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Poster for Stargate: Atlantis (2004).


ID 94Q
Entry type TV Series
Genres action, drama, sci-fi
Countries Canada, USA
语言 en
Duration 40 min
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Poster for episode Rising (1).

Rising (1)

Several million years ago, the continent of Antarctica has become covered in ice. Their lies the great city of the Ancients, Atlantis -- but no longer. One Ancient bids a solemn farewell to another, who will stay behind. The great city lifts off the surface and flies away like a great ship, leaving behind only a small outpost and the woman, who scientists will discover frozen in the ice millions of years later, and name "Ayiana" ("Frozen").In the present day, an international expedition has been set up on the same site to study the outpost of the Ancients and the technology therein. It is headed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, recently transferred from Stargate Command. Also present are Canadian astrophysicist Rodney McKay, Scottish medical doctor Carson Beckett, British scientist Peter Grodin, and many others. Dr. Daniel Jackson is also there, and eagerly reports his findings to Weir and McKay: He's found a Stargate address to the Ancients' lost city itself -- Atlantis -- which is now in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.Brigadier General Jack O'Neill heads toward the Antarctic base in a helicopter piloted by Major John Sheppard, who is stationed at the nearby McMurdo Air Force Base and who knows nothing about Ancients or Stargates. But when Dr. Beckett accidentally activates an Ancient drone weapon -- he possesses the rare gene that allows him to use the base's chair control mechanism -- Sheppard must take evasive action to keep from being shot down. The weapon is disabled in the nick of time, and Sheppard and O'Neill arrive safely (if not a bit cranky) at the outpost.Daniel explains his findings to the general, who does not approve an exploratory mission to the lost city when he learns that it will take their only Z.P.M. -- zero-point module, the Ancient power source that has enabled the outpost and saved Earth from the Goa'uld -- to dial a Stargate address beyond our galaxy. Weir and Jackson manage to convince him, though, based on the great wealth of Ancient technology (including more Z.P.M.s) that they are likely to find should they discover Atlantis intact.The mission is a go, and Weir's team of international scientists and military personnel -- which she has been assembling for months -- arrives at Stargate Command, deep inside Cheyenne Mountain. Daniel is disappointed that he cannot go with them, especially when a wormhole to Atlantis is successfully established. Dozens of men and women and tremendous amounts of equipment file through the gate, knowing that because of the massive power requirements they'll probably only get one shot at it. They are all volunteers, the best and brightest that Earth has to offer, who go knowing full well that they may never be able to return home.Even the reluctant Major Sheppard, after some convincing by O'Neill, has agreed to go. Weir wants him there, despite a black mark on his service record for disobeying orders to save the lives of fellow servicemen, because Sheppard too possesses the gene that allows him to use Ancient technology. While some, like Beckett, and learn to use it with concentration and training, for Sheppard it's easy and instinctive.The team is lead by military commander Colonel Marshall Sumner, who is the first to step through to Atlantis. The facility is cleared and secured, and remarkably the systems begin to activate and light up as the humans begin exploring the massive city. Two scientists find a bay filled with Ancient ships capable of travelling through the Stargate; Dr. McKay finds the control room with Stargate dialing controls; and it's not long before the team discovers that the entire city, protected by a massive energy shield, is underwater.As they continue to explore, Beckett finds a holographic recording left by one of the Ancients. She explains how the Ancients left Earth and came to the Pegasus Galaxy, seeding the human form of life on a thousand worlds. But then they set foot on a dark world where a terrible enemy slept: the Wraith. The enemy awoke and began feeding on the human-populated worlds like a great scourge, until only Atlantis remained. The shield withstood the assault of the enemy's weapons for many years, but finally the Ancients decided that the only way to preserve the last of their kind was to submerge the city. The remaining Ancients went through the Stargate and returned to Earth thousands of years ago to live out the remainder of their lives.Soon, however, the team realizes that the great city of the Ancients may be nearing destruction -- and because of their arrival. Two of the three Z.P.M.s that power the city are dead, and the third is almost there. By exploring the city and turning things on, they risk the complete failure of the shield that is holding back the ocean.The naquadah generators brought from Earth cannot generate nearly enough power to sustain the failing shield, and, as expected, there's not nearly enough power to gate back to Earth. But they can dial to other planets in the Pegasus Galaxy. A planet from the Ancient's local database is chosen, and Colonel Sumner leads a team to either find a new Z.P.M. or safe harbor for the expedition. Major Sheppard goes along, as does the young and enthusiastic Lieutenant Ford.They arrive in the dark on the planet Athos, where two young children are playing in the woods. They meet a man named Halling, who believes they are traders. Halling leads them back to the Athosian encampment and introduces the team to Teyla Emmagan, one of their leaders. She is a strong and beautiful woman, who is cautious about helping the strangers. Sheppard tries to get to know her. When the sun comes up it reveals the ruins of an old city nearby, which the Athosians do not visit for fear that it will bring the Wraith down upon them. Sumner leads a team to check it out, while Teyla shows Sheppard a series of cave drawings that tell of the last great Wraith attack on their world.The Wraith keep human-colonized worlds like Athos as feeding grounds, returning every so often to "cull their human herds" -- though sometimes not for hundreds of years at a time. Still, they return more frequently in smaller numbers to keep the Athosians living in fear. Though they possess advanced technology, the Athosians live as a simple people and move their camps around to try and avoid the great enemy. Teyla is surprised to hear that the visitors have never heard of the Wraith; they have visited many worlds through the Stargate, and have never met anyone who did not know about them.Back at the Stargate, Ford watches as the gate activates and three Wraith "dart" ships come soaring through. Teyla and Sheppard return from the cave while Sumner's team rushes back to the encampment.

