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Poster for Bring It On (2000).


Entry type Movie
Genres comedy
Countries USA
Languages en
Duration 98 min
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Poster for episode Prime Suspect 1.

Prime Suspect 1

DCI Shefford dies suddenly whilst investigating a murder case. Jane Tennison is given the opportunity to take over the investigation which involves the brutal murder of a young girl. The girl's body has been badly mutilated and her hands have been tied behind her back. Jane suspects that it is the work of George Marlow. Jane also has to win the respect and approval of her male colleagues.

Poster for episode Prime Suspect 3.

Prime Suspect 3

It is discovered that an Edward Parker was accused twice of child abuse in children's homes, but that both cases were thrown out. Jane wonders if this is Edward Parker Jones and begins to investigate.

Poster for episode Prime Suspect 4 The Scent of Darkness.

Prime Suspect 4 The Scent of Darkness

Detective Jane Tennison is very happy in her relationship with Dr. Patrick Schofield. A series of murders takes place similar to those in Prime Suspect 1, if they are committed by the same person then Jane is faced with a possible miscarriage of justice as the man convicted of the previous murders George Marlow is still in prison. Jane is suspended from the case. George always protested his innocence and a book has been written to help prove this. Jane discovers that Patrick has read the book and begins to wonder if Patrick is using her for his own research and feels betrayed. Jane needs to discover for herself if George is really innocent or if these are copy-cat crimes, as she believes them to be.