001 Brenda is stressed about a dinner she is having for an ex-boyfriend and his wife. She wants to appear happier, more free, and generally just superior thus proving that he missed out by not being with her. Nate is attempting to deal with his condition with the help of a young man that died very young. Claire finds out that Gabe is changing in incredible ways, which includes stealing from her and her family. David and Keith are attempting a friendship again.

Poster for episode The Plan.

The Plan

Michael John Piper1952-2001 Nate and David have their first customer for the wall-o-caskets. This mourner is unlike most, though. She can still talk to her deceased husband, and he helps her pick out the casket of his choice. Ruth goes to a ceremony for graduates of a self-improvement class and decides it's something she needs to do too. Nate and David attend a lunch for the Independent Funeral Directors where they vent about their mutual hatred for Kroehner. David and Keith continue to play racquetball together. Claire gets into a bit of trouble because of Gabe and his continuing downward spiral.

Poster for episode Driving Mr. Mossback.

Driving Mr. Mossback

Harold MossbackFebruary 1, 1942 - September 18,2001 Nate brings Claire to his old stomping ground in Seattle to help him retrieve the body of a man who feared flying. There, they stay with Lisa (Lili Taylor), a woman who still carries a torch for Nate.

Poster for episode The Invisible Woman.

The Invisible Woman

Emily PrevinJuly 14, 1954 - September 2001 Claire gets extremely upset when her friend gets another girl to take her SATs for her. Ruth takes an odd interest in the death of a single woman that has no family. Keith needs temporary attention from David, which causes issues in his current relationship. Brenda gets particularly wrapped up with one of her clients who happens to be a prostitute.

Poster for episode In Place of Anger.

In Place of Anger

Matthew Heath Collins1959 - 2001 Ruth's estranged sister Sarah arrives for an unexpected visit, David considers giving his relationship with Keith another shot, and Brenda's feelings about her situation with Nate grow more muddled--especially after Billy's release from the hospital. Meanwhile, Christmas marks the one-year anniversary of Nathaniel's untimely death...and gets everyone thinking about their last moments with him.

Poster for episode Back To The Garden.

Back To The Garden

Jeffrey Marc Shapiro1963 - 2001 Nate is exposed to a friendly female rabbi at a funeral they have. Claire visits her Aunt Sarah's place and meets a boy that she isn't immediately disgusted by. Keith starts to get less icy towards David.

Poster for episode It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Jesse Ray Johnson1944 - 2001 It's the one year anniversary of Nathaniel Sr's death, and it gets the whole family reminiscing. Nikolai gets seriously injured and Ruth takes him into her home to take care of him. Claire gets sucked back into her love of the not-so-good boys. David and Keith continue to grow closer. Nate gets an unexpected gift that could possibly set him free.

Poster for episode Someone Else's Eyes.

Someone Else's Eyes

Dwight Edgar Garrison1945 - 2002 Ruth continues to help an injured Nikolai recover, but her patience is tested when she discovers just how he broke his legs. Brenda's escapades help her to write, but her feelings about being engaged grow more muddled--especially after Billy's release from the hospital.

Poster for episode The Secret.

The Secret

Benjamin Srisai1935 - 2002 Karla has a secret that will affect Keith and David. Ruth prepares to move ahead with Nikolai. Brenda faces anxiety about the engagement.

Poster for episode The Liar and the Whore.

The Liar and the Whore

Edith Kirky1929 - 2002 David is having a rather interesting time trying to deal with Keith's niece. Nate has to leave work for a bit so he and Brenda can visit with his rabbi friend, but before he can leave he gets served with legal papers. They are getting sued by a former client. Keith's mother and father visit only to tell him how much they don't approve of his "lifestyle" and they don't want his niece exposed to it.

Poster for episode I'll Take You.

I'll Take You

Leticia Perfecta Perez1929 - 2002

Poster for episode The Last Time.

The Last Time

Aaron Buchbinder1976 - 2002

Poster for episode Perfect Circles.