Poster for episode Rising (2).

Rising (2)

Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves.

Poster for episode Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek

An alien intruder has found it's way into the city, threatening the security of the base. Dr McKay's experiments with alien technology lands him in trouble.

Poster for episode Thirty-Eight Minutes.

Thirty-Eight Minutes

The Puddle-Jumper has been damaged and is now stuck in the Stargate with only half of it through. They have 38 minutes to find a way to dislodge themselves or else the Stargate will be shut down, cutting the jumper in half. To make matters worse John Sheppard has an alien creature, that is the primitive form of the Wraith, attached to his neck that is sucking the life from him.

Poster for episode Suspicion.


After another dangerous encounter with the Wraith, the Earth team begin to suspect they have a traitor in their midst. Suspicion falls on the Athosians, and Teyla finds herself caught in the middle.

Poster for episode Childhood's End.

Childhood's End

The team crash-land on a planet where the locals, in fear of the Wraith, practice ritual suicide when they reach the age of twenty-five.

Poster for episode Poisoning the Well.

Poisoning the Well

The team investigates a drug being developed on another world, that has the potential to repel the Wraith's feeding on humans.

Poster for episode Underground.


Gating to the planet Genii to trade for food, the team discover what appears to be a simple, farming population. But they are preparing a deadly weapon to attack the Wraith, and when Sheppard and McKay are interrogated it appears the Genii may not make the best of allies.

Poster for episode Home.


The Atlantis team plan to use a planet's unique atmospheric fog to acquire the power they need to gate back to Earth.

Poster for episode The Storm (1).

The Storm (1)

The inhabitants of the city are forced to evacuate when a huge hurricane bears down on them. But things get even worse when the city is then captured by the Genii, forcing Sheppard to try and stay one step ahead when they capture Weir and McKay.

Poster for episode The Eye (2).

The Eye (2)

The inhabitants of the city are forced to evacuate when a huge hurricane bears down on them. But things get even worse when the city is then captured by the Genii, forcing Sheppard to try and stay one step ahead when they capture Weir and McKay.

Poster for episode The Defiant One.

The Defiant One

Sheppard's team investigates a downed Wraith ship, and find themselves stuck on a planet with a lone Wraith survivor.

Poster for episode Hot Zone.

Hot Zone

Several residents of Atlantis are infected with a deadly nanite virus, forcing a lockdown of the city.

Poster for episode Sanctuary.


The Atlantis team encounter a pre-technological world strangely untouched by the Wraith. They hope to negotiate with the local population to provide a home for the refugees of Wraith attacks, currently living in Atlantis.

Poster for episode Before I Sleep.

Before I Sleep

A woman is found in suspended animation in Atlantis, and the team is shocked to see that it is Dr. Weir herself, who tells them of her trip 10,000 years into the city's past.

Poster for episode The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood

The planet Dagan may be home to a vitally important zero-point module, capable of restoring Atlantis' shield and protect the city from the Wraith, but a mysterious 'Brotherhood' on the planet - and knowledge of the Genii - suggest that the planet may not be what it seems.

Poster for episode Letters from Pegasus.

Letters from Pegasus

With a brief opportunity to send a data transmission to Earth, members of the Atlantis expedition compose video messages home to their loved ones.

Poster for episode The Gift.

The Gift

Plagued by terrifying nightmares, Teyla investigates and discovers with the help of her grandmother that she is a descendant of humans who were subjected to genetic experiments by the Wraith.

Poster for episode The Siege (1).

The Siege (1)

With a group of Wraith hive ships on the way to Atlantis, the team searches for a place to flee and a way to destroy the city. McKay leads a team to try and activate the Ancients' orbital weapons platform.

Poster for episode The Siege (2).

The Siege (2)

A new military contingent from Earth is sent to take command of Atlantis and defend it from the impending Wraith attack.

Poster for episode The Siege (3).

The Siege (3)

Atlantis and the route back to Earth are on the line when the Wraith assault the Ancient city.

Poster for episode Intruder.


The Daedalus is infected by a Wraith computer virus, while members of the expedition hope to return to Earth.

Poster for episode Runner.


Sheppard and his team attempt to locate Lieutenant Ford, only to find themselves captives of a young man who is being hunted by the Wraith.

Poster for episode Duet.


A run-in with Wraith technology leaves the consciousness of a precocious Atlantis security officer in Dr. McKay's mind.

Poster for episode Condemned.


The Atlantis team finds a culture that lives in relative safety from the Wraith, because they hand over their criminals to them. Their puddle jumper crash-lands in the volatile penal colony.

Poster for episode Trinity.


McKay puts the team at risk when he tries to perfect unfinished Ancient technology that wiped out a civilization. Ronan Dex discovers that a small number of his people survived the Wraith attack, including his former military trainer.

Poster for episode Instinct.


The team discovers a young Wraith girl who has been raised by a human, and is in hiding from the people of her human village in fear of her life.

Poster for episode Conversion.


Colonel Sheppard begins to undergo a disturbing physical transformation.

Poster for episode Aurora.


The team finds a large Ancient Ship called Aurora offworld and it still has Ancients living on board.

Poster for episode The Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys

Lieutenant Ford, who now has his own team of super-soldiers, asks for Colonel Sheppard's assistance in an attack on a Wraith Hive ship.

Poster for episode The Hive (2).

The Hive (2)

Colonel Sheppard is taken captive by the Wraith.

Poster for episode Epiphany.


Colonel Sheppard gets trapped on a planet where time moves faster.

Poster for episode Critical Mass.

Critical Mass

The Wraith discover that Atlantis was not destroyed and Rodney has a new love interest.

Poster for episode Grace Under Pressure.

Grace Under Pressure

Dr. McKay is trapped underwater in a sinking Puddle Jumper, he must rely on Samantha Carter for his survival.

Poster for episode The Tower.

The Tower

On a world with Ancient defense technology, Sheppard is caught up in a dispute among the heirs of the throne.

Poster for episode The Long Goodbye.

The Long Goodbye

Alien combatants look to settle an ancient score by using Weir and Sheppard as pawns.

Poster for episode Coup D'etat.

Coup D'etat

When the Atlantis team finds out that the Genii have grown into a new menace, they realize that the armistice with their old enemy may soon come to an end.

Poster for episode Michael.


A Lieutenant suspects that he is a Wraith turned human by Dr. Beckett's new drug.

Poster for episode Inferno.


Dr. McKay must save the team when they are caught on a planet with a super-volcano and there is no visible way out.

Poster for episode Allies (1).

Allies (1)

Atlantis joins forces with a Wraith faction led by Michael, the Wraith they tried to turn into a human, who seeks their help in destroying their common enemies.

Poster for episode No Man's Land (2).

No Man's Land (2)

Two Wraith hive ships have captured Dr. McKay and Ronon and are on their way to Earth. It is up to Colonel Sheppard to rescue them and figure out a way to stop the Wraith from reaching a "new feeding ground".