Perfect Circles

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr1965-2002 What would it be like if Nate died? Or, if Nate and Brenda had a kid? Or, if Nathaniel Sr married someone different? Or, if Nate's surgery didn't go so well and he became brain damaged? Or if Nate was an existential redneck? Nate experiences alternate realities but which one does he choose? Fisher & Sons is now Fisher & Diaz, and Rico is taking a stand. He does not want to be a "gofer" anymore, and makes sure everyone knows he is now a partner. Claire becomes "gofer", for 50 bucks a shot, and takes a body to the crematory where she meets a worker named Phil. She plays hooky from art class the next day to be with him. David and Keith start couples therapy, which only seems to anger Keith more. Ruth gets a bit obsessive with her granddaughter Maya, but Lisa puts her in her place. Lisa also deals with the quirkiness of her frenetic boss and landlord, Carol.

Poster for episode You Never Know.

You Never Know

Matthew Clark Hazen1962-2003Martin Jacobs1978-2003Andrew Wayne Milne1952-2003Daniel Grant Showalter1978-2003

Poster for episode The Eye Inside.

The Eye Inside

Callie Renee Mortimer1984-2003 Young Callie comes walking out of a bar and notices a few guys whistling at her. She ignores them for a moment, until their advances become a bit more obnoxious. She starts to cross the street to get away from them, and they yell out to her to get her attention. She then notices that the raucous group is just some of her friends that are messing around with her. However, she's still in the middle of the street and the car coming down the road doesn't see her. Lisa has quit her job without consulting Nate, and he doesn't seem to be overly happy about it. However, Ruth seems extremely happy letting them live in David's old room. Ruth also seems to be acting out a bit with her new friend Bettina. She skips out on a job interview, and steals a tube of lipstick from a department store. After Phil tells Claire that she can't go to one of his band's gigs because of another woman, she decides that she can't continue a relationship with him if he's going to date others. However, things are looking up for Claire at LAC-Arts. A new professor, Olivier Castro-Staal, praises Claire's work because it "...instantly makes me want to throw up." David and Keith go to a vacation resort, but David feels uncomfortable because there are no other gay couples around. Eventually David loosens up and he and Keith end up having a great relaxing time. But things change immediately when they hit rush-hour traffic and Keith goes back to his normal routine of instigation.

Poster for episode Nobody Sleeps.

Nobody Sleeps

Robert Lamar Giffin1955-2003 A room full of men are watching an old movie and one man is cuddled up with Robert, who is attached to an IV. The last thing Robert does is laugh with his head on his lover's shoulder. Nate is having bizarre dreams again. This time he's dreaming of his mother in his bed in the morning instead of his wife. He also has a dream with his father, where we learn he's afraid of becoming his father. Lisa is planning a birthday dinner for Ruth, but Nate thinks it's a bad idea. According to him, they've never done anything for her birthday before and she seems to like it that way. Bettina accompanies Ruth to the dentist and makes a fuss about having to wait over an hour on her birthday. They skip out there and go to a massage parlor where they discuss their past infidelities. Kevin, the lover of Robert, asks Fisher & Diaz if he can do something a little different for Robert's funeral. He wants to make Robert's funeral a scene in an opera. They agree and are quite amazed at the effort put forth for it. David wonders about how the couple lasted for 22 years. He realizes it's something he very much wants for he and Keith. Claire can't make it to her mother's birthday. She's attending a guest artist lecture with Russell. Afterwards, she goes out with Russell, her teacher Olivier, and the artist. Olivier continues to tell Claire how talented she is, and seems to begin flirting with her. Later, Russell and Claire hang out until morning where he informs Claire that he is not gay.

Poster for episode The Trap.

The Trap

William Aaron Jaffe1951-1975 A couple are in the woods hiking, and come upon an old VW Beetle. The car is rusted and plants have grown over it a bit. The look inside the car and they see someone in it. They open the car door and a bird flies out, however, there is an old skeleton in the front seat. Claire and Russell are in Olivier's art class and chatting it up. Russell asks Claire to go to his brother's wedding. Then Olivier asks Claire to be his assistant. Claire tells Federico that she can't do deliveries anymore because of her new job as an assistant. Federico takes a proposal to Nate and David. He suggests they use a mortuary student and they won't even have to pay them. They would have to provide room and board for the student, but they could save money overall. After David's choir practice he talks to some of the members. He discovers one of the guys is someone he had a brief fling with in a Sears bathroom. He denies it emphatically. Lisa starts to pour over their visa bill and finds purchases of Nate's that are questionable. Lisa reminds him that he is no longer single and needs to stop acting like he is. Nate then starts to get paranoid about every thing he wants to purchase. They decide on an apprentice, Arthur Martin. He's a bit odd in behavior, but that's what landed him the job. Ruth shows him around the house and the kitchen. She institutes an eating schedule so they don't end up in the kitchen together. Brenda shows up at the funeral home to talk to Nate. He is busy, so she ends up going with him on some errands. While waiting for some small repairs on the hearse, they go down the street to a cafe to have a drink. Eventually, they get to what she is there for. She is there to make amends. She apologizes to Nate about everything she did to him. Later, Nate tells Lisa about his run-in with Brenda. Lisa gets very upset, she wants Nate to check in with her before doing things like that in the future. Keith gets a call to a house. The police are already there, but they leave everything to Keith and a co-worker, Dion Corelli. While there, Keith & Dion, have a drink. However, Dion gets a bit carried away and wants to start tearing things up. Keith gets upset and pins Dion down, and starts hitting him. Lisa discovers the receipt of Nate and Brenda's lunch and seems very worried about it. Bettina is going to be leaving for awhile to de-program her daughter in Montana. Claire tells Russell that she would rather not go to his brother's wedding with him. Russell agrees and says he values their friendship. Keith tells David he wants to find a new job.

Poster for episode Making Love Work.

Making Love Work

Karen Postell Pepper1964-2003 Three middle-aged women stand outside a television studio waiting to be let in a session of Dr. Dave. As they are being let in one of the women starts getting a nose bleed. The other two women go in and leave the other woman outside to get her bleeding under control. She stands outside trying to manage it, but then collapses. Nate and Lisa are going camping with their friends Todd and Nina. Nate and Lisa seem to fight about every little detail before leaving to go camping. Once they get there, Nate wonders why they only have a 6-pack of beer. Lisa tells him they don't need to be drinking that much. Nate is saved because Todd brings a cooler-full of beer to the camp site. Ruth discovers Arthur uses a handkerchief and finds it refreshing that someone still uses them. Her and Arthur start talking about one of Arthur's favorite movies, Silent Running. It was playing at a local theater, but Arthur missed it. Later that night, Ruth tells Arthur that she picked up the movie at a movie store so they can watch it. Russell is dying Claire's hair in her bedroom. They seem to be getting much closer. After a bout of Olivier's criticism in art class, Russell gets very upset. Claire consoles him and they end up sleeping together. Afterwards, she discovers that it was Russell's first (and second) time. Federico has a very large body to work with. It requires a larger casket than usual. He gets Arthur to assist him, so they can get the casket and everything set up the night before the viewing. In the middle of the night, the whole house hears a huge booming crash. The body has fallen out of the casket. With several attempts, and much work, they finally get the body on a gurney. Ruth seems to be getting a bit odd around Arthur. She accidentally washes one of his handkerchiefs and goes to put it in his drawer. Before placing it in the drawer, she puts it to her face and inhales deeply.

Poster for episode Timing & Space.

Timing & Space

Bernard Asa Chenowith1939-2003 Brenda, her mother, and her brother, all sit around her father's hospital bed completely silent. Lisa is going to a cooking convention and leaving Nate alone with Maya. She worries a bit, but eventually goes. Later, while Nate is reading the paper, he discovers that Brenda's father has died and the funeral is today. He calls up Lisa, like a good little husband, and asks if she minds if he goes to the funeral. Lisa says she completely understands and it's cool if he goes. He has a problem finding someone to watch Maya. Federico says his wife, Vanessa probably wouldn't mind watching her. Nate takes Maya over to their house, but doesn't feel very comfortable leaving Maya with Vanessa. Nate tells Federico this, but he seems to shake it off. Nate ends up taking Maya with him to the funeral. Arthur shows Ruth some of his computer music work and she total loves it. She fawns all over him telling him how talented he is. Arthur decides to take a run, and Ruth wants to know where. She then proceeds in stalking him as he runs. David and Keith get ready for a brunch party with David's choir friends, and David wants to make sure Keith wears something nice to show off "good big parts". They get to the brunch and Keith obviously feels very uncomfortable. All the party-goers have leading lady names stuck to their back and are supposed to figure out who it is by asking everyone questions. Everyone figures theirs out except Keith and he gets very upset about the whole thing. Claire and Russell go to a paint supply store, where Claire admires a very expensive tube of blue paint. Later on, Russell gives Claire a present -- the expensive tube of blue paint. She tells him that he better be careful or she'll get used to such nice treatment. He tells her she better get used to it. Lisa gets home from her convention and finds out that Nate took Maya to the funeral and she gets extremely upset. She seems especially unnerved at the fact that Brenda might have picked up Maya or touched her. Lisa also feels that Nate always seems so different after spending time with Brenda. Federico confronts Vanessa about her moods as of late. He thinks maybe she should see someone or get some medication. Vanessa tells him that it's normal for her to be this way after her mother has died.

Poster for episode Tears, Bones and Desire.

Tears, Bones and Desire

Daddy1940-2003 A unique family makes hand mops and teaches their children from the backyard. Daddy, their teacher and father, sits down as the children play and his hat slips from his hand. The family of Daddy comes to Fisher & Diaz, and have a unique look on life. They are a communal family known as "The People". They decide to allow embalming, but they insist on remaining in his presence at all times so government agents don't take him. David invites some of his friends to a paintball game that Keith planned. Keith seems fine with it, but once of the paintball field, he seeks revenge for the party game he failed so miserably at. Lisa gets even more paranoid about Brenda, and decides to make an appointment for a massage with her. While there, Lisa seems very nervous, and at one point even cries. Afterwards, Nate sees something different with Lisa, but can't quite figure what it is. Ruth kisses Arthur, but he asks her not to do it ever again. He cherishes their friendship and doesn't want it to change. Ruth agrees, and then kisses him again. Claire and Russell go to Olivier's house to see what he wants. He wants Claire to go to Azusa to pick up something. They argue, but she eventually goes, leaving Russell behind with Olivier. While in Azusa, she meets up with an artist that was once Olivier's assistant. She finds out that Olivier usually sleeps with his assistants, and sometimes he has "boy years". She gets a bit concerned and asks Russell later if Olivier came onto him at all. He vehemently denies it and reiterates the fact that he is not gay. David & Keith end up having a paintball buddy, Sarge, stay the night because he drinks too much. However, when David and Keith are going to bed, Sarge asks if he can join them. They both agree. The next morning, Sarge is up making breakfast and David seems to feel a bit awkward. Keith seems fine, though.

Poster for episode The Opening.

The Opening

Melinda Mary Bloch1965-2003 A woman starts packing as though going on a trip. Lines up her luggage by the door. She leaves various notes around her house for specific people. She grabs a tape out of her stereo then goes into her garage. She turns her car on, puts the tape in the car stereo, applies her lipstick, and shuts the garage door. Claire and Russell's art work will be in a art show. They help Olivier place some work in the gallery. Claire is happy with where her work is placed, but Russell feels his is being somewhat hidden. Nate and Lisa talk about the possibility of them splitting up. Nate loves Lisa, but he just can't handle her lack of trust in him. While at Claire's art show, they run into Brenda. Lisa acts as though she's never seen her before and Brenda acts along. Later at the art gallery, sitting inside a pyramid piece, Nate and Lisa agree to start their relationship over -- as friends that happen to be lovers. Ruth continues to be interested in Arthur, but he doesn't seem to want to take the relationship to any other level than light petting. Keith and David continue their threesomes. Keith seems to be a bit more enthused about it than David, but he continues to go along. They set a ground rule - no kissing.

Poster for episode Everyone Leaves.

Everyone Leaves

Jeanette Louise Bradford1928-2003 While at a family picnic, Keith's mom's aunt gets stung by a bee. She immediately has an allergic reaction. Vanessa seems to be out of her depression. She has more energy and Frederico is enjoying it. She schedules them for dance lessons, and they have a blast. Later, while dancing at a club Vanessa starts to have difficulty breathing. She asks Frederico to give her a Xanax out of her purse that has quite a number of pills in it. Keith and David argue, as usual, in the car on the way to Keith's great aunt's funeral. David thinks they've had enough sexual exploration for the moment, but Keith wants to continue. After visiting with a man who lost his wife, Nate goes into the kitchen and starts to cry. Lisa is going to visit her sister up the coast and is worried about leaving him alone. Nate reassures her that he just had a temporary meltdown and he'll be fine. While in class, Russell has a breakdown of his own, temper-tantrum style. After his return, Russell reveals to Claire that he did mess around with Olivier. Claire tells him she never wants to see or speak to him again. He doesn't get the message because later he shows up at her house. Brenda and Billy appear to be living well together. However, after an emotional outburst at a poor cartoonization of their beloved book "Nathaniel and Isabel", Billy tries to intimately kiss Brenda. Brenda goes to visit Nate afterwards and they talk for awhile. As Brenda starts to leave, her and Nate kiss. Ruth sits down with Arthor and comes to the conclusion that he has never had sex before. As Arthur does not appear to want such a relationship with Ruth, she basically tells him they are off. At the funeral, Keith decides he is finally going to talk to his father about the abuse his father inflicted upon him and his sister when they were children. His father gets extremely upset, and when David tries to referee, Keith tells David that it's a family matter and none of David's business. David storms out and takes a bus back home. Nate tries contacting Lisa's sister to see if she's made it there alright, but Lisa's sister doesn't seem to know anything. Nate attempts to contact Lisa on her cellphone a few times with no success.

Poster for episode Death Works Overtime.

Death Works Overtime

Dorothy Su1945-2003David Raymond Monroe1971-2003Edward Tully1955-2003

Poster for episode Twilight.


Carl Desmond Williman1948-2003 Ruth's whirlwind romance with George gets hot and heavy when she suggests they get married. George, married six times before, agrees. Later, however, Ruth seems to reconsider and asks to takes things slow. George doesn't seem to mind that either. David and Keith come to a head. David lays it on the line with Keith and tells him how he feels. Later, he goes out with one of his friends from chorus, and they end up sleeping together. That seems to speed up his decision about Keith and he decides to move out. Claire has decided to get an abortion. She hasn't told anyone, except when she runs into Brenda. She asks that Brenda take her to the clinic, and Brenda agrees without question. Nate is completely terrified about what might have happened to Lisa. He starts to picture every possible way she could have disappeared. Nate assists a grieving daughter of an executing serial killer with funeral arrangements. In a desperate attempt to numb his feelings, he has sex with her.

Poster for episode I'm Sorry, I'm Lost.

I'm Sorry, I'm Lost

Anahid Hovanessian1951-2003 Ruth and George are getting married. When they announce to the Fisher family, there are mixed emotions. Nate is completely against it, David feels like it's inconsiderate considering Lisa's disappearance, and Clare thinks they barely know each other. Ruth doesn't care, she just wants to be happy and wants her children to be a part of it, but will continue even if they don't. Nate is drinking more often, and it's starting to effect the business. He also leaves Maya alone at night. Federico, in his frustration from home, accepts an invitation to a strip club. It's his first time to ever go to one. He gets a bit inebriated and flirts with one of the dancers, who later gives Federico a bit of enjoyment in his car. Nathaniel, Sr. visits Claire and takes her on a trip to the afterlife, which is guised as a park amusement park. She sees people that she has loved and lost, like Gabe Dimas, her baby, and Lisa. Her trip to the afterlife seems to resolve some issues for Claire. David also has a visit from his father. In his, his father convinces him to call Keith and try to make a go of it. David also seems to resolves some of his issues. Ruth and George get married at the house and have a nice reception. Everyone but Nate attends. He finally receives a phone call that he was not looking forward to. The police have found Lisa's body. In his fragile state, Nate goes to a local bar and gets himself beat up. On his drive home, he starts to see his father in the car with him, then Lisa. They both start talking to him about committing suicide. Instead, he ends up at Brenda's. Lisa Kimmel Fisher1967-2003

Poster for episode Falling Into Place.

Falling Into Place

Bruno Baskerville Walsh 1951-1972 Nate is having a difficult time with Lisa's death. The guilt that he feels is overshadowed by the arrival of Lisa's family. Nate and her mother end up in a fight over what Lisa wanted for her passing. Lisa told Nate that she wanted her death to be natural, and she wanted to be buried directly in the earth with nothing in between her and the earth that created her. Her mother wants her cremated and put in the family mausoleum. Eventually, Nate finds a way for everyone to get their way. Brenda seems to be showing interest in her neighbor after he brings her dinner one night. Keith stays over at the Fisher's with David after Ruth's wedding which sparks a discussion on what the two want in a relationship with each other. Vanessa finally tells her sister she thinks it's time for her to find her own place. Claire is trying to find a new way to view things to enhance her art. Russell attends Lisa's funeral, and Claire ends up spilling the news about her abortion. She is taken aback by Russell's reaction.

Poster for episode In Case of Rapture.

In Case of Rapture

Dorothy Sheedy1954-2003 The Fisher family seems to be having a hard time accepting George. Ruth is trying to integrate his furniture into their house as a way to get them to realize he's part of the family too, and so that George feels the same way. Nate is projecting his feelings about mourning Lisa onto clients of Fisher & Diaz. When it becomes too much, he makes a critical decision that affects everyone. Keith gets a new job as a bodyguard to the stars. But when faced with raging male hormone talk, he joins in and instantly slams the closet door for himself at work. Meanwhile, David is dealing with Nate's decision, and now a clogged up plumbing system that has blood erupting from the drains. He gets a plumber to service the clog, among other things, rather quickly.

Poster for episode Parallel Play.

Parallel Play

Kaitlin Elise Stolte1989-2003 David is training Arthur to perform more customer oriented duties. And with those responsibilities, new things are required – like a new wardrobe – so they go shopping. Ruth is still stressing over the poo incident, but seems temporarily at ease when the new "Mr & Mrs George Sibley" receive a beautiful gift basket full of treats, and some tricks. Nate takes Maya to a Mommy ‘N Me class and they both meet some new friends. Brenda discovers her new friend has some interesting ideas about how their sex life should be playing out. Claire attends a party with her new friends from art school, but unfortunately Russell is there in all his glory. Claire also discovers that Edie is a lesbian, but seems more intrigued about it than anything.

Poster for episode Can I Come Up Now?.

Can I Come Up Now?

Lawrence Henry Mason1938-2003 David's former fiancee, Jennifer, calls David in the middle of the night. Her father has been killed by a lightening strike and she wants Fisher and Diaz to handle the funeral. Being in contact with her stirs up old feelings of guilt in David. David also finds out that Keith is not out on the job which he finds rather shocking. Nate gets some alone time while Maya spends time with her relatives, but this might not necessarily be a good thing. Claire attempts flirtation with another art student with mixed results. Ruth and George receive yet another package, but this time in a kid's style dump truck. George suddenly realizes who has been doing the sending of the excrement -- a son he's never told Ruth about. Ruth, being Ruth, hunts the man down and decides they should both visit him. Brenda takes Joe to meet her mother and new "friend", our favorite art teacher, Olivier Castro-Stahl.

Poster for episode That's My Dog.

That's My Dog

Anne Marie Thornton1966-2004 David picks up a hitchhiker and is almost killed. If ever there was a story that could deter picking up any stranger on the side of a road this would be it. What often appears to be is not always the case.

Poster for episode Terror Starts At Home.

Terror Starts At Home

Robert Carl Meinhardt1962-2004 David struggles with the aftermath of his attack. He downplays the incident with his family by telling them he was carjacked. He tries to go back to work, but has very little success. Keith returns to the Celeste tour with hesitation. Rico continues to juggle his two relationships, but starts to find it more difficult. Nate tries to get a job to fill his time. And, of course, he chooses to visit a dog kennel. Perhaps he is looking for Lisa again. Brenda and Joe's relationship goes a step further. Joe has found a house he thinks they should live in, so they can prepare for the coming onslaught of babies. Brenda seems a bit caught off guard by all this, but goes along. The family throws David a birthday party, and in true Fisher form, someone has to be un-sober. Claire comes in feeling a little too happy. During her drug-induced haze, she and Edie get closer. Jimmy, Russell, and Anita get a bit closer too.

Poster for episode The Dare.

The Dare

Joan Morrison1939-2004 Claire is developing quite the crush on Edie. She continues to stare at a photo she took of Edie. Wonder what she has in mind. She is staying at David's so he won't have to be alone. Rico finally decides to get rid of his woman on the side, Sophia. She doesn't take it very well, and neither does his wife. Nate is helping out the business while David is still stressing out. He deals with his stress by having cleaning frenzies around the house. Nate and Brenda are having trysts in a seedy Motel. But of course, late at night Nate sees Lisa, and she instructs him to stop seeing Brenda and try to start a relationship with a woman he recently met.

Poster for episode Coming And Going.

Coming And Going

James Dubois Marshall1923-2004

Poster for episode Grinding The Corn.

Grinding The Corn

Lawrence Tuttle1969-2004

Poster for episode The Black Forest.

The Black Forest

Robert Duane Wething1958-2004 Nate, Maya and Brenda go to Idaho to inter Lisa's cremains. Breanda stays at the motel, but the Idaho relatives discover the rebound relationship because of a chance encounter at a local diner. Then, the Idahoans get evidence that the cremains are not Lisa's. David wants to have a commitment ceremony and adopt a child, after attending a friend's ceremony. Keith does not. Ruth comes home. George is glad. Ruth sets conditions (George must be open about his life; he must accept his children into his life). George agrees, begrudgingly. Claire is really into drugs. Russell surprises Claire by sleeping on her floor while she is still out partying; he's there when she returns. Claire dances crazily at a rave; she makes a play for Edie, the lesbian performance artist, who angrily tells Claire to get out of her life, and leaves. Rico tries to reconcile with Vanessa, and comes home to be with the kids. Vanessa has started looking foxy, and Rico notices. Turns out, she's seeing a guy who Rico knew in high school. Rico tells her not to allow that guy in when the kids are home. Vanessa demands that Rico hand over his keys to the house, or else she will change the locks. Vanessa asserts that they are "separated," but Rico objects. Death of the week: a drunken dad. Mom, rather than help dad, kicks him while he's face down in the mud. The kids look on. Before the funeral, mommy dearest yells at her kids for crying over their dead dad. David tries to intervene, but mom scolds him, tells him to mind his own business.

Poster for episode The Bomb Shelter.

The Bomb Shelter

Edward Gordon Gorodetsky1956-2004 Coco Grimes Gorodetsky1962-2004 Michael Timothy Gorodetsky1992-2004 Amanda Lynn Gorodetsky1995-2004

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Kenneth M. Henderson1954-2004 George has a terrible nightmare connected to his apocalyptic fears; in the dream he is visited by a mysterious woman in a turquoise dress whom he seems to know. Ruth meets George's daughter, Maggie, and is pleased to find that Maggie and George share a close relationship. In a brief moment alone, however, Maggie makes vaguely alarming inquiries into her father's health and supplies Ruth with all her contact information in case Ruth should need to suddenly reach her. Ruth is confused by Maggie's insinuations but is prompted to call her when she chances upon George having a heated conversation with an imaginary person. Federico can't adjust to life without his family. Unable to face another lonely night in his depressing little room at the Fisher's house, he spends the night in a parked car on the street overlooking his old house. Desperate to get things back to the way they were, Federico makes a heartfelt and tearful apology to Vanessa. Though Vanessa accepts his apology, she can't forgive him and asks for a divorce. Claire prepares for her gallery opening. The stress of her instant fame at first overwhelms her, but she quickly adjusts to being the center of attention. At the opening, a drunken Russell harasses Claire and Billy intercedes on her behalf. Afterwords, Claire and Billy go home together and share a romantic kiss. David is traumatized after identifying his carjacker in a police line-up. He decides to confront his abuser in jail in the hopes that it will provide him some closure, but the visit only confuses him more. Keith gets an unexpected call from Roger Pasquese. Worried that Roger is going to renege on their earlier deal, Keith accepts his request to meet with him. To Keith's surprise, the meeting turns out to be a business proposition; Roger wants to hire him to be his personal bodyguard. Nate finds a Polaroid of Lisa in a book that Barb's daughter, Michaela, had given to him shortly after Lisa's death. The picture disturbs him, especially when he notices Lisa's outfit is relatively new and concludes that the photograph must have been taken the day she died. Nate drives to Santa Cruz to confront Michaela who directs him to her father. When Nate questions Hoyt about the photograph, he backpedals at first, and then admits that he and Lisa had an on-going affair. Barb overhears Hoyt's confession and when Hoyt realizes she is there, he kills himself, leaving Nate with many unanswered questions. Upon his return home, Nate asks Brenda to marry him. She says yes.

Poster for episode A Coat of White Primer.

A Coat of White Primer

Poster for episode Dancing For Me.

Dancing For Me

Poster for episode Hold My Hand.

Hold My Hand

Poster for episode Time Flies.

Time Flies

Poster for episode Eat a Peach.

Eat a Peach

Poster for episode Rainbow of Her Reasons.

Rainbow of Her Reasons

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The Silence

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Singing for Our Lives

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Poster for episode All Alone.

All Alone

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Everyone's Waiting