Poster for episode Misbegotten.


Carson Beckett finds himself in a loony-bin when the inmates gain control over the facility. Meanwhile Agent Woolsey visits the Atlantis base.

Poster for episode Irresistible.


A man from another world has an unusual effect on the Atlantis team, causing them to behave strangely. The few unaffected team members must uncover the cause.

Poster for episode Sateda.


Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon come under attack on a forested world. Ronon, realizing that he has been on the planet before, learns that his earlier visit came with harsh consequences.

Poster for episode Progeny.


Weir and the team visit an advanced civilization that split off from the Lanteans thousands of years ago, but discover that they may not have left Atlantis in peace.

Poster for episode The Real World.

The Real World

Elizabeth Weir wakes up in a mental institution, where she is told that the expedition to Atlantis and the Stargate are figments of her imagination.

Poster for episode Common Ground.

Common Ground

Colonel Sheppard finds himself the prisoner of a Genii commander, along with a Wraith who has been separated from his hive.

Poster for episode McKay and Mrs. Miller.

McKay and Mrs. Miller

Rodney McKay is reunited with his estranged sister back on Earth, who has given up a brilliant career as a scientist to raise a family.

Poster for episode Phantoms.


The team is stranded on an alien world when the gate is sabotaged and cannot return to Altantis and they come under fire then the whole team begins to act strange.

Poster for episode The Return (1).

The Return (1)

The Ancients, long thought to be extinct, return to Atlantis and reclaim it for themselves.

Poster for episode The Return (2).

The Return (2)

The Atlantis team must rescue General O'Neill and Richard Woolsey when they are taken captive by the Asurans.

Poster for episode Echoes.


Dr. Beckett finds a medical team working on a badly injured man but then they are gone and Dr. McKay is working on a way to understand what whales say and it turns out they speak a known language.

Poster for episode Irresponsible.


The team discovers Lucius Lavin manipulating the people of another hapless planet, using Ancient technology to pose as an invincible hero.

Poster for episode Tao of Rodney.

Tao of Rodney

McKay gained new mental powers. His brain can grasp things the other can't. He wants to reprogram Atlantis' use of the ZPM. Zelenka gets hurt by a surge of energy.

Poster for episode The Game.

The Game

To while away the hours, Sheppard and McKay have been competing against one another in a real-time strategy game they discovered on Atlantis. To their surprise, they discover that this is not just a game....

Poster for episode The Ark.

The Ark

The Atlantis team uncovers the last survivors of a civilization who have been placed in suspended animation aboard a space station. As some of the people awaken, problems from the past threaten to destroy everyone on the station, including Sheppard.

Poster for episode Sunday.


An average Sunday afternoon in Atlantis is anything but ordinary after a bomb explodes.

Poster for episode Submersion.


The team goes searching for an alternate power source -- beneath the surface of the ocean.

Poster for episode Vengeance.


Michael has been experimenting with Iratus bugs, causing problems for the team.

Poster for episode First Strike.

First Strike

Colonel Abe Ellis arrives at Atlantis with a new Earth ship, The Apollo and a new mission. Dr. Weir has misgivings about that mission, one that could start a war with a very powerful enemy. When his mission goes wrong, Weir must take radical action to save Atlantis.

Poster for episode Adrift.


After escaping into hyperspace Atlantis' star-drive shuts down without warning or reason. With only 24 hours of power left the city-ship drifts in space out of contact with Earth. The team must once again save Atlantis from certain doom.

Poster for episode Lifeline (3).

Lifeline (3)

While Carter and the Apollo search for missing city of Atlantis, Sheppard and his team risk their lives on a mission to steal a Z.P.M. from the Replicators.

Poster for episode Reunion.


Ronon is reunited with a group of his fellow Satedans who ask him to leave Atlantis and join them.

Poster for episode Doppelganger.


After discovering a crystal entity, the team begins to have nightmares involving Sheppard.

Poster for episode Travelers.


Sheppard is captured by a space-faring race who wish to use his Ancient gene for their own means.

Poster for episode Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa

A deadly infection causes key members of Atlantis to lose their memories.

Poster for episode Missing.


During a visit to New Athos, Teyla and Dr. Keller find themselves on the run from a primitive tribe of warriors and Teyla makes a shocking discovery.

Poster for episode The Seer.

The Seer

The team meets a man with extraordinary prophetic abilities, who gives them a dark prediction about Atlantis's future.

Poster for episode Miller's Crossing.

Miller's Crossing

McKay's sister, Jeannie, is kidnapped by the CEO of a corporation that wants to possess her knowledge of nanite technology.

Poster for episode This Mortal Coil (1).

This Mortal Coil (1)

A strange drone crash lands on Atlantis, with the appearance of Elizabeth Weir more questions are raised into the secrecy of Atlantis new home planet, and how did Elizabeth find them?

Poster for episode Be All My Sins Remember'd (2).

Be All My Sins Remember'd (2)

Convinced in "The Seer" by a Wraith to help in an attack against the Replicators who are wiping out the human race in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Atlantis crew with the help of the Wraith attempt to make contact with a wraith fleet to unite for a strike against the Replicators.

Poster for episode Spoils of War.

Spoils of War

The Atlantis team salvages a damaged Wraith vessel, which turns out to hold valuable tactical information about the group's enemies.

Poster for episode Quarantine.


Atlantis unexpectedly enters into a lockdown mode for no apparent reason, leaving small groups of crew members stranded in different parts of the city without radio transmission, leaving Dr. Zelenka to figure out how to fix the problem.

Poster for episode Harmony.


When Shepard and McKay return to a planet they helped before they are asked to help a young princess who must trek through the forest for a day before becoming queen. It does not take long for danger to find them, when the Genii appear with a link to the people of this planet.

Poster for episode Outcast.


When Sheppard returns home for his fathers funeral, a scientist who worked for Henry Wallace, the man who kidnapped McKay’s sister, approaches him and Ronan. She tells them news of a human form replicator made by a non-governmental research company, worst of all, the replicator escaped and is on the loose on Earth.

Poster for episode Trio.


While offworld on a mission McKay, Carter and Dr. Keller become trapped in an underground chamber, where they are forced to get along until they can escape.

Poster for episode Midway.


When Ronan is on review by the I.O.A. Carter invites Teal'c to counsel Ronan, when subsequently the Wraith find the Midway station between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxy, and a body appears on Earth apparently 'sucked of life' by a Wraith.

Poster for episode The Kindred (1).

The Kindred (1)

As an illness sweeps through the Pegasus galaxy, Teyla believes the father of her child is attempting to communicate with her.

Poster for episode The Kindred (2).

The Kindred (2)

The Atlantis Crew is amazed when an old friend returns, one who is supposed to be dead, and Teyla who finds the missing Athosians is being held captive by Michael but has a plan to escape.

Poster for episode The Last Man.

The Last Man

Returning from a mission, Sheppard finds himself all alone on Atlantis, surrounded by sand instead of water.

Poster for episode Search and Rescue (2).

Search and Rescue (2)

After Michael has wreaked havoc on the Atlantis expedition and trapped several members of their personnel, Colonel Carter decides to mount a rescue operation, but she in turn becomes cut off from Atlantis and stuck with the others.

Poster for episode The Seed.

The Seed

When Dr. Keller fails to report for her morning shift, concerned team members investigate and are shocked by what they discover: Jennifer, unconscious in her quarters - a mysterious web of tendrils attached to her body. Suspecting her condition may be linked to her research into the wraith data recovered from Michael’s lab, the team makes the decision to bring Beckett out of stasis. The beloved doctor leads the medical investigation while Sheppard and co. are quarantined under suspicion that they may have been exposed to the same virus that has affected Keller. As Beckett struggles to find a solution, the alien organism grows, creeping out into the adjoining corridors toward the main power grid. With Atlantis itself now under threat, Woolsey is ultimately faced with a decision that could cost Keller her life.

Poster for episode Broken Ties.

Broken Ties

Ronon is ambushed during an off-world mission and awakens, much later, a prisoner of his former friend, Tyre. The fellow Satedan, it turns out, has fallen on hard times since they last crossed paths. Abandoned by the wraith he once served, he is undergoing a physiological and psychological withdrawal from the reverse-feeding process once granted to him as a wraith worshiper. But he believes he has come up with a way to win back the respect of his former masters: by delivering them Ronon. Intent on turning their defiant captive, the wraith begin their process of reverse-feeding - stealing Ronon’s life, bringing him to the brink of death, then restoring his youth. Again, and again, and again. A tip, meanwhile, leads the team to an abandoned village. But Ronon and the wraith are long gone, and the only remnant of their former presence is a seriously injured Tyre who may be their only hope of rescuing their friend.

Poster for episode The Daedalus Variations.

The Daedalus Variations

When a mysterious, duplicate Daedalus appears in orbit over Atlantis, the team is dispatched to investigate. Once aboard the deserted and severely damaged ship, the team discovers an ominous video message from the former captain. But before they can make sense of the situation, the ship is propelled into an alternate reality. As McKay tries to figure out what is going on, the ship continues to jump through various alternate realities, encountering an alien armada and the blistering heat of an expanding sun. Worse - the team realizes that if they don’t find a way back to their reality soon, they risk being lost forever.

Poster for episode Ghost in the Machine.

Ghost in the Machine

Returning from an exploratory mission, the team is mystified when an arc of blue energy causes the puddle jumper's primary systems to shut down, slamming them into an active stargate. They narrowly make it home, only to be greeted by similar erratic anomalies within the city itself. Soon, nearly every system in Atlantis is affected by ominous power disruptions. Suddenly, a puzzling message appears on McKay's computer screen. Its author claims to be a former friend long thought dead. Now an incorporeal presence, she begs Rodney to use the Ancient's technology to build her a new body. Highly skeptical, the Atlantis team is faced with an impossible decision. To create the means to release an entity who may, or may not be a friend, or stand by as it systematically destroys the city's technological infrastructure.

Poster for episode The Shrine.

The Shrine

En route to check on a missing research team, Lt. Col. Sheppard, Dr. McKay, Teyla and Ronon emerge from the stargate to find themselves swimming atop a flooded valley. With only the apex of the gate accessible above the waterline they cling to it, soaked and bitterly cold, until a puddle jumper can make it through to rescue them. But during the flight back to Atlantis, McKay inexplicably falls ill and in the days that follow, his condition declines further. Dr. Keller discovers a parasitic organism in his brain that cannot be removed. As a result, his ability to function continues to deteriorate to the point where he has virtually no recollection of who he is or what he is capable of. Soon, his emotions and memories have regressed to those of a young boy and, fearing that he will not pull through, the doctor summons Jeannie, McKay's sister, to say her final goodbyes. But it's too late. Rodney no longer recognizes her or any of his friends. However, Ronon has a plan, albeit a very risky one. He tells Jeannie of a place, a shrine located on the planet Talus, that would grant Rodney one day to be himself again.

Poster for episode Whispers.


Dr. Beckett is asked to delay his departure from Atlantis when word comes that Major Anne Teldy and her away team, Sgt. Dusty Mehra, Capt. Alicia Vega and Dr. Alison Porter, have stumbled onto one of Michael's labs inside an extensive underground catacomb. He and Lt. Col. Sheppard 'gate to Teldy's location, where further investigation reveals an abandoned laboratory containing numerous stasis pods. While Dr. Beckett and Dr. Porter stay behind to sift through the research data that Michael left behind, Sheppard and Teldy's team set out to explore a nearby village. Beckett and Porter conclude that Michael was experimenting on the genetic characteristics of several life forms. Meanwhile, Sheppard and his team arrive at the village to find it abandoned. Yet chilling walls of fog and flashes of movement within it, suggest that they are not alone.

Poster for episode The Queen.

The Queen

Keller and the Atlantis team meet with the Wraith, Todd, to deliver a startling proposition. Aided by her studies of Michael's retrieved data, Keller believes she has found the means by which to cure the Wraith of their need to feed on humans. All she requires are some Wraith willing to act as test subjects for this breakthrough treatment. Todd is intrigued, but insists that they must first win the support of the Primary, or the supreme Wraith Queen in the alliance. But to do so, Teyla must go undercover with nothing to rely on but her Wraith DNA and an ally with a hidden agenda.

Poster for episode Tracker.


McKay and Ronon, each unaware of the other's motive, volunteer to assist Dr. Jennifer Keller with a medical follow-up away from Atlantis. But once in a settlement, a nervous child patient prompts Keller to ask Ronon and McKay to wait for her in the local tavern while she finishes her treatment. Later, when the pair return, they are surprised to learn that she left sometime ago. An exhaustive search of the village turns up no sign of her. But a set of footprints in the dirt just past the village confirms Ronon's mounting suspicion that Keller has been kidnapped. Ronon, wasting no time, begins to track her abductor while McKay runs back to the stargate to radio for assistance. But just then, four Hunter Wraith come through the gate and fan out. Ronon, knowing full well that these Wraith exist to chase Runners, suspects there is a connection to Dr. Keller's disappearance. And he knows he must draw on his uncommon skills as a former Runner if he is to save her.

Poster for episode First Contact.

First Contact

Stargate SG-1's Dr. Daniel Jackson travels to Atlantis when his research suggests that a rebellious Ancient scientist named Janus may have hidden a secret lab somewhere within the city. Hoping to find it, and possibly a significant portion of his unauthorized research, Jackson enlists McKay's help. An obscure log entry leads them to a cloaked lab where they unwittingly activate a signal on a distant planet. Hours later, the city is paid a visit by a group of mysterious aliens. Meanwhile Woolsey, along with Dr. Keller and Ronan, have joined Col. Caldwell on board the Daedalus, leaving Sheppard in charge of Atlantis. They welcome Todd and his delegation to the ship to discuss testing Keller's gene therapy on live Wraith subjects. But events take a turn for the worse when Todd, suspecting betrayal, takes control of the Daedalus.

Poster for episode The Lost Tribe.

The Lost Tribe

Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Rodney McKay have been forced to reactivate the Attero device, a machine designed thousands of years ago to annihilate the Wraith. In doing so, they discover the reason the device was ultimately abandoned by its Ancient creator. While destroying Wraith ships that attempt to travel through hyperspace, the weapon inadvertently causes active stargates to self-destruct. Meanwhile, Todd and his troops continue to hold Woolsey, Keller, Ronan and the Daedalus crew captive, convinced that they are behind the resurrection of this deadly technology. Fearing that if Todd succeeds in destroying the device, Jackson and McKay will most certainly be killed in the process, Sheppard calls on some old allies to help him rescue his friends.

Poster for episode Outsiders.


Col. Sheppard and his team locate Dr. Beckett on an alien planet where he is treating a small group of survivors of the Hoffan plague. These patients, who escaped a Wraith attack on their home world, Balar, have found sanctuary and friendship on this alien planet. But that same evening, a party of Wraith warriors appears before the village's councilors, demanding that the refugees be turned over to them, threatening total annihilation if they refuse. The Balarians, aware that they are not only immune, but lethal to a Wraith, fear there is no chance the townspeople will continue to harbor them. And they may be right. Despite Sheppard's best efforts, it appears that the original residents intend to sacrifice the newcomers in order to save themselves.

Poster for episode Inquisition.


Leaders from the human populations of many worlds have formed an official alliance and extend an invitation to Lt. Col. John Sheppard and his team to represent Atlantis at their next meeting. But on arrival, the team is immediately detained in a concrete cell and Sheppard is brought before three council members — Kelore of Latira, Shiana of the Tribes of Santhal, and Dimas of the Free Peoples of Riva — to stand trial for crimes against the indigenous peoples of the Pegasus Galaxy. Richard Woolsey, meanwhile, receives a visit from Myrus, a representative from the new coalition of planets, who advises him that Sheppard and the others are being made to answer for the deaths of millions throughout the galaxy. Outraged, Woolsey demands that Myrus bring him to his people, confident he can take on their defense and secure their freedom. But it quickly becomes clear that even Woolsey's formidable legal and diplomatic skills may not be enough to save the Atlantis expedition from a guilty verdict.

Poster for episode The Prodigal.

The Prodigal

Col. Sheppard and Dr. McKay are enjoying some recreational time on the pier level of the city when Atlantis is plunged into darkness, with only the top tier of the central tower unaffected. Struggling to make their way up to the Gate Room on foot, more than 70 levels above, McKay speculates that someone has taken control of Atlantis by hacking into the city's mainframe. As they close in on the location, McKay picks up extreme energy readings. An unusual force field has been established to prevent them from gaining access to both the Gate Room and Control Room. Meanwhile, as Teyla checks on her son, Torren, two dark figures infiltrate her quarters and fire, rendering her unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself in Woolsey's office with the baby sleeping nearby. Distraught, she moves to reclaim him, then realizes she is not alone. Her ultimate nemesis, Michael, stands before her, and he is bent on revenge.

Poster for episode Remnants.


Woolsey admits to Teyla, Ronan and Dr. McKay that he's apprehensive about an upcoming performance evaluation. Later, while en route to his quarters, he encounters Dr. Vanessa Conrad, an engaging scientist recently arrived on the Apollo, and finds himself more than a little attracted to her. But she is quickly forgotten when I.O.A. representative Shen Xiaoyi appears and advises him that he's been reassigned to a new position back on Earth. Woolsey is shocked by this news but, aided by his new acquaintance, elects to fight the I.O.A.'s decision. Col. John Sheppard, meanwhile, has flown several astrobiologists over to the mainland for a two-day research expedition. On his way back to camp, he is ambushed and captured by an old foe hell-bent on acquiring Sheppard's identification code. Back on Atlantis, McKay and Zelenka investigate a mysterious object discovered at the ocean's bottom.

Poster for episode Brain Storm.

Brain Storm

When the Atlantis team is given two weeks of vacation leave, Dr. Rodney McKay reluctantly accepts an invitation by his former rival, Malcolm Tunney. Tunney wants McKay to attend a scientific demonstration that he claims will be the solution to global warming. Feeling bold, McKay asks Dr. Jennifer Keller to accompany him and she accepts. Upon reaching Earth, they are flown, by private leer jet, to a top-secret facility in the middle of a desert. Once there, McKay is shocked by Tunney's brazen claims that he's invented a device that can cool the Earth by venting excess heat from our space/time into another space/time - an idea McKay had already pursued two years earlier. Despite Rodney's mounting concerns over its safety, Tunney activates his new technology, dropping the heat contained inside the facility by 10 degrees. But when the device reaches this goal and will not disengage, McKay realizes he has to work fast or everyone trapped inside the premises will freeze to death within the hour.

Poster for episode Infection.


A hive ship comes out of hyperspace directly over the city of Atlantis and transmit's a garbled message. Despite missing data, McKay is able to make out a reference to Dr. Keller's gene therapy and an urgent request for help. On high alert, Col. Sheppard and his team launch a cloaked puddle jumper to investigate. They board the ship to discover the entire crew in stasis, and a prerecorded message from their nemesis - Todd. In it he reveals that he and the crew were stricken with a disease - a complication of the gene therapy developed by Dr. Keller, which they had tried to self administer. Many died and the rest were put in stasis. Now, they need Atlantis's help. After much deliberation, Mr. Woolsey gives the go-ahead. Back on the hive ship Dr. Keller struggles with the complexities of Wraith physiology as the other team members begin to notice something very unsettling - the hive ship itself has somehow been impacted by the disease, with dire consequences for all on board.

Poster for episode Identity.


When it's observed that Dr. Jennifer Keller is behaving very strangely, Dr. Carson Beckett is asked to examine her. But extensive testing reveals nothing abnormal and they fear she may be suffering from a mysterious psychological disorder. Unbeknownst to them, Keller has traded bodies with that of a notorious criminal, Neela Casol, and finds herself at the mercy of a village magistrate, on a distant planet, about to be executed for her crimes. McKay's investigation leads him to suspect that Dr. Keller and Neela have switched consciousnesses by means of an Ancient communications tool. In a race against time, Sheppard and his team must locate Keller, along with the alien device. But they'll need Neela's help to do it.

Poster for episode Vegas.


Police find a desiccated corpse on a desert road outside Las Vegas, Nevada, the seventh victim of a bizarre serial killer. Detective John Sheppard, called in to assist, is baffled by these murders. Then a clue, traces of radiation found on the bodies, leads him to a strange looking man with super human attributes who easily evades capture.

Poster for episode Enemy at the Gate.

Enemy at the Gate

Todd contacts Atlantis and reveals that a Wraith subordinate has managed to acquire several zero point modules that he has used to power a formidable new hive ship. He urges Woolsey to attack and destroy before it becomes a threat to Atlantis